Monday 28 September 2009

Tonight Matthew I'm Going To Be Michael McIntyre !

Tomorrow night sees us playing away against the U's and a certain lookey-likey ! Let's hope it's the Addicks laughing at the end of the evening.
Sadly I can't go tomorrow. I shall be listening to the radio and checking on t'internet for latest updates.
A real test tomorrow. Let's hope we give it a good go. Ideally Semedo will return to the midfield. It must be tempting to play Sodje as we know Llera's suspension is looming. Having managed to go one game without a booking it can't last much longer can it ! That Sodje will be missing in a couple of weeks time all adds to the dilemma.
Hopefully a decent and hard working performance will see us bring home the bacon. As ever it's odds on that Lisbie will score.
Assuming Semedo is fit then you can expect the eleven that have started all league games this season bar Saturday's.
In some ways this is a bigger game than Saturday's. A win tomorrow slightly eases the pressure ahead of the weekend, especially if other results go our way.

Sunday 27 September 2009

Melodic Laze

Regular readers will know of my dislike for the Addams Family song. A view shared by many I know. Therefore, I was not best pleased when I noticed Uncle Fester look alike Rob Edwards ( aged 103 ) at the heart of the Grecians defence beleiving this would give rise to it !
Happily though my fears came to nowt. Renditions of the infamous song were like Fleetwood attempts on goal.........feeble. One early in the first half and one in the second. They never got off the ground. Perhaps the warnings before both halves had the desired effect. Let's hope so.
Warm up gave rise to concern for there was no Semedo. This meant a change to the line up just when we'd got to being able to recite the starting eleven a la the firemen from Trumpton.........Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb ( honourable mention to Captain Flack ) !
I felt that this would mean Bailey moving to the centre and Basey in at left back ( with Youga moving forward ) or left midfield. Strangley Spring came into the middle and Bailey retained the left side. Spring was to slowly impose himself on the game and ultimately did quite well.
The Addicks started well and displayed the good passing and movement of recent weeks. Sadly no end product though and there were a couple of scares from the Devon boys. It was finally the skipper who broke the deadlock in what was a vastly improved performance. I'd backed him to score the game before. If that's how it works then I predict a Bailey hat-trick against Colchester !
The second half saw more nice football from the home side but again nothing to show. Racon blazed a volley over the bar. If only he elected to place it.......the goal was largely at his mercy.
Parkinson for once made, for him, an early substitution with Mcleod on for Burton after 70 minutes and later Wagstaff on for Racon before a late Sodje appearance replacing Shelvey. Mcleod duly scored 3 minutes remaining. At the time I thought it was a straight forward effort but to be fair he did put it away quite well. Shame he didn't keep his shirt........always a daft booking that one.
Still time though for a late Exeter goal from Beti Bassett or some such after an Elliott fumble. A scuffle with Rob Elliot saw Troy Archibald-Henville become only the second booking of the day. Clearly the ref had been saving the ink for this one. " There's only one Troy Archibald-Henville " ah just rolls off the tongue eh !
Just time for a trademark Sodje header to make the day complete.
How to view this one then. Well I'm sure we'll play better and lose, we're still top two, so let's just enjoy the melodic laze courtesy of Izale McLeod !

Thursday 24 September 2009

You Think You're Disappointed - Exeter Preview

Fleetwood is apparently disappointed he's not able to play this Saturday. Not as much as me ! Never been remotely impressed by him. When we beat Ebbsfleet 6 - 0 in last year's pre-season he was one of the few not to score and had a totally forgettable game. Had he played on Saturday I assume we could have expected more of the same. 

Despite Exeter having one of the biggest names in football this is a game we should win. Unlike last week I shall be very upset if we don't.

I'm not expecting Parky to make any changes but that's not to say he shouldn't do so. Bailey had a poor game last week, probably down to the pressure of me predicting that he'd score ! His passing was woeful and his kicking out at Holt nearly resulted in an enforced lay off. I realise he's playing out of position but even so I expect better from him.

Whilst we all acknowledge Shelvey's ability and potential he has appeared to be struggling fitness wise in the last couple of weeks. He was shot to pieces early in the second half at Norwich.

May be time to give Basey or Holden a go and play a second striker. However, as I said I can't see Parky making one change let alone two.

Parky's unwillingness to make subs in the last couple of games has been a concern. Against Saints I felt that we needed fresh legs with about 20 minutes to go and at Norwich I'd have got Sodje on to shore up a defence that had been fire fighting throughout the second half.

 Not sure if he'll be in the Exeter squad but it'd be good to see a cameo from Marcus Stewart. A once quality striker who I guess still has something to offer.

I understand that the club may publish a request in the programme for no singing of the Addams Family song. If so, let's hope this is heeded. Three points and some more cerebal songs would make it a good day.

