Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year !

Seasons greetings and a very happy new year to Addicks everywhere !

My Internet access has been lost at home resulting in my absence from the blogging community ( I'm sure you've all missed my informative and erudite comments ! ).

I'm having a rare away day at Watford tomorrow which is very local for me. I don't hold out much hope of us securing a point even to be honest but then one never knows and if we weren't optimistic we'd never go to a Charlton game eh ?

Udinese B have been playing well of late but one hopes a spirited Addicks effort can secure a point at least.

Thanks as always to Ketts for his help, support and copies of AA ! Thanks to all at Doctor Kish.

Thanks to all those fellow Charlton bloggers, it is always good to read the views of others and to get their slant on things.

Thanks to anyone who reads the blog and / or who takes the trouble to comment, it is appreciated.

I wish you and your families a happy and prosperous new year.

For the Addicks, I hope for Sir Chris to remain our manager for many years to come and a mid-table finish will be fine.

Come On You Reds!

Thursday 13 December 2012

Jolly Boys Outing

We're gonna meet up with the Trotters ( Albert, Del and " Dave " )

Another tough looking away day on Saturday as we play a Bolton team that were 2 divisions apart from us last term. Now we find ourselves above them....cushty !

Dougie Freedman ( urghh ! ) is now the man in charge having left Palarse at the end of October. A strange decision all things considered but I guess if you're able to walk away from Selhurst anything's acceptable. I'd hate to suggest that he's a footballing Andrew Ridgley or anything but he's taken our Lennie with him....... hmmm !

Anyway it seems that the Trotters have won twice only in the league since Dougie's arrival with most games worthy of an X on your pools coupon as Mr Freedman has been swapping wins for draws. Time will tell whether the move oop north was a good one or not but it did represent something of a gamble by Bolton's owners. Mind you previous owners have been prone to odd impulses. Years ago they tried to lure Pele ( yes really, that one ! ) to Burnden Park. Oddly the great man didn't fancy the bitter cold, miserable weather and meat pies and queer !

Some things don't change though and despite Big Sam leaving, the Trotters still have the lovely Kevin Davies ( aged 52 and a half ) playing up front. I wonder if Morrison can be a latterday Hermann and do a number on him ? Oh, I do hope so !

One Davies who will be missing is Mark Davies, out with a long term injury that should see him able to tuck into the mince pies and sherry without too many guilty feelings. Also sidelined is defender Matt Mills.

Last time out Bolton were denied an away win at our eagerly awaited FA Cup opponents ( yawn ! ) Huddersfield. A late goal denied them a 2-1 win and yes, it was another draw.

As we know our boys have been good on the road this term and so we can approach the game with reasonable optimism. As ever I'd be happy with a point before a ball is kicked in anger. 

Hopefully we will see Solly restored to right back whoever fulfills the left back position. Similarly to Taylor last season Cort will think himself unlucky not to have played against Brighton last time out but having done so he will be fortunate if he dislodges Dervite. However, given a rare off day for Morrison Sir Chris may opt for a Cort / Dervite central pairing.

Trying to name our midfield is a game that only the great man himself can play with any confidence and even then.........I'd like to see BWP on left, Frimpong, Pritchard and Wilson. I wonder what odds I'd get on that. However, it's safer to say Jackson, Stephens plus probably three others !

Up front it's a tough one to call. I thought Hulse led the line well last week. If Haynes isn't in midfield he may well be the man best placed to partner him. However, realistically Fuller plus one other should be the way to go. Fuller is class above any other forward we have even if his is a little slower than in his prime. Riccy can produce something that no one else in our team can as he demonstrated against The Posh. That odd flash of inspiration can unlock a defence or fashion a chance and there's no substitute for that !

Can we have John Sullivan on the bench for this one please ?

Hopefully we can contain them and come away with the 3 points. Luvvly Jubbly !

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 9 December 2012


Due to technical difficulties we are unable to bring you a photo of Archbishop Tutu instead here is our substitute Archbishop service.

A draw was probably about the right result in the end yesterday but with a bit more luck that eluding us at home this season it could have been better.

I know that many will point to Brighton's missed opportunities but if we took ours all the time we'd be top of the leaque. In any case, no team does that, do they ?

The pre-match build-up focused on our return to the Valley of some 20 years ago and a variety of folk from past and present were on the pitch. A bit of airbrushing of history meant that not all those that should have been there were there but we all know those who were missing. I thought of one or twoof them yesterday at the time.

The clapping at 3.07pm was signalled on the big screen but clearly not all knew about it and it was a bit low key in the end I felt. an announcement prior to kick off would have helped as several folk around me clearly didn't know what was occuring.

I thought that Sir Chris got the tactics spot on yesterday, if not the personnel. The plan with one up front with Pritchard or Haynes just in behind worked well and the team was well drilled. Clearly a lot of work during the week focused on allowing the Seagulls to play it around at the back whilst closing down opportunties to play it forward with ease. A very disciplined approach made that very effective and on many occasions Brighton were forced to play the ball back usually reulting in a desperate and wayward kick from Kuszczak.

There were a number of errors made by their defence but sadly we didn't capitalise on a couple more. Our mistakes cost us big time and they were basic ones which makes it all the more galling. Morrison knows he should have done better with the header and someone in the wall junped up resulting in the deflection. Not clear thinking there because I felt the free kick being so close meant that they weren't going to score by getting the ball up and over the wall. This all leaves aside the fact that it wasn't a free kick in the first place of course.

Hulse was very good in led the line with great intellegence and maturity as befits his experience and ability. Haynes was not so effective but then wasn't playing in his preferred role.

I'm sure that Kerkar would have done better that Skip on the left. As I said in my previous blog if Sir Chris doesn't fancy Green and Wilson's not free to play there then there's no reason why BWP can't play on the right. He did it quite successfully on the left for Southampton.

Wilson had a storming game and is proving to be a great acquisition. I like how he's developing. He took his goal well and it ironically came from a short corner given that there's a well known trademark Brighton one.

it was equally pleasing to see the hardworking Pritchard get on the scoresheet too.

The boss could have been more positive by making his subs earlier but I've now come to expect that won't happen often !

Referee Sheldrake was awful, seemingly missing or chosing to ignore the many niggly little fouls and blatant pushes from Brighton's players. Hopefully, he'll reflect on that and how poor he was whilst he tunes paianos next week.

Equally the East Stand lino was inept. Why does it always seem it's the one there ? Maybe because that's where I'm sat. He didn't appear capable of raising his flag at any point.

Our unbeaten run continues and at nearly the halfway point of the season were are in the position I hoped we'd be. Don't get me wrong a play-off place or better would be good but I clearly don't want us flirting with relegation and don't believe we're ready to go up although the money would be nice.

