Friday 29 October 2021

Give It Up For Johnnie!

For the first time in quite a while I am really, really looking forward to a Saturday at The Valley.

I’m sure that Johnnie Jackson will receive a fantastic reception and in turn, hopefully that’ll translate in to another fine performance on the pitch.

To date, last Saturday aside, the football has been dire and however a nice a man as Adkins may be, one has to accept that he wasn’t up to the task. I don’t think it was all his fault but his team and game management was awful.

The atmosphere tomorrow should be great and it’d be wonderful if there’s plenty to cheer about. We ought to fancy our chances against a struggling Donny side and one that played midweek when we didn’t.

Should we emerge with the 3 points, let’s hope the Rovers manager is a tad more gracious than the odious Lee Johnson. I’m sure it’s much to his disappointment (and seemingly a number of misguided Sunderland fans) that Stockley is available to play!

Donny haven’t won on the road in the league this season and that ought to give further confidence in the Addicks achieving a home win.

The injury to Sam Lavelle and he’ll be a big miss. I hope he has a speedy recovery and to see him back on the pitch soon following his op.

One assumes that Pearce replacing him will be the only change from the eleven that performed so magnificently last Saturday.

Getting the 3 points is the most important thing tomorrow of course but a decent display and a convincing win would be great too. We don’t want much eh?

That would be marvellous though and it would mean that can truly start to enjoy our football again.

Come On You Reds!

Monday 25 October 2021

Here's Johnnie!


Well, that didn’t go too badly did it? 

In keeping with former players doing pretty well at CAFC managers Johnnie is off to a good start. That showing suggests that Jackson and Euell weren’t part of the problem.

How on earth did he do that? Well, as Bowyer always says football’s a simple game. Jackson avoided overloading the players with info and filling their heads with mush. 

One suspects the players appreciated this clear approach as it would seem to be in contrast with Adkins messages which clearly didn’t get understood.

My desire pre-match was for a performance never mind the result. We needed to see if this group of players have the hunger and desire to play for Jackson and the club. Based on Saturday’s display the answer at present is a resounding yes.

Opting for what appears to be a slightly fluid 1-3-5-2 (never understood why keeper gets left out of formations!)  we apparently looked more solid defensively. We weren’t so exposed down the flanks where our full backs have been tragically exposed by a lack of protection and support from whoever was in front of them.

Playing the two up front was equally important. It was clear weeks ago that one up front doesn’t work with the players we have nor the system we were trying to implement it with.

Johnnie was able to re-ignite the passion within the team and they were more hungry and up for it than probably at any time this season.

One hopes that this is the start of a good run. I still feel it’s too late for us to get into the play-offs but the team has to give it a go no matter how improbable that seems.

Post-match and the odious Lee Johnson was as gracious in defeat as ever. The claim that Stockley delivered a head-butt on Flanagan is ludicrous. Sadly, Clinton Morrison on Quest foolishly agreed. Poor Clinton had the benefit of seeing the video and that makes his comments even more laughable.

A number of Sunderland fans are of the view that in no way was that a head-butt. Anyway we’ll leave Johnson to wallow in his own misery.

For now we can celebrate a great start to Jackson’s tenure as manager. Long may it continue and move to a permanent role asap.

Now I can look forward to Saturday’s trip to The Valley with more excitement and passion than at any time this season.  

Friday 22 October 2021

Johnnie Jackson's Red and White Army!

Following a lengthy delay, Nigel Adkins was finally removed as Charlton manager yesterday. I believe that should have happened at least 4 weeks ago.

The unnecessary delay has only worsened our position. Save for the relegation fight, we’re now in our season is effectively over no matter how optimistically the owner tried to spin things yesterday.

Thomas ought to examine how he came to appoint Adkins in the first place. Whoever pointed him in his direction let him down badly. Nigel wasn’t on anyone’s radar except perhaps Ged Roddy’s.

As nice a bloke as he may be Adkins didn’t seem to have a clue. He had no idea as to his preferred starting eleven and was incapable of getting across whatever game plan he sought to implement.

I note on Talksport that Thomas said he would be in dialogue with some prominent figures who have a history with the club. We have to hope that he means the likes of Curbs, Peter Varney to name but two.

I assume it’s too much to hope that Roddy will follow Adkins out the door. If I were Thomas I’d have to review what he has brought to the club.

Ged has been remarkably quiet despite our continued fall down the league, awful results and performances. It’s quite incredible that we’ve heard nothing from him, one zoom meeting aside, when he basically answered questions on the transfer process with the support of Steve Gallen.

Where does Roddy’s responsibility start and end? I ask that because worryingly, simply removing the manager isn’t going to right all the wrongs that we’re experiencing at present.

The lack of fitness, fight and aggression that Thomas spoke about yesterday can’t all be down to Adkins as much as the players clearly didn’t believe in him.

I note that Sandgaard chose to highlight the poor results that led to Adkins’ departure. That’s true but he really ought to have mentioned the absolutely awful football that accompanied them.

I’ve seen a lot of dross at The Valley over the years but under Nigel I’ve witnessed some of, if not the worst.

A number of serious issues need to be addressed. The appointment of Jackson supported by Euell is the first step to addressing the decline.

I’m backing the pair to do well. They need to be given a decent amount of time to sort things out and establish themselves.

I would have given the job to Jackson when Adkins go it. I believe he’s been ready for some time. The doubters point to a lack of experience. No one is ever going to get that if they don’t get given the chance.