Monday 21 September 2009


What was by and large a thoroughly good away day on Saturday was spoilt by a few idiots purporting to be Charlton fans and members of the human race. Never mind the late goal from Norwich I was more disappointed, ashamed and embarrassed by and for the protagonists.
The Drinking During The Game blog has mentioned it and I agree what's been written. A small number decided it'd be really good to give it large to Norwich fans in a mainly family stand. They weren't watching the game and looked even more silly when the goal went in.
The Addams Family song is as old as the hills. It's never been funny or clever. Obviously someone thinks it is humourous and if it's funny once then it's funny a thousand times. Not it's not my friends !
That some fans routinely sing it at every game is humiliating. Given that it's more than a few singing it then we've a real problem that needs addressing because I think it's even more shameful at home. Is this really the best we can do ?
It was sung very aggressively on Saturday along with an hilarious re-wording of a Wurzels tune. I bet the good folk of Norwich haven't heard that before............well done lads !
Sadly it wasn't just a few adolescents incapable of finding their backside with both hands. There were some who should at their age know better.
I don't want to be associated with people like that and it makes me wonder about going to away games. I'm aware that a similar situation occured at Southampton away last season. Charlton doesn't need or want them and it needs to do something to root them out. I can't think it's that difficult to do in this day and age.

Sunday 20 September 2009


That's how I felt after a controversial last minute goal saw us drop two points and surrender top spot to Leeds.

The day started well with a pretty good drive to Norwich aided by listening to the excellent Danny Baker and late summer sun. Danny Baker has the best anecdotes and manages to tease some quality ones from his listeners too.

Feeling very hungry it was tempting to stop at one of the many roadside cafes and food vans on the way. My favourite was the one owned by a gentleman called Carl. If that's your moniker and you sell burgers what else can you call it other than " Carlsburger " ! He's even gone to the trouble of copying the green writing and font of the lager.

Managing to resist the temptation my eldest son and I arrived in Norwich just before midday to park at County Hall where a number of Addicks had also parked up. We'd not got tickets so whisked off to the ground to secure those.

A pleasant walk in the sunshine led us to find a nice spot by the river to grab something to eat. Then off to the ground. What a great atmosphere there is at Norwich and a number of decent fans willing to chat about life in the third tier. Sadly, like a wedding cake it did all end in tiers....sorry !

 I was planning on treating myself to one of Delia's pies but after having had lunch didn't have room.

Prior to kick off the teams were announced but what for must have been reasons of national security our subs were not announced. Good job then that we'd worked out who they were from the warm up.

A nice touch saw the mascots of both sides introduced and allowed to run, in varying fashion, to the centre circle to lap up some appluase.

Pre-match saw a number of folk in costumes..........I understood the canary but the racoon and the cat ? A shame that their number wasn't matched by ballboys. There seemed only to be 2 on duty !

We took the lead from a well placed Burton header against the run of play to be honest. An excellent Sam cross saw Shelvey match that with a deft header.

Quick thinking from Norwich and sloppy defending from us saw the canaries grab a lifeline just before the break. Queue celebrations and music. Why is it that clubs feel the need to play music when their team score ? It isn't ice hockey for God's sake ! Someone should ban it !

Half time came and it was a pleasure to meet Ketts from the DoctorKish website. We were both a bit concerned about the late Norwich goal and how right we were.

The second period was mostly about us defending. We squandered a couple of good chances to put the game to bed. I felt we'd hold on as the clock ticked away but then came the late, late equaliser.

I was deflated and it seemed like a loss. That feeling wasn't helped by the idiots around me who decided to pick a fight with Norwich fans. That really got me down........more of that tomorrow perhaps.

Commentary of the West Ham game on 5Live meant listening to Stan Collymore on the way home.....and I thought it couldn't get worse !

I'd have taken a point before kick off. Let's hope we can get to winning ways next at home next Saturday.

Friday 18 September 2009

Canaries Away

Charlton head off to East Anglia tomorrow for what was once the Robins versus the Canaries. Add Alan Partridge to the flights of fancy and there's a real ornithological feel to the game.
If we're lucky we might catch a glimpse of another old game bird or game old bird..........Delia. She's been rather less spotted in recent seasons following her sherry fuelled half time cheerleading act. Best stay behind the scenes Delia, probably in the kitchen would be ideal.

This is my first visit to Carrow Road since the Mendonca hat-trick of about 10 years ago. I think Phil Chapple also scored in a 4 or 5-1 win I believe. What a night ! I recall that I enjoyed 2 pre-match pasties that evening.

Not expecting a similar result tomorrow, score wise I mean, not pasties, probably do 3 of them tomorrow ! Think we're in for a tough game following their loss to MK Dons on Monday. They'll be smarting a bit from that. I'd happily take a draw as a point away is fair enough for me.

I note that McKenzie is likely to be on the bench and if so, I hope he gets a few minutes on the pitch.
We have enjoyed some good times at Norwich and let's hope that continues tomorrow. I'm not into predicting scores, however, will suggest that Bailey is due a goal and will back him to get one tomorrow.
Come on you reds !