The team and Sir Chris continue to develop and learn. Despite a couple of early hiccups we've adjusted well to this tough league and a look at table shows bigger and more faniced side below us.



Thursday 6 December 2012

Valley Floyd Road.........

my only desire !

20 years back then and appropriately enough Brighton are our visitors. Aside from the many connections in terms of playing and managerial staff, their shared dislike of our neighbours and their former homeless situation makes them most welcome guests.

The many years of exile at the awful Withdean Stadium have been put to the back of their collective minds as they now play in the rather splendid Amex Stadium.

Enough of them and their ground. Saturday is all about The Valley and the celebrations of returning home some 20 years ago. Many thoughts for us all as we cast out minds back to that day. A day that wouldn't have possible without the efforts of so many. Glavanised into action a fantastically well run and organised political party ( as good as any other ) emerged and became the focal point for fans. Allied to that was the iconic Voice of the Valley fanzine, it was in its time the only way you could really know what was going on. As Rick alluded to on Charlton Life yesterday...........this sounds unnervingly familiar some 20 years later. 

All of which ultimately delivered the one true goal, we were back ! The game was second to the result, a win was all we wanted and in typical Charlton fashion it was a thumping 5-0 or similar but a nervy 1-0. However, in some ways it made it even sweeter as we just went beserk at the final whistle !

Hungry Ted suggested applause at 3.07pm to mark the time of Walsh's goal and a good idea too that, I note it seems to be taken up by the club and will happen......great stuff !

As for the game I think it's to fair to say that we can expect to do much better than the last time the Seagulls visited and delivered a football lesson ( with Kish at its heart as I recall ) with a comprehensive 4-0 win that could have been even more. Poyet does get his teams playing some nice football and let's hope we get a good one on Saturday as a result.

Brighton seem to have a few injuries although no doubt they'll have cleared up come Saturday ! However,  Lua Lua has a court verdict hanging over his head and may not be right to play. Dunk got suspended last week at Palarse.  Wayne Bridge may return though and the classy Craig Mickail-Smith will no doubt lead the line although he's not on a hot streak at the moment and we will, of course, hope that continues.

For us Morrison will return from the stands and it is to be hoped that Fuller and Haynes are both fit. Sir Chris will, at some stage, need to decide on the best pairing up front. That's not an easy one to call.

Wilson may be fit but if not and Green not given a go then I see no harm in playing BWP wide right. He has enough pace and trickery to do a reasonable job there and he must champing at the bit to get on the pitch almost anywhere I'd have thought.

Saturday promises to be great in terms of emotion, atmosphere and passion. Let's hope we can all deliver and " send us all home happy " ! 

Come On You Reds !

Tuesday 4 December 2012

The 5th of December 1992.....

the exile is over, our dreams have come true......

Ah, I remember it as if it were 20 years ago ! What a day, what an atmosphere, what raw emotion !

Trying to explain how it was to my kids or anyone else for that matter is nigh on impossible. A day that most thought we'd never see, finally happened. What followed in the next few years was possibly even more remarkable.

All the effort, the struggle and the sacrifices that so many people made in order for this to happen were well worth it. Words will never be enough to thank those primarily involved in making it possible. It's to horrible to contemplate what we'd have all missed out on had it not come to pass. 

For myself alone I'd have missed out on my two lads both being mascots, one being a ballboy once, aside from still going to games together and sharing the unique bond that is Charlton Athletic, a club that you can truly be proud of.

I recall trying to fight back the tears as they players ran out, what a moment and I just gave in in the end. There's only been a couple of times I've done that, the other one was when we were relegated in 1999. Occasionally I get a bit emotional when past games / clips are shown on the big screen but nothing approaching the 5th December 1992. 

As it happens I missed " the last match at The Valley " as friends were getting married. My missus at the time was having none of me just turning up for the wedding reception after. They only went and up split up anyway within 10 years.........marriages eh ? Bloody hell !

My brother managed to secure me a ticket that I didn't think I was going to get. I had even rung Portsmouth a couple of weeks before claiming to be a lifelong fan and never missed a game, blah, blah, blah. When my ticket was confirmed I was ecstatic ! I wasn't a season ticket holder then, let's face there was no need to be and in any case, CAFC used to ring you and ask what time you could get there.

As you expect the return to The Valley received widespread media coverage, the most we'd had in years....about 7 years as I recall ! Nowadays there's no way it would be a 3pm on a Saturday kick off. It'd be a definite 1pm or 4pm on a Sunday job live on Sky or somesuch.

I think Pardew was left out to allow Stevie Gritt to play........well done Curbs, spot on ! What foresight ! Lee Power was on loan from Norwich. Paul Walsh was playing for Portsmouth but we had the more important Walsh playing for us ! Nice one Colin !

Unlike the majority of games now, I drove to the match which was good on reflection as I can do just that, reflect I mean, with great clarity. I celebrated later at home with a few beers as you can imagine.

With the whole of the East Stand closed save for a temporary commentary box containing the late and great Brian Moore. It still looked like a building site but it didn't matter a bit, we were home !

The Mail On Sunday, 6th December 1992. Blimey, more than a 4 sentence paragraph ! Have no fear normal  service was resumed the following week ! ( you'd never know I put my hands on the back whilst that was scanning eh ? !! )

Saturday will be a proud occasion remembering all the old times including those before we left. Brighton are most apt opponents giving their similar departure from their ground, fights with local councils etc. etc. Not to mention Stevie Gritt and their shared dislike of two certain teams. Therefore, I think it ill beholds any of us to ruin the occasion with some of the proposed singing that I've read about elsewhere. 

After some of the events of Saturday I think we need to try and make amends for some damage to our reputation ( and I don't mean in that part of London, I know they don't give a **** ) following certain events. I don't want to be associated with that and it's not what so many people fought so hard and for so long for. 

Saturday will be good and I'm looking forward to immensely. Unlike that day 20 years ago, I'll be having a few sherberts before the game but unlike most Saturdays, I'll be tempted out of my watering hole early to catch whatever is going on before kick off to take it all in. 

Wherever you are tomorrow, at some stage raise a glass of something to 20 years ago and moreover, to all those who made it happen ! Cheers !

Come On You Reds !


Sunday 2 December 2012

A Rather Pleasing Point

Chris Solly - made an important clearance off the line from wannabee Addick, N'Guessan. 

A superb effort from our boys yesterday in a rearguard action which saw us come away with a point. I was concerned when I saw our midfield before kick off but clearly they did enough to see us through.

It's obvious that Sir Chris and the team knew what this game meant to us and reacted accordingly. The presence of Morrison and Sullivan in the away end reinforces that, proper old school and great to see. Well done lads !

Allegations of racial abuse and the coin throwing etc are what we've come to expect at their place. Nothing changes and I can't see it ever will unless the FA finally decide to act which seems unlikely.

