Monday 30 November 2009

A Flock Of Seagulls

                                                     Rod Stewart and The Faeces ?

Apparently we're playing these boys tomorrow. Looks as though a birdie has pooped on his head and shoulder and it was not top quality droppings, sham-pooh one might say ! Ironically Mike Score, for it is he, is a former hairdresser. Well you can't cut your own hair can you although it's looks like he had a bloody good go. If there's any justice he's fat, middle aged and bald as a coot !

If you're seeking connections with Brighton and Hove look no further than a player called McLeod. Yes, Kevin McLeod and for Brighton fans he's held in the same esteem as our very own Izale. How about that, two McLeods and both............well I dare not say other than refer you to Rod's support group.

Gus Poyet flew in recently and things started well with a win over Pardew's Saints. However, it's not been good since then with drubbings from the Whites and Canaries. Saturday saw them squeeze past non-league oppo in the form of R&D ( not another musical reference surely ? ) which is better than some. However, part of Parky's cunning plan is to concentrate on the league so our boys had a weekend off and are nicely rested.

This is another game we really should win but of course we never take anything for granted as this is Charlton after all. I assume that Elliot will return tomorrow ( guessing we'd have got an emergency loan keeper else ) and may be Richardson to be restored too. Youga sounds doubtful. The club, as has been the case this season, has kept pretty schtum about players's availability. Good stuff say I, keep 'em guessing.

Let's hope we can grab the 3 points and look forward to entertaining Good Old Essex By The Sea ( doesn't quite sound the same does it ? ) on Saturday.

Come On You Reds !

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Don't Take Your Foot Off The Gas

Quite a night in S.E.7 eh ? An amazing start that saw us 2 nil up in next to no time. Cue taunts of " you might as well go home ! " from the Addicks fans. My thoughts were drawn to those of Danny Baker's Saturday show where he's been encouraging fans to shout " nothing can go wrong now ! " in the event of just such a situation. And so it proved............. !!

Rovers were truly awful in the first half and one sensed a landslide for the Londoners. Not quite as it turned out though.

Comedy defending from both teams and a similar standard of refereeing saw the game end in a six goal thriller, the second consecutive one to do so. Not sure I can't take much more of this excitment. Don't they know this is The Valley, this is Tier 3 ? It's not meant to be like this.

" Steven Cook " was fast becoming a euphemism for " totally incompetent " as the evening wore on. Some salvation arrived with the news that it was the operator of the big screen who was to blame for the 2 yellow cards scenario. This means that he's known as plain old " incompetent ".

You might accuse the ref of being gullible too, I mean, being taken in by some of that diving from the Rovers boys...........shame on you ! In addition, allowing a player well within ear-shot telling you to " F  off " without acting upon it won't command any respect now will it ?

Still the 3 points are most welcome and a week's break to stir ourselves for seaside Brighton away and seaside Southend at home.

With no game only a passing interest for us in the 2nd round of the cup. However, two matches are worthy of slight attention. Firstly, Walsall away to Brentford and Brighton at home to Rushden. I want Walsall to lose to the Bees, ideally after a replay, so that our away game stands on 2nd January. Secondly, a spanking for Brighton may help further knock any confidence following their last two games.

I don't want much so add to that an extension to Mooney's loan and that of Sodje A plus a return to fitness of Elliot, Richardson and Youga and I'll be happy !

Is wishing that McLeod never appears in a Charlton shirt again too much too hope for ? Perhaps but I suspect we'll never have cause to see him remove it again though eh !

Monday 23 November 2009


Despite the wind and rain of biblical proportions on Saturday I enjoyed a rather splendid day. Arriving at just before 1pm we received a fantastically warm welcome from the locals. We were directed to a marquee serving food and beer. It was all very pleasant with an amusing guy on the PA encouraging us to buy raffle and lottery tickets.

The raffle was drawn by Trevor Peacock best known as Jim Trott from The Vicar of Dibley. He too proved to be entertaining.