Sunday 13 September 2009

Saints and Sinners

The Addicks just failed to get their seventh straight win courtesy of the Saints and the sinners. The sinners of course were the inappropriately named ref and the east stand lino. Incompetence personified. I could write forever on their performances but won't, let's just hope we don't see them again this season.
What then of Pardew ? Well, he set up his team to time waste and be as physical as they could and the officials would allow. The first half saw numerous nasty and cynical fouls from the Saints that almost entirely went unpunished. One assumed that the ref had left the yellow card in his dressing room.
If you were a Saints fan then you'd not be too impressed with the style of football offered up. Neither would you be pleased that it took two or three real scares before he decided to send Jaidi on and only give Papa what's his face only four minutes. None of this is a surprise to us Addicks fans who suffered months of the same.
What then of Parky ? Overall pretty good as he obviously shook the team up at half time following a pretty insipid first half display. That we didn't win was largely due to the officials, however, we were profligate in front of goal. Bailey in particular springs to mind with his chance, overall not one of Nicky's better games. A shame that Youga's effort didn't sneak in off the inside of the post.
I was dissappointed that we didn't send McLeod on for the last ten minutes. I don't rate him much but his pace might have fashioned a chance as it did the week before.
I'd like to have seen Sam swap to the left, if only for a while, to have a go at Thomas and the hapless Trotman. In addition, we know that Llera is good at free kicks and I'd like to have seen him have a go.
Still, much to be pleased about and we managed to stand up to the physical stuff and with a better ref ( did I mention that ? ) would have been able to be more fluent.
We have a long wait for our trip to St Mary's, however, when we do go I don't expect Pardew to be there. " Mutual consent " may well come before Christmas........and they say lightening never strikes twice !

Thursday 10 September 2009

SAP returns

This Saturday sees SAP, once aka Super Alan Pardew, return in the guise of Southampton's manager. Following his departure the only SAPs left were us fans and the board who believed the man was going to be good for our club.

After Les Reed's brief tenure it's fair to say that Mr Pardew seemed the best man for the job given his previous allegiance to the club and having done an excellent job at Reading and a reasonable one at West Ham. I don't think too many could justifiably blame for relegation from the Premiership.

However, what followed what a catalogue of disasters. For me this culminated in the Blackpool away game. Words to the effect of " come and support the lads, have a great weekend away " etc. Well although the Pleasure Beach was closed, I still felt we'd been taken for a ride. Sadly not a rollercoaster one though as they go up too ! There was to be no upside with Mr Pardew.

His overuse of loan players was incredible. Having more than you could even get on the bench defies belief. Who sanctioned that I wonder ? ( spot the rhetorical question ! ). At least having got our fingers burned in that area and others, we seem to have learned some lessons.

He left with a fat payoff which for me was the most insulting part of his departure. He should have resigned and gone away with a lesser sum. He didn't despite, I assume, knowing full well the financial problems of our club.

Despite their lowly position and Mr Pardew's stewardship, this always promised to be a difficult game. Southampton have now been able to add Rhadi Jaidi and Papa Waigo N'Diaye, the latter rumoured to be quite useful. This makes our task a little harder.

I'm no Nostradamus but I'd venture to suggest that, barring injuries, we will field the same starting eleven as in the previous six league outings.

Hopefully we'll witness the same quality football of that from recent weeks. I believe we'll need a three goal cushion for most of the game to feel comfortable.

I'd be happy with at least four points from the next two games. If I could chose where three of them would come from then it's definitely this Saturday.

It's fair to say that Mr Pardew can expect a less than friendly welcome from the majority of the home fans this weekend. Hopefully it will be like old times for the fella come Saturday evening as he departs the Valley..........a loss and heading home worrying about whether he'll still be in a job come Monday morning !

Sunday 6 September 2009

The Joy of Six

An impressive display saw the Addicks swot away the Bees to make it six wins from six games. The main lesson from the game was that whilst you can make a plane out of bread, you can't make a defender out of Wood !
The passing was indeed straight from the top drawer ( Gary Haines please note ! Sometimes even spellchecker isn't enough ! ).
It was pleasing to see patient build up play allied to good movement......can I really be writing this about a Charlton team ? Like most, I think sterner tests are ahead of us but you can't argue with the performances and clean sheets that suggest we ain't too bad.
The team is actually playing like one. My one concern at present is Llera who is prone to the occasional mistake but hopefully a few words of wisdom from Mr Dailly is helping him. The absence of loanees, Luke Holden aside, is making a difference. We've got players who want to be there and Shelvey's contract extension adds to that.
Good to see Messrs Minto and Kielly at the Valley and I had the pleasure of listening to them when I got home having recorded the game.
Here's to next week and hopefully we can put one over the hapless Mr Pardew whose side failed to beat a team with 10 men for the majority of the game.