I loved some of the players tweets post-match especially JJ's.......pretty much sums it up eh ?

Brighton are most appropriate visitors next week when we hold belated 20th anniversary celebrations. The Seagulls share our nomadic existence and their intense dislike of our neighbours results in kindred spirits. There are, of course, many others connections from down the years. 

Hopefully Fuller and Wilson will return to the ranks next week for what promises to be cracking game. We've got to do better than the last time Brighton visited SE 7 surely ? Whatever, I can't imagine that they will sit back so it should be an entertaining game.

I watched the FA Cup 3rd round draw earlier, it offered a lot and delivered very little. Huddersfield are beatable if not exciting opponents. One hopes we get through and a home tie against a decent Prem team would be nice.

Sadly AFC lost in the cruelest manner possible today. However, there's a bigger prize for them to secure and let's hope they move onwards and upwards. Mambo played well for them which was good to see. 

Elsewhere Pardew's luck may just be running out and even the most myopic of Mags fans are starting to realise that he isn't quite what he appears even if he did manage some wonderful illusions last season. 

Thursday 29 November 2012

Spanners Away

Let's hope that Stuwall has sorted his ticket this time......

After the disaster that was the Middlesbrough game we’d have all happily “ settled “ for a return of 13 points from the next 5 games. However, having failed to beat 10 men Huddersfield and a somewhat lacklustre performance against Peterborough one can feel a little deflated. Realistically given all the injuries one shouldn’t dwell on that.

All in all it’s been a bl**dy good effort from all concerned and the view really ought to be that we’ve turned a corner. We have now found our feet at this level and are, as has been shown, capable of beating anyone……..

The ellipses are at the end of that sentence because should we win on Saturday against that lot then that statement will be complete and entirely correct. Typically we don’t do well in that den of iniquity and given that they’ve been on an even better run than us would suggest there’s not a worse time to play them.

Critically missing a natural left back, Morrison and Fuller won’t help in that equation either. Yet, and yet, this is football, this is Charlton and despite all the set backs, let downs etc. occasionally our team does something rather splendid and makes you really, really proud. Could it happen this weekend ?

Let’s hope it does. If we lose, we’ll not be too downhearted. We need only remind ourselves of those less fortunate than ourselves…….it won’t be too difficult. We could be supporting a club with a pitiful average gate that only rises above mediocrity when we play them. We could be watching our team play in one of the worst stadiums known to man. We could be amongst a bunch of fans for whom erudite means a type of glue.    

What of the Millwall team then ? Don’t know really and not interested to be honest. I know some bloke named Racon went there and occasionally sits on the bench. Another chap called N’Guessan wants away to sunnier climes, aside from that I’m not aware.

I’d go for a team of :- Hamer, Solly, Dervite, Cort, Seabourne, Kerkar, Frimpong, Pritchard, Green, Haynes and Yann. That’s assuming all are fit. I suspect that Sir Chris will go for :- Hamer, Solly, Dervite, Cort, Seabourne, Kerkar, Frimpong, Jackson, Pritchard, Hulse and Yann

It will be a hot atmosphere that’s for sure and one hopes that we can keep all eleven on the pitch but I’d have concerns that Yann and Frimpong might go at some stage, I hope not of course.

Lets’ hope our boys can do it and put up a good fight and that we can come away from that place with something to show for it. Come on lads, you can do it !

Come On You Reds !  

Tricky Riccy !

Fantastic Fuller Finish

A sublime goal from Ricardo Fuller set up a rather laboured win for the Addicks against the Posh.

Peterborough didn't come to the Valley to sit back and defend on Tuesday. They gave it a decent go especially when one considers their position. Their oft dreadful passing and decision making belied any air of positivity and confidence though. Their keeper in particular was guilty of some shocking kicks.

Tubby Tomlin and Boyd stood out for them. Tomlin forced Hamer into a full length save in the second half amidst some nice touches of skill. Boyd's control and passing was top drawer.

We were fortunate to a large extent that the Posh didn't score as they could easily have done so on occasion.

Last season the lack of injuries and suspensions served us well and with Sir Chris being able to filed a regular starting eleven that continuity paid dividends. This term of course it is very different and it's clear for all to see.

Our defending at short corners for instance was woeful on a couple of occasions. Only one player going out to it and it could have cost us dear, if repeated on Saturday it almost certainly will. One can only assume that this wasn't down to a lack on concentration more that it was a direct result of changing personnel and the roles associated with them.

Seabourne looked every bit a centre-back playing at full back. None of which bodes well for Saturday.

It was great to see Yann back for the full ninety and I think he'll serve us well on Saturday as I believe it is a game tailor-made for him.

What a goal from Fuller, a piece of quality and class. Only he in our team can score a goal like that. With Sir Chris again showing apparent blindness to the availability of his subs it was probably the only way we were going to break the deadlock.

I thought the boss had turned the corner on his use of subs but I fear not. Dilly-dally like that on Saturday and we'll pay the price.

Naturally we were all pleased to see Yann score. What a guy !

The loss of Morrison and it would seem Fuller are massive blows as we attempt to secure a rare away victory at the Toolbox.

Monday 26 November 2012

Tubby Tomlin

One to look out for - Lee Tomlin, the Peterborough " wide " man has an appetite for goals, oh and pies apparently !

Lardy Lee came to my attention during the recent televised Posh v Blackburn game. Surprisingly he lasted the full ninety and even managed to score a goal late on. Mind you he lasted the distance mainly because he didn't exactly run himself into the ground.

I'm aware that telly can make you look larger than you really are ( Colin Baker is a slip of a thing really ! ) but it will be interesting to see if our full-blown friend is as large as he appeared. Overweight or not he scored again on Saturday and appears to on something of a hot streak. Perhaps we can wave bag of sweets in his direction to distract him.

I just looked up the word digress in the dictionary........Stewart Francis was very good last night in case you were wondering. The third time I've seen him now and his one-liners are as good as ever. This latest tour is nearly over but buy the dvd if you can.

Where was I ? Tomorrow night then and the Posh are on a poor run and of course there's no chance of us helping to bring that to an end is there ? No siree, we've no history in that respect have we and after all we're sweeping all before us at home !

Darren is under pressure and Posh chairman Darragh must be given Fergie's position some thought again having sacked him once before of course.

What of our boys then ? Please God Sir Chris will put players in their best positions. Kerkar should have played wide left on Saturday and there was no reason that I can see why Skip couldn't have played left back. Anyhow, hopefully Seabourne will be fit. If so, then I suspect that the immovable object that is Johnnie will be left midfield if the boss opts to play Stephens and Manny in central midfield. That would be unfair on Kerkar in my view but Sir Chris doesn't like to leave Skip out does he ?