This pre-match experience made me think that this was what football was all about. Two sets of fans having a beer together with some of these home supporters doing their best to raise some much needed funds for their club.

It looked awful on the terraces but I must confess to being in a home stand as a result of it being my nephew's birthday treat with 10 of his friends there. He lives in Somerset and a couple were Yeovil fans. Whilst I stayed dry my sympathies were very much with the Addicks fans who endured the awful conditions.

I never go into much detail on games, others do that far better than I. However, I will observe that switching Youga to play Basey made little sense to me when you've got a proper right back on the bench. In addition, I felt that long before Ikeme ballooned the ball up in the air that led to the goal someone should have instructed him to play it out to one of the full backs or at least kick it wide. Why he chose to boot the ball down the middle and so high into the gale I'll never understand. It was asking for trouble.

Full credit to Parky for the substitution at half time.......a very positive move. It paid dividends and how we didn't get win again I'll never know. The players gave it everything. Only Huddersfield seem to have closed on us after all the results are considered

We face another must win game tomorrow. Rovers will be without Dickson who can't play due to the terms of his loan deal. That won't make a lot of difference as judging by comments from Rovers fans on Radio Somerset on Saturday they don't hold him in high regard at the moment. They think he's not trying and have lost patience.

Thursday 19 November 2009

No Sign of Huish Park

I'm afraid the t'internet has let me down. I've done my research and checked the map but no sign of a football ground or farms come to that. No sign of any cider either..........hmm something's a foot. It's not what I expected at all !

Never mind, I'll be setting my watch back to 1969 on Saturday as we head off to the West country. We'll be hoping for a good performance with not too many shots ending up over the cowshed.

The Glovers have done well of late and will provide a decent test. However, I'll be disappointed if we don't harvest as many points as a pitchfork with 3 tines.

You never know with Parky but assuming all fit ( think Richardson's the only doubt ) then I'm guessing it'll be the same starting eleven as that which gave the Dons a good pasting on Saturday.

The same subs on the bench would be fine too, therefore, with Sodje A again among them. I like the options we have up front now, mostly that we don't have to play McLeod. Could be a long time before we see him again.

This is an important game and no mistake. Another team from the West awaits on Tuesday and these are games we must win to push on with our quest for promotion.

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 15 November 2009

Every ( Lack Of A ) McLeod Has A Silver Lining !

At last my optimism was not misplaced and we were rewarded with a win and a fine performance. Goals a plenty and there could have been more and from both teams too !

I enjoyed a splendid day with pre-match beers in the Market Porter near London Bridge. Some lovely beers on offer there.

Akpo duly joined his brother and it seems like another pair of brothers they know how to win. Perhaps the only difference is that Sam and Akpo do it with style ! It's great that we now have some options up front, not least being able to leave out you know who even when he is available. Can't see a way back for him at present.

Mooney was great and let's hope we can keep him beyond the beginning of December although if you're the Reading manager you'd be tempted to bring him back. He's a bit like Darren Bent and seems unlucky with the offisdes given against him. I'm far from convinced that the lino got those all correct yesterday !

I was pleased to see Bailey move inside and would like to see him stay there. For me he was the man of the match just shading it from Sodje S. To be honest everyone had a good game.

All credit to Parky who had been getting a lot of flack. It's now that he needs to prove his worth and he certainly did that yesterday.

The only downside was the injury to Richardson. Let's hope that clears up during the week.

Expectations are now high ahead of the trip to Yeovil. The lads need to follow up with a convincing win there next week.

Friday 13 November 2009

Blow Football

Forecasts suggest that it could be a tad windy at The Valley tomorrow. Blimey how did they know I'm having a curry tonight ? That could make tomorrow's game a bit of a lottery.......will that work in our favour ? Let's hope so !

There is a temptation to say........." blow football " given the Addicks recent results but hey, come on.......let's get behind the boys and make some noise !

Whilst Wednesday's performance was not great, there was some cause for optimism. Mooney did well and McKenzie scored in what was a decent cameo from him. I wouldn't mind seeing those two up front tomorrow.

