Thursday 15 November 2012

Who'd Have Thought It ?

T' Ted Heath, sans flat cap, a famous Burnley fan apparently. His lad, Adrian, played for the Clarets in the early 90's.

Well I never, how about that ! Seems old Ted was a Burnley fan, silly me should have guessed by the northern working class accent and with his constituency being so close Turf Moor 'n' all. 

Seems Anna Ford is too, again the strong Lancashire accent is a dead giveaway ! We all know about Alistair Campbell ( obnoxious bu**er ) and John Kettley of course

Since I'm doing interesting facts, no really........for me this is interesting let's be honest ! It appears that Burnley have been football league champions twice They and won the FA Cup once as do all quality teams. They are one of only three sides to have won all top four professional divisions of English football. PNE and Wolves being the other two.

The Clarets also reached the quarter-finals of the European Cup in 1961 and not a lot of people know that ! Maybe they did but it's not the Anglo-Italian cup is it ? 

New manager Sean Dyche has just replaced one-time Charlton prospect Eddie Howe. The former Watford manager has a bit to prove and I think he will in time. He wasn't well treated by the Watford owners who somewhat foolishly have invested in all things Italian........well not all things perhaps......they're not fu**ing nuts !

Charlie Austin is banging the goals in for them and will be their main threat. Hopefully Morrison and a returning Cort will keep him and the rest of the Clarets quiet.

Sunday's win at Bristol City may have escaped the attention of Radio 5 Live where it didn't get a mention on their sports bulletins nor the Premiership obsessed 606........yes, of course Alan Green you want to hear from fans of all divisions just so long as they're in the top flight and haven't been at the game or perhaps ever visited the ground of the team they profess to love. 

" We've got John from Cornwall on the line, come in John ". 
" Yeah, hello Alan er I'm a first time caller and Man U fan..." 
" Welcome John and hey, don't be nervous, you can't be a bigger tit than me ! ". 
" I couldn't get to Old Trafford today........."

Sir Chris and the lads have been terrific in the last two games and what a response following the misery that most of us felt after the Boro game. SCP is learning fast and is now starting to make more right decisions than wrong. Whether he's had some good advice from some quarters is or just had a good think on his own is not clear, however, the boy's doing good !

I'd love to see Fuller start on Saturday but am guessing the Boss will stick with the majority of those that have served him so well over the last two fixtures and you can't blame him. It'll be a tough game but if we can maintain our drive and commitment of recent times then maybe we can come away with something. A draw would be good and all 3 points would be even better of course.

Good luck and well done to all those going to cheers the boys on. Have a great day and make sure you look out for some more of those closet celeb Burnley fans !

Come On You Reds !

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