Stephens still doesn't do it for me and I'd happily see Pritchard in the middle with Manny in the same way I'd rather see Green on the right than Bradley P.

Whoever is fit or otherwise I'd definitely go for Yann to start up front tomorrow. His cameo on Saturday reminded us of what we've been missing and he looked like a man on a mission, the mission being to make up for lost time. I also think Yann is the man for The Toolbox, he'll relish playing there !

We really can't afford not to win this one. Not least ahead of Saturday's game looming large on the horizon. We want to go into that full of confidence to give ourselves the best chance of beating them.

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 25 November 2012

A Frustrating Day

A succession of these suitcases got in the way of most folk yesterday as they so often do. To get the same effect I'm considering dragging around a dead dog on a lead on my next visit to the Metropolis ! Added to the outcome of the game, it made for a very frustrating day !

Another testing afternoon at the Valley yesterday as we again failed to be positive let alone beat a team down to 10 men for so long. Numerous options were open to Sir Chris and at a minimum that should have seen Skip move to left back with Kerkar getting further forward and Yann coming on to replace a tiring Ricardo a lot earlier than he did. All that side from going to 3 at the back........we don't need 4 defenders against one attacker.

Yet again my not getting to away games is costing me as I though Stephens gave another display of poor and mostly sideways passing. I don't get it cos he gets rave reviews outside the Valley.

Hey Ho ! Let's look at the bright side. Manny Frimpong ! How good was he ? Long may he continue to put on performances like that. Strong, decisive and able to pass forward, his will be the first name on the team sheet whilst he's here.

I thought we passed the ball quickly and well yesterday with Fuller putting on a very intelligent and competent display. With Frimpong things look very promising. If only we'd taken one of the good chances on offer especially the one Hulse spurned at the end when he headed safely into the arms of Smithies....a yard either side and we'd have won.

I quite fancied a beer at half time yesterday but didn't have time to have one. On reflection I should have followed the example of a Scandinavian gentleman near me who returned to his seat with a full pint that he did little to hide ! He was clearly oblivious to the fact he shouldn't have it and I advised him to keep it well hidden which he did inside his belly soon after !

Never mind four games unbeaten and a win on Tuesday would make thing look a tad brighter.

In need of a laugh I'm off to see Stewart Francis tonight at the excellent Stables Theatre in Milton Keynes.

Thursday 22 November 2012

Anything Ted can do.........

I can do better. For the second week running we play against a team which can count an ex-PM as a fan like his old adversary, Ted Heath, who was a Burnley fan apparently. Who can forget those heated exchanges across the dispatch box citing the merits of both the Clarets and the Terriers ? Nah, me neither !

Yes, more well known for his skill as a chat show host ( snigger, snigger ) Harold was indeed a fan of the Town. A tad more plausible than Ted being a Burnley supporter one feels as Harold might have said at the Amex conference !

This Saturday's fixture last season saw us end the " impressive run " Huddersfield had achieved under Lee Clarke. Umpteen games unbeaten..........with plenty of draws. Had there been more wins then they might have secured promotion but that was ultimately achieved under current boss, Simon Grayson.

For the Terriers, Jermaine Beckford may return from injury but James Vaughan is likely to miss out. Obviously it'd be better for us if they both miss. Simon Church got a late tap-in consolation last week against Brighton and one imagines he'll start.

I doubt we'll see Adam Hammill, the winger on-loan midfielder from Wolves, he's just avoided going to jail after being found guilty of assaulting two female paramedics. Apparently he didn't realise they were paramedics as he was paralytic !

What of the Addicks then ? Well Sir Chris has a few selection headaches now and it's a situation that I'm pleased to say won't get any easier as the injured start to make their return. SCP may be aided though to some extent by suspensions as Ketts alluded to the other day. With a few players on 4 yellows already one more will bring about a one match ban thus giving an opportunity to someone else. As we've seen already this season, they are likely to grab it !

Sadly Jonnson didn't enjoy the best of debuts last week which is somewhat understandable as he probably needs to get up to match fitness and speed. One would imagine that the Boss will remain loyal to Jackson and that Stephens will return. Therefore, unless an injury or illness occurs to another player then it's unlikely that Frimpong will make his debut on Saturday although one imagines he'll be on the bench.

Sir Chris has to somehow fit two of Fuller, Hulse and Haynes into what you'd have thought be a two man attack. Not easy. I can't see Haynes being dropped and Hulse has acquitted himself well of late so again it's hard to see past Fuller on the bench as a result.

Elsewhere, i.e. defence will be pretty much as you'd expect.......Solly, Morrison, Cort and Seabourne.

It's lovely that SCP has these " problems " and he'll be earning his corn as he attempts to keep the squad happy as much as one would like to believe that all players might view continued success for the team of more importance than their own wellbeing.

Hopefully, we'll see a good game and it'll be a cracking atmosphere on Saturday. I missed the Cardiff match but it sounded like The Valley atmosphere was returning to how it used be in those early days upon our return to it. At that time one really valued what we might have lost and as we progressed under Curbs there was a special togetherness that has been lost in recent years. Perhaps we really are getting our Charlton back !

Time to start really turning things around home and two home wins in a week would set us up nicely for the trip to our neighbours.

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 18 November 2012

14 Days

it's nearly a fortnight !
And they say a week is a long time in politics ! Casting your mind back to how you felt after the Boro game and it seems almost a lifetime away. The whole outlook has changed and very much for the better. Just a look at the league table is enough to confirm that.
It goes a lot further than just that of course. I had genuine fears for Sir Chris's position and wondered if a couple more defeats might see the end of his tenure. Not something that I want to see. As I said SCP has made mistakes but is too intelligent not to learn from them. The last 3 games have shown that clearly he has. I worried about the reaction of those in charge of our club with SCP being a slightly more isolated figure following recent departures.
Those fixtures have also demonstrated that whatever eleven players he sends out onto the pitch, he'll get the most out of them. His man-management skills have been acknowledged before but I believe they've been in evidence more than ever in recent weeks.
The gaffer has, of late, shown that he is not afraid to ring the changes and his use of subs has markedly improved too. He has selected some teams that have raised my eyebrows to almost Roger Moore levels and yet more often than not they've come up with the goods.
Sir Chris has also revealed a more hard-nosed approach as indicated yesterday when Eggert was removed early in the second half. Not only a necessary change by the sounds of it but a sound tactical one too.
We all knew that the Championship is a much stronger one than that which we left a few years ago. We all knew that for most of our side who'd not played at this level it was going to be a big step up. Now it seems that the managment and players are adjusting to it and starting to acquit themselves admirably.
If Sir Chris carries on like this he might become something of a Charlton legend ! ;) We can now look forward to the upcoming games with Huddersfield and Peterborough with a lot more relish than we did as we departed the Valley on 3rd November.
A fine performance again yesterday from the lads and they obviously dug deep to get the result. It does seem as if someone needs to take over from Skip for penalty duties. I'm really pleased for Haynes who's on a hot streak at the moment. Let's hope he can stay free from injury. Hulse has shown his importnace to the team and put in some good perfomances.
With the prospect of the injured players starting to return soon then the competition for places intensifies which is all for the better of course.
Anyone can beat anyone in this league as we've seen but we must surely go into the next two home games with great confidence. Hopefully that will set us up nicely for the game against those folk who don't care about us but will no doubt double their usual attendance to come and see. 