Sodje returns to the defence ( will he soon by joined in the team by Akpo I wonder ? ). I assume that Randolph will be given the nod over Ikeme although there's not much to choose between the two. All Randolph's fine efforts on Sunday were undone with the goal which was a shame whilst Ikeme flapped at an early cross and should have done better for the second goal.

Strangley I'm feeling optimistic about tomorrow and I've no idea why. Let's hope it's not misplaced. A win, allied to a good display, would do wonders for confidence and morale.

Come On You Reds !

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Paintron Saint !

Amazing, being in the third tier and involved in some obscure cup competitions really does reveal a lot of things you never knew before. It appears that St Johnstone is the protecting saint of the paint world ! Just putting the words Saints, Johnstone and Paints into google revealed this little known fact. Such was the success of these emulsions that a football club was named in his honour ! The most popular line is the tartan variety closely followed by their stripey paint although both are rarely seen these days !

That could be the most interesting thing to emerge from tonight's encounter on the south coast. I'll be watching of course despite expecting our boys to lose given our current form and Southampton's.

We will be without McLeod of gloss over that. Would he have scored ? Well let's just say I wouldn't have put my shirt on it.........come to think of it, neither would he !

I'm really not fussed about this trophy, however, feel that a good performance is needed to offer some hope for the weekend fixture against the Dons. I think it's the best we can hope for. Hopefully Mooney will do well enough to get a start on Saturday.

Come On You Reds !

Monday 9 November 2009

I'm Sorry But No Way Did They Deserve To Go Through To The Next Round !

An unbelievable turn of events saw John and Edward through to the next round ! Has the world gone mad ? What was Simon Cowell thinking of ? What a strange selection ! They were way off target with a performance that was well below par. They've managed to elbow an opponent out of the running !

I understand they're performing live from Southampton on Wednesday !

The shame ! The embarrassment ! I don't know if I can ever watch it again !

Thursday 5 November 2009

Can The Coach Take The Strain ?

Yes, the coach will be under pressure as Charlton's nationwide tv tour starts this weekend. The lads are travelling the length of the country. It'd be a shame if they retruned to S.E. 7 with nothing to show for it. That won't happen of course will it !

Two televised cup matches offer us the opportunity to watch the fun from our own sitting rooms. I'll not be off to Northwich or Southampton. Sadly, finances and commitments dictate otherwise. At least I can still see them and let's face it, it's not a bad time to miss games !

Following a busy week I'm not aware if Mooney is allowed to play on Sunday or not. I hope he is or else it's left to McLeod to see if he score at non-league level.........God help us !

All in all a chance for a few squad players to come to the fore. I'm really not fussed about the paint thingy but would like to see us progress in the F.A. cup so let's hope for a convincing win that restores some confidence ahead of the all important M.K.Dons clash.

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 1 November 2009

Carlisle Best

Cricketer Carlisle Best - he's probably more likely to score a goal than our strikers !

That should read be Carlisle Better to be grammatically correct but you get my point which is more than our boys managed yesterday. It sounded like an apt timed horror show for Halloween.

One thing I've learned in recent weeks is that you can never second guess Parky. I felt sure that Shelvey would be restored to the starting line up. Sadly this wasn't the case. Blind faith or optimism saw McLeod retain his starting berth. Sadly all to no avail. Clearly he's not up to starting and should, at best, come off the bench if needed.

I think we'll draw a veil over this game as there doesn't seem to be anything good to have come from it.

Parky now has the opportunity of two cup games to try something different. That for me should mean a return for Shelvey with Mooney playing in the lone striker role. This should be tried in the FA cup match at least. I don't care about the JP trophy other than the shame of being beaten by a team that Pardew manages.

Much as we've been bitten by loanees before I'd like to see Parky get at least one more loan striker in if he can. Not least because Burton needs an op and McLeod is a booking away from a ban.

It's not quite a crisis yet but we need to rediscover the form from earlier in the season. The next league match, against the Dons, is going to be of vital imortance.