Thursday 24 December 2020

Plymouth Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!

 A bit late in the day but an emergency visit to the vet’s for one of cats delayed me not to mention set me back nearly £200! However, I’m pleased to say that she’s not as bad as I feared and hopefully, some medication will put her right.

I wanted to wish all Addicks everywhere a happy and peaceful Christmas! Clearly it’s not how we wanted or expected it to be but we all need to try and make the most of it.

Despite no visitors this year, she who must be obeyed has insisted on the same level of cleaning and tidying as if the additional 6 guests we were to have were still coming!

Oh well, a bit of housework has no doubt helped me to burn a few calories that mean I won’t too bad when I tuck into festive food and drink!

Boxing Day sees Plymouth, Bowyer’s first opposition as manager, arrive in SE7. The same outcome from that game would go down very well.

As much as Chuks has done well coming off the bench we really need to see him start. We oughtn’t to be bringing him on when we need to be chasing games. I firmly believe we could have put a couple of games to bed early on if he had.

Williams needs to play some part and how he had no involvement in the Swindon game is mystery to me. To the same extent Deji should have got on and hopefully he can return to the starting eleven for this game. 

Gilbey hasn’t reached the heights he did prior to injury and doesn’t deserve to start.

Argyle started very well but there results of late have not been good. They aren’t scoring many either and so overall we ought to get a comfortable win. However, as we know they won’t roll over and there are no easy games even overlooking our poor results against struggling teams.

Being a stickler for tradition I shall be watching the game in Christmas jumper and Santa hat!

Best wishes and good luck to everyone for the Range Rover draw.

Merry Christmas to one and all! 

Come On You Reds!

Friday 11 December 2020

Q&AFC Wimbledon

 Apologies for the title which is a nod to Answer Samsh, the final round of House Of Games.

The Addicks return to action tomorrow having had the luxury of a week off since they last played. Given the recent run of results it was a much needed breather and a chance to take stock of everything. 

This condensed season has no club any favours but that, allied to the factors affecting the start of our season, have probably impacted on our club more than most. 

This is especially true of league one clubs where we are one of only a few that are affected by call ups for international games (the majority of which are totally irrelevant of course). 

The seemingly relentless slog of two of games a week has left little time to work with the team and individual players. As ever, injuries have been a factor and I know all teams get them but we know the majority are never short term ones for us! The new physio will have plenty to get their teeth into. 

Having to play without a recognised centre half for so long has been easy and the knock on effects to the whole team have been clear to see. 

Everyone is frustrated by recent form particularly coming as it does on the back of such a great run of results that naturally raised expectations. 

Obviously, we have had to rotate players but maybe to an extent we’ve rotated too much and I think we’d benefit from a more settled side and starting eleven. 

Hopefully, following the break we will see a team that has been reinvigorated. Watching on the revamped Valley Pass should be more of a pleasure. The whole package looks a much improved offering and I’m pleased to see that Terry and Greg remain in situ. 

I’m sure they will appreciate the additional cameras and the opportunity to look at replays aside from not being cut off mid-sentence! 

Whilst improvements to Valley Pass may not be viewed as a priority, it is an indication of the attention to detail and an indicator of addressing issues under the Sangaard era. 

Last night’s Q&A with our new owner was a great watch. Thomas handled all questions in a professional and passionate manner. His answers clearly demonstrated that he’s a man who is clear on what needs to be done and how to go about it. 

Thomas showed detailed knowledge of all areas of the club and it became obvious that his time invested in it is a tad over 2%! 

It’s often said that running a football club isn’t like any other business. That’s true of course but doesn’t mean that it should be divorced from the more sensible methods of doing so. 

Failure to invest, plan for the future and sustainability would be disastrous (don’t we just know it!). Thankfully, it’s clear from last night that our Danish owner is dealing with the fundamental areas that have been neglected for so long. 

That allied to him being so accessible and open to fans is superb and gives us all cause for optimism. 

Bowyer has called for patience in respect of tomorrow’s game and the same needs to be levelled at the club. Sangaard is putting all the building blocks in place for a bright and promising future. It won’t happen overnight but will surely happen given things that Thomas has done in his short tenure to date. 

On the pitch I hope that Maddison is fit enough to start tomorrow. I feel he can be a massive player for us and have such a massive impact on games. His ability from free kicks and long range shots alone gives him an edge. 

I’d like to see Maatsen and Matthews start too with one of Pratley or Watson in the CDM role. 

Up front I’d go for Aneke and Bogle with Chuks just behind his strike partner. 

Hopefully, Williams will feature at some stage. We lack a bit of creativity and attacking intent and he certainly gives us that. 

Whatever the side that Lee puts out, let’s pray for a return to winning ways tomorrow! 

Come On You Reds !