Thursday 15 November 2012

Who'd Have Thought It ?

T' Ted Heath, sans flat cap, a famous Burnley fan apparently. His lad, Adrian, played for the Clarets in the early 90's.

Well I never, how about that ! Seems old Ted was a Burnley fan, silly me should have guessed by the northern working class accent and with his constituency being so close Turf Moor 'n' all. 

Seems Anna Ford is too, again the strong Lancashire accent is a dead giveaway ! We all know about Alistair Campbell ( obnoxious bu**er ) and John Kettley of course

Since I'm doing interesting facts, no really........for me this is interesting let's be honest ! It appears that Burnley have been football league champions twice They and won the FA Cup once as do all quality teams. They are one of only three sides to have won all top four professional divisions of English football. PNE and Wolves being the other two.

The Clarets also reached the quarter-finals of the European Cup in 1961 and not a lot of people know that ! Maybe they did but it's not the Anglo-Italian cup is it ? 

New manager Sean Dyche has just replaced one-time Charlton prospect Eddie Howe. The former Watford manager has a bit to prove and I think he will in time. He wasn't well treated by the Watford owners who somewhat foolishly have invested in all things Italian........well not all things perhaps......they're not fu**ing nuts !

Charlie Austin is banging the goals in for them and will be their main threat. Hopefully Morrison and a returning Cort will keep him and the rest of the Clarets quiet.

Sunday's win at Bristol City may have escaped the attention of Radio 5 Live where it didn't get a mention on their sports bulletins nor the Premiership obsessed 606........yes, of course Alan Green you want to hear from fans of all divisions just so long as they're in the top flight and haven't been at the game or perhaps ever visited the ground of the team they profess to love. 

" We've got John from Cornwall on the line, come in John ". 
" Yeah, hello Alan er I'm a first time caller and Man U fan..." 
" Welcome John and hey, don't be nervous, you can't be a bigger tit than me ! ". 
" I couldn't get to Old Trafford today........."

Sir Chris and the lads have been terrific in the last two games and what a response following the misery that most of us felt after the Boro game. SCP is learning fast and is now starting to make more right decisions than wrong. Whether he's had some good advice from some quarters is or just had a good think on his own is not clear, however, the boy's doing good !

I'd love to see Fuller start on Saturday but am guessing the Boss will stick with the majority of those that have served him so well over the last two fixtures and you can't blame him. It'll be a tough game but if we can maintain our drive and commitment of recent times then maybe we can come away with something. A draw would be good and all 3 points would be even better of course.

Good luck and well done to all those going to cheers the boys on. Have a great day and make sure you look out for some more of those closet celeb Burnley fans !

Come On You Reds !

Thursday 8 November 2012

Ashton Gate

There it be ! The west country scandal !

I've been to Ashton Gate once, for an FA cup tie in 1994 I believe. As I recall it was 1-1 draw with Mark Robson ? scoring a lateish equaliser after which he got booked for over celebrating with us fans. We then won the midweek replay at home and went onto to play Man Utd away in the quarter-finals I think. Wow ! What a day that was !

My other recollection of that day at the Gate was the extremely unpleasant atmosphere and several coins and other objects being thrown in our direction. I made a sharp exit at the end as I could what was brewing and I think there a spot of bother after.    

I believe we are playing on Sunday due to Rovers being at home. Seems a lot of nonsense to me and how it couldn't have been sorted I don't know. 

A quiet Saturday then and we can relax for a while watching how the rest of the league gets on. 

For the first time in some while and the pressure's more on the home side than ourselves especially following Tuesday's heroics ( I've watched the goals this evening....... 5 times ! I love it ! ).

City have lost their last 6 in a run that has naturally seen them slide down the table. Given our wonderful result against Cardiff we should be anticipating a win and yet............. Come on this is Charlton so we know it won't be that straight forward.

Sam Baldock formerly of the MK Dons is their main man. Hopefully we can keep him quiet.

Who knows what side Sir Chris will put out given the current trend for injuries ! Someone will no doubt burn their nipple on baby milk to rule themselves out of the game.

Whatever the side Sir Chris we trust especially if he can deliver his half-time teamtalk BEFORE the game !

As ever I shall be studiously avoiding all media contact until 5 mins to go when I shall endeavour to discover how we're doing.

Best wishes for a good day out to those that are going and I hope your efforts are duly rewarded with 3 points, a good game and decent weather. 

Come On You Reds !

Wednesday 7 November 2012

One Over The Eight

How I feel, between a rock and a hard place !

Not had the call today, it'll probably be tomorrow. Sir Chris will ring and offer me a king's ransom to stay away for the rest of the season !

After Saturday's game I pretty confident few would have forecast last night's shenanigans ! I doubt anyone would even if we'd been on the most amazing home run ever ! A prior commitment prevented me from going and I would have been a bit miffed whoever it was but the league leaders ? At 2-0 behind I didn't feel so bad but then.......!!!

To say I'm a bit gutted to have missed it is an understatement. Usually I don't follow our games at all when I'm not there, I just check on the team before kick off and then check on how things are going about 5 mins before the final whistle.

Yesterday was different ( you can say that again ! ). I was aware that we were two down and at that point decided enough was enough and gave up on it. My thoughts turned to wondering how many we'd lose by and how Sir Chris must have been feeling. 

Things changed at about 9.30pm when I got a text from my elder lad asking if I knew what the score was. Go on I said, surprise me ! Well I sure wasn't expecting 5 -2 ! Still time for us to mess it up ( or words to that effect ! ) I texted back.

Low and behold it became 5-3 and 5-4. Bother ( again, words to that effect ) I thought, we're not going to win this one. How wrong I was ! My disappointment at not being there will stay with me forever as probably will my feelings of delight for Sir Chris and the boys.........mostly for SCP though. I'm so made up for him. 

His half-time talks must be the stuff of legend. Perhaps we can declare war on someone just so that the whole country can benefit from the stirring speeches that he clearly makes. Move over Winston, there's a new kid in town !!

As I say, I feel sick to have missed what was clearly an incredible game but am so, so happy for our Boss. Well done to one and all !

I've read details of what happened and heard accounts but not seen the goals. I'm looking forward to that.

Against the backdrop of a poor home record and an horrific injury list this was a truly wonderful backs to the wall effort.........FANTASTIC !!!

I'm especially pleased to hear of the support for Sir Chris even at two down. He needed that and it nearly brings a tear to the eye just thinking about it. Well done folks !

I'm eagerly anticipating our next home game, unless I get that call from Sir Chris of course !!!

Monday 5 November 2012

Keeping The Faith

My favourite Chris Powell photo

After a 12 hour working day this is a mercifully short post you'll be pleased to learn.

A prior commitment means that I'm unable to be there tomorrow immediately giving rise to the prospect of a win !

As we know Cardiff are flying high and we, er aren't !  Injuries have damaged us this season and it seems it's payback time for the relatively injury-free season we enjoyed last term.

I know we should all be wanting a win and I'm no different but I do feel that a draw would go some way to restoring fragile confidence following Saturday and we could look ahead to the upcoming games with a tad more enthusiasm.

Now is not the time to lose faith in Sir Chris. He has shown that his is developing as a manager and he will continue to improve. That doesn't mean he is beyond criticism and regular readers will know I've been quick to highlight what I think have been some odd decisions and basic errors this term. 

However, there's an eerie silence from above and I'm not sure that SCP has a close working relationship, if any at all, with the owners. He needs us to show we're right behind him and the team. So make sure you give him and them an extra cheer tomorrow. 

Whatever the result, stay fully supportive of Sir Chris as he's the man for the job. If he's given the two or three players we clearly need then he'll steer us into calmer waters I'm sure.

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 4 November 2012

Curiouser & Curiouser

Not Banksy's finest hour !

With injury to Evina Sir Chris was forced to make at least one change to the starting eleven of the previous two games. In addition, he decided to revert to 4-4-2 and brought back BWP to start alongside Hulse.

All went reasonably well in the first half. There was a near miss with a header inside the first two minutes from the diminutive Pritchard that went just over. 

BWP was finding it hard to stay on his feet and made himself look a bit daft after tumbling with no one around him and claiming a foul. I'm not sure if the invisible man was cautioned for that or not.

Things were pretty even and then we took the lead following a superb through ball from Pritchard and sublime finish from Hulse.

The ref awarded Boro a freekick shortly after when I felt we should have given it to us. Sadly, Woodgate was given the freedom of the Valley to head home.

Things remained pretty even with Cort somehow failing to head in at the far post and Jackson trying a shot from range that was, well er, not very good !

At the break the Addicks could be reasonably satisfied with their work. 

Wilson picked up an injury just before the break and it was pretty clear that he wasn't going to return after. The fans pondered over who would replace him as we sipped our half-time Bovrils.  Green would be the obvious choice although Haynes or Cook could equally be given consideration. It was to some astonishment then that Stephens came out to replace Lawrie and that, for me our man of the match so far, Pritchard was moved out right midfield.

Perhaps I missed something. Wasn't Bradley P snapping at their heels, winning tackles and playing some good passes such as the one that set up Hulse for the goal ? Further, didn't I see Pritchard play wide right recently and he didn't look very effective there ?

Stephens sprayed the ball left and right and failed to find any penetrating passes during the second period ( how much did Villa offer ? ). A very rare mistake from Morrison gifted Boro the second and a bizarre goal-kick from Steele somehow eluded most players to secure their third and the three points.

BWP and Cort were withdrawn to be replaced by Haynes and Cook. Try as they might they couldn't get The Addicks back in it.

The substitutions and formation changes were again odd. Cort and Morrison have been a solid partnership for some months and now it was being split up with Dervite going into a back three. Huh ?

Our formation seemingly changed about 3 times in ten minutes as we increasingly looked all at sea. No wonder, as few seemed to know their role. A fourth followed and it could have been worse. 

I'm afraid I'd struggle to tell what Jackson did yesterday yet he got the full ninety. You've got to ask should he be in the side ? He's a top bloke who did well for us last year but he's not doing it now. I wish I could tell you that as skipper he geed up those around him but sadly not. I'd pass it back to Morrison if I were Sir Chris.

The ref wasn't the worst we've seen but he was far removed from the best. His booking of Pritchard was bizarre coming as it did when he awarded us a throw-in. Bradley wasn't booked for answering back so it very odd indeed.

The upcoming visit of Cardiff couldn't really come at a worse time. We really need to up our game for that. Clearly we need to get a midfielder in as Razak would have been great yesterday, he was really missed. Haynes should probably be given an opportunity if we're playing two up front. 

The sooner Fuller returns the better, we very much need the guy. 

The pressure is mounting on Sir Chris. I've no wish to see him go and want us to keep him no matter what. However, given the recent departures he is an increasingly isolated figure who needs all the support he can get.

As I've said before I'm not sure what advice SCP is getting from his management team that are alongside him. He might benefit from getting Paul Hart on the bench and receiving some words of wisdom from him. 

Things don't look great at the moment but we have a decent squad that given a little strengthening and the right set up can secure wins in this division as has been proven. More importantly Sir Chris continues to learn, we need to keep on believing in him and hope that seeks wise counsel ( although not of the Dennis variety ).  

Friday 2 November 2012

Boro At Home

Hilarious image to accompany today's witty headline

The Addicks now face two tough home games in the space of 4 days. Probably the two toughest consecutive home fixtures in fact. Can we rise to the challenge ? On the evidence of the last two away matches, then the answer has to be, yes.

Boro are on a very good run as one would expect with a club that has suffered only one defeat and one draw in the last 9 games. However, we should not be totally pessimistic despite our poor home form. Boro are not prolific scorers having garnered 21 goals from 13 matches. In addition, the are more susceptible on the road with 3 defeats against 3 wins away. They have in fact conceded more goals than us too.

Whilst we haven't been knocking them in from all over the park our defence has been sound. Looking at our form over the last 7 league games and we've won 2, drawn 3 and lost 2. All this would seem to suggest that tomorrow's encounter will be a close one decided by no more than one or two goals.

Our failure to secure wins at home to the likes of Watford, Barnsley and Blackburn ( in my view they were there for the taking that day ) means that one of the upcoming two matches is a must win.

My belief is that at home we should be positive and play with 2 up front. That is with the majority of teams, however, I feel that Boro and Cardiff will look to attack more than most. Therefore, I believe that we should stick with the team and formation that has served us so well away recently.

Fortunately, we may be spared Ishmael Miller tomorrow, he could really hurt us. However, another who could also do so, Lukas Jutkiewicz may well return from injury. The other goalscoring threat comes in the shape of Scott MacDonald, a player who plundered quite a few goals when plying his trade in Scotland.

Tony Mowbray may appear something of a dour and uninspiring manager but he's obviously doing something right and has a decent track record. Being an ex-Boro player also helps as we know in our case with Sir Chris.

Nicky Bailey will, of course, be back at the Valley. I'm sure we all remember when last here he put a few million pounds over the bar.........sadly not in the way we'd have liked ! I've no qualms with him, he always gave it everything for us and I don't share the view that he was greedy when he left. He was at an important stage of his career and was clearly capable of playing at this level. 

I recall the Southend fans at the Valley giving him grief accusing him of leaving them only for the dosh and I felt it was very small minded of them. In any case as is usually the case it only served to make him try harder !

Nicky is likely to start on the bench tomorrow but will once again tread the Valley turf at some stage I'm sure. I hope that he gets a good reception.

Our team is unlikely to be changed with the usual suspects on the bench. We are missing Fuller although I know Hulse has given it his all of late. He is a good player getting up to match speed and good for him. I hope he can get a goal soon.

Another player who needs a goal is BWP. A cameo from him capped with a goal would help him enormously.

We will miss Razak and are now in need of another midfielder as we look thin on the ground in that area. I hope we can secure someone suitable soon.

It's the 20th anniversary of Red, White and Black tomorrow with some associated dignitaries making an appearance. Given the goings on elsewhere recently it'll be good give a cheer to our own campaign and one that unlike some of the Prem clubs, we do more than pay lip-service too. It's another one of the many reasons why you're proud to be a Charlton fan.

Away from the Valley, I saw sad too see that Danny Baker has been sacked by Radio London. Total nonsense and done in a classless way by the BBC at a time when their stock is at its lowest. I do hope that Radio 5 don't follow suit even if Danny decides to stay. 

Millwall fan he may be but he is a wonderful gift to radio and I shouldn't be too wound up by the occasional digs at ourselves. After all, we too have a go at them and I feel his genuine dislike, rather like us, is more reserved for the Nigels.

Here's to a good game tomorrow and three home points at last !

Come On You Reds !


Wednesday 31 October 2012

Oi ! Do Me A Favour !

Last night I sat down to watch the Reading v Arsenal game wishing that Sky had chosen to air Swindon - Villa or Sunderland - Boro games. The latter only to get a heads up on Boro ahead of Saturday I must admit. Over 2 hours later and I was satisfied that Sky had, in fact, made an excellent choice.

Reading went from 4-0 up to 5-4 down to 5-5 and eventually lost 5-7 as I'm sure most of you will know. A great game, very exciting and once Arsenal got their second in normal time the writing was pretty much on the wall as Reading's fragile nature was exposed.

What really added to the excitement was the playing of the music whenever Reading scored. Most bizarrely the tune played was that which is played at darts matches nowadays. It goes without saying that doing that really added to the atmosphere.

Of course it didn't. Playing music when goals are scored started with American sports and should remain there where it seems more appropriate. Sadly it seems to be on the increase and I believe that Norwich, a club I've always thought of as quite sensible, are doing it now. Mind you, I suppose it's better than another sherry fueled outburst from Deliah !

Much to my embarrassment I recall that we did it at one time, something like The Only Way Is Up as I recall. It would blare out at top volume and even woke me up once ! Fortunately, the club listened to the fans and it was very short lived. 

I'm quite happy to jump up and down, punch the air etc when our boys score. That's how it should be and I cringe when I hear the music at other clubs. Why Reading should chose music so closely associated with another game is beyond me. 

Music before, at half time and after the game ( especially if it's ironic ) then that's absolutely fine. Nothing else is needed.

Next week :-  The Mexican Wave and how it has really enhanced my enjoyment of watching sport.


Tuesday 30 October 2012

Razak Returns To City

Sadly we may never see Abdul in a Charlton shirt again.

Young Abdul has gone back to Man City after they recalled him within 28 days of the loan as they are entitled to do. A real shame in my view and I'm not buying into suggestions from some quarters that he had an attitude problem. It seems a clear case of City wanting their man to have more minutes on the pitch.

He's not posted anything on his twitter account about it and a few days ago posted this in response to being asked how the loan was going........." loan not bad just trying get playing and show what I can do really ".

Fair play to the lad and I'm afraid we've lost a player who offered quite a lot. I've little doubt that he'll go out on loan to another championship side and greatly impress as I fully expect he'd have done with us had he stayed. Best wishes to him and I'll be keeping a close eye on his progress.

Looking ahead to Saturday and I see that our opponents, Middlesbrough are playing Sunderland  tonight in the league cup. Sadly, the game won't be reffed by the man who came second in a name that cake competition, Mark Clattenburg. That would have given rise to optimistic thoughts of red and yellow cards aplenty. 

Hey Ho ! We can but hope for some from whoever does officiate. The local rivalry should add some extra spice to a fixture that hasn't been played for a while. In addition, with Sunderland not in great goalscoring form and Boro on a great run, this promises to be a tight game and so there is reason to expect that extra-time may well be needed to decide this one.

A win for either side takes them into the last eight of the competition so I believe that both teams will wanted to field a reasonably strong eleven. 

Monday 29 October 2012

Home Sweet Home

I've not posted for over a week, something that I realise has left a huge void in your lives. I'm sorry......

Truth is that it was rather busy in the last week of the first autumn half term. That included two cup matches in two days for the school's A & B teams ( and Sir Chris probably thinks he's busy with two in a week ! ). BTW the A team won after extra time and the B team narrowly lost 3-2. 

In the meantime Sir Chris and the lads have collected a creditable 2 points on the road that I didn't think we'd get at all. That it could and perhaps should have been more is testament to how well they played and how resilient the team was in both especially after going behind in both.

I commented before that Sir Chris is too intelligent not to learn from mistakes and he is now starting to demonstrate more flexibility and increased ruthlessness. I thought it was a tad harsh to drop Green but in replacing him with Wilson has proved to be a correct move.

The numerous changes for the Leeds game were as successful as they were surprising. Clearly BWP was never going to play in the lone striker role but the side wasn't one that many, if any of us would have suggested prior to kick off.

The poor starts of late are a worry but the fight and spirit shown by the lads is very encouraging. Those who have been given their chance have taken by and large taken them. With the prospect of other players returning from injury the competition for places will hot up.

Not having been at Leeds or Wolves I can't really comment on how well players have performed but I'm of the understanding that Evina and Wilson have acquitted themselves well. Wilson it seems is combining well with Solly who has thankfully been reinstated in the right back berth that is very much his own.

Pleasing to see Evina in the side and hopefully he'll stay there for some time and increasingly gain confidence from a run in the side.

Whilst it's clear that we're playing better away we do now need to examine our approach at home. The next two games pose a few questions in that regard. Normally I'd advocate being more positive and go away from the formation of the last two games and go 4-4-2 or similar. However, usually the oppo will come to the Valley with the attitude of keeping it tight and looking to score on the break. 

I can't see that being the case with Boro and Cardiff. Given their respective positions I imagine that they will be positive and go for it from the start. Therefore, I think that for these two games there's no harm in maintaining the same personnel and system as that of Leeds and Wolves.

More food for thought for Sir Chris ! Whatever he decides let's hope he is as successful as he's been in the last two matches and makes the correct calls.   

Sunday 21 October 2012


Shake It All About.

From almost every angle that's what we got from yesterday's game. The loss of Fuller to an apparent hamstring injury was the final kick in the nads.

A bumper crowd witnessed a typical day in the life of the long-suffering Addick. At least for the part-time sufferers they only had to shell out a fiver for the privilege. As is customary after a dismal performance on one of our promotion days, one wonders how many will return in the near future. The Peterborough game will be something of an acid test.

It all went Pete Tong yesterday. The formation was wrong, the majority of subs were wrong and so too, some of the personnel. That aside, it was fine and dandy ! 

My observation prior to kick off was that the formation was wrong and that at some stage it would need changing unless we were well ahead which I didn't ever think would be the case. It was just a question of when the changes would come and who the players involved were.

Razak is a quality player who showed touches of that yesterday, in particular one exquisite drag back will live long in the memory. He is an accomplished passer of the ball. Prior to Blackpool away I doubt that he has played just behind a sole striker. Clearly he is a player who needs to be a bit deeper a la Perkins of Barnsley, who for me was their man of the match yesterday and pulled all the strings for them.

That Razak was asked to play there compounded the error in my view of the 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 as it was at times. Their back four didn't looked all that comfortable on the ball especially when pressured. However, this wasn't as much as it should have been as because it was only Fuller up front of course. 

We set up as though we were determined not to lose.......against Barnsley at home !! We should be looking to win at home and for that,  you need to be positive. 

The half time subs were correct only in as much that Hollands needed to come off and we needed another striker on. That was fine. Did anyone seriously think that removing one of our best players ( Razak ), and replacing him with Jackson was going to change anything for the better ? There's widespread agreement that Skip hasn't been great this season. He had little positive impact I'm afraid.

What other options did Sir Chris have ? Well, since in my view Wilson and Evina are good attacking players either one of them could have gone to wide right or left with Solly returning to his preferred right back berth. 

The third sub made even less sense to me. I really like Pritchard but he's no right winger and to bring him on for Green was never going to improve matters. Had Evina come on then and Kerkar switched to the right or Wilson moved to right wing the I would have applauded that as it makes sense. Sadly of course that didn't happen.

The formation away to Blackpool was appropriate because the home side will come and attack more and you set yourself up to stifle them and to nick a goal or two, just as Barnsley did yesterday. At home it's different and you've got to be positive. The outcome was the same as the Watford game where we failed to go for it despite them being down to 10 men. It's as though we're happy to settle for a point at home and against the likes of Watford and Barnsley that's not good enough.

Leeds and Wolves away followed by Middlesbrough and Cardiff at home were always going to be tough but now without Fuller I dread to think what we'll get out of them. We can't play BWP up front on his own as has already been proved. Therefore, Hulse or Smith will have to step up to the plate.

I'll always stick up for Sir Chris but I have to say his selections and substitutions at home are looking a bit naive on occasions. Many of the changes this season he's made that have been a success have largely been dictated by circumstances as much as I'd like to think he'd have made them anyway.

The boss needs to learn and learn fast. I think there's an awful lot of learning to be done in the next four games.

Thursday 18 October 2012


" Eeh it's right Parky ! " Well no, he's on the far left actually and seen here without his free Parker pen. If you look carefully you can see Kenny Lynch. Indeed kids, Kenny who ? All these years later and apart from being a mate of Jimmy Tarbuck and playing golf, no really knows what he did !

Saturday sees us play Barnsley or The Tykes as they're also known. I wonder if Sir Michael will make the trip over to the Valley ? With tickets at £5 a throw I'd have thought that enough to tempt Sir Michael Parsimonious.

Mike will not have too far to come if he does decide to venture across as, like all proud Yorkshiremen, he lives in Bray in Berkshire !

Most famous as a presenter of Film '85, SMP ( I'm milking it now ) is a Barnsley fan in case you were wondering what I'm waffling on about. I recall him saying some years ago that Charlton didn't deserve to be in the Premier league. Erm, I think we did. I'm not sure if he said the same thing when T'Barnsley got there...........may be not but hey, perhaps Barnsley have a better pedigree than us.

The current Barnsley side is presently managed by ex-Rochdale boss Keith Hill. The emphasis is on the presently as The Tykes have been through quite a few managers over the years including the one who sold Neil Redfearn to us. Most of us will recall that he cost us £1 million, ( quite a sum back in the day ) scored 3 times and proved to be something of a matter who he played for.

Present Barnsley players include Marlon Harewood, yes, he really is still around. He always flattered to deceive. In addition, after Al-Fayed, there's the only other Egyptian involved in football........Mido.  Yes, he really is still around. I wonder if he's any calmer these days ?

This is something of a reunion for our own Paul Hart who can claim to be one of the many former managers.

What of the Addicks ? I know some will feel I'm something of a Captain Mainwaring in not wanting Wilson to play but I do feel players should play where they play best and as I've said before that means Solly at right back. Evina should start and especially at home. The central pair pick themselves if fit. Midfield is Razak, Green, Stephens, Kerkar. Up front BWP and Ricardo. That just leaves Hamer in goal of course. Job done.

I doubt that is what we'll see but for what it's worth it's the line up I'd play although thankfully I'm not the boss of course. I may disagree with Sir Chris on line ups and the timings of his substitutions but I remain as much in love with the guy as the next man. Whatever the future holds it can only be good if he's at the managerial helm and it looks like we're sailing through troubled waters.

Whatever the ins and outs of Rick Everitt's dismissal ( and I'm sure we'll come to learn more in the fullness of time ) no one can ever take away his place in Charlton history. Most of us would be proud to have achieved one iota of what he has for CAFC and its supporters. Cheers Rick and best wishes for the future !

Perhaps the silver lining out of the whole episode is the potential return of Voice of the Valley. You can have all the blogs and twitter accounts you like but you can't beat a good fanzine, especially one as iconic as VOTV. What a vehicle it was for uniting fans and keeping us all informed of what was happening in those dark days of the eighties when one didn't know who was in charge, where the money was going to come or whether we'd still have a club to support. Thankfully we live in different times of course............!!!

Returning to matters on the pitch and let's hope that we can make Yorkshire puddings of the Tykes before we tackle another team from that county in the shape of Leeds. A win and a draw in the next two games would be a very tasty gravy indeed !

Come On You Reds !