We can look at Chris Powell, Bowyer, Nathan Jones etc. as examples of Charlton folk who had no previous before becoming managers. All of them went on to do well albeit that in the case of Jones it is outside of our club.  

I’m aware that some fans are attributing blame to Jackson for the bad results and displays. One can’t escape the fact that he was assistant manager and we assume had some say but one has to wonder how much input he had.

I got the impression that Jackson was being sidelined a great deal of the time. He was much more prominent when Bowyer was manager. I suspect from his comments yesterday that he wasn’t impressed with Adkins approach. Thankfully, he now has the opportunity to do his own thing.

I’m expecting that we will see much better football now and hopefully in turn, results. That must happen.

There could hardly be a tougher start to his reign as Charlton manager. However, given the opposition he shouldn’t he any trouble in getting the players up for it.

The fans love for Jackson and his status as a club legend is already established. If he can be an equally good manager as he was player and captain then he will surely take that even further!

Let’s hope Jackson and the boys get off to a good start tomorrow.

Come On You Reds!




Wednesday 20 October 2021

Deeper Into The Abyss!

The downward spiral shows no sign of abating and that’s no surprise if we’re going to leave Adkins in charge.

With each passing game and indeed day matters on the pitch get worse but still nothing seems to happen.

For God’s sake, Sandgaard saw for himself at first hand just how awful things are. I’m annoyed that I’m paying the top price in League One for my seat. He has paid an awful lot more for the “privilege” of enduring last night’s garbage!

Maybe he needs to visit more often to truly appreciate how depressing it all is!

I would have removed Adkins at least 6 weeks ago as the writing was on the wall even then. I may have been in a minority then but I’m sure as hell not now!

The message from the fans last night was loud and clear! I now get the feeling that Adkins will still be in charge on Saturday. Arghh!!

This totally beggars belief and Thomas is losing any hard won goodwill at a rate of knots!

He would do well to seek counsel from those with long standing connections with club. Last night was the perfect opportunity to speak to the likes of Curbs, Steve Sutherland etc. If he didn’t do that, then to put it mildly, it’s a shame.

I note that Shoddy Roddy was sat close by, oh dear! I fear our Ged is the one who is not telling it like it is to save his own job never mind that of the manager.

I suspect that Roddy had a part in Bowyer’s departure. A manager, many times more capable than Adkins.

The silence from Roddy (although I don’t really care what he has to say) is shocking. The silence from Thomas is even worse.

Sandgaard loves using social media but not when it’s crunch time apparently. He needs to come out say how he sees us getting out of this mess. He needs to justify both Adkins and Roddy staying in their positions.

Here we are again and fans aren’t commenting on the football much anymore just the desire to remove at least Adkins.  

There’s little point in me telling you what you already know about the latest spineless display.

We were lucky ( it’s the fine margins you know!) not to go in 2-0 down and a player light at half time yesterday.

Adkins will refer to the 10 minutes where we showed some intent. I make that about 30 to 40 minutes from the last few games where we’ve looked ok. Wow!

Adkins tells us he’s a good man. Really? If so, then do the honourable thing and go. He won’t of course because he’s waiting to be handsomely rewarded for doing such an awful job.

Seeing as this is likely to be his last managerial job then perhaps we can’t blame him to an extent.

This makes me sick to the core and I never thought Sandgaard would be so misguided. Loyalty is great at times but not when it is so misplaced as this.

I simply have no idea what the tipping point is for Sandgaard nor just how far we have to fall.

What a sad state of affairs!

Monday 18 October 2021

The Decline Continues

Another Monday morning where I hoped I’d be writing a few words about Adkins short tenure in charge of our team. Another Monday morning when again his sacking hasn’t happened!

Now I’m not sure what he’s got to do to get the boot.

Twelve games into the season and it’s effectively over. We haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting into a play-off. The best we can hope for is avoiding relegation.

A depressing state of affairs for all Addicks especially when a number of fans are paying some of the top prices in the league.

To date we have been rewarded with some of the worst football we’ve ever seen. In nearly 60 years of supporting Charlton I’ve seen some dross so that puts it all into perspective!

I did fear that the win over Fleetwood would just be papering over the cracks and so it proved. Adkins had two weeks to work with the vast majority of his squad. It would appear to be wasted time.

I, like many, was of the view that Adkins should have gone some weeks ago as he was slowly being exposed by poor tactics, team selection and total lack of game plan.

The excuses have rolled off his tongue at an increasing rate as he has looked more and more desperate. Against the back drop of poor performances and results he keeps telling us how it’s all going in training.

Ahead of Saturday’s game he told us that the squad was now at a good level of fitness. At a stroke he removed one of the last excuses he has! Incredibly, a number of players put paid to that as they were struggling to complete the ninety!

All in all there are some serious questions and issues to be answered and resolved by Thomas.

  1. Why on earth is Adkins still in charge?
  2. How many games has he got to lose or how low do we go before he is sacked?
  3. When will the club employ a CEO?
  4. What is the future for Ged Roddy for whom there’s little evidence that he has added anything positive to our club?
  5. On the pitch we are in the worst position in living memory. When will you pass comment on that?

 Sandgaard needs to say something even if it’s to state Nigel isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’d like to know why not if that is the case.

 It’s a mess but no one is saying anything. Not even the director of football or whatever it is that the position that Roddy holds.

 I stated what I thought needed to happen about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It’s all very simple.

Sack Adkins and Roddy.

Install Jackson and Euell at least on a temporary basis.

Install Curbs as director of football.

Get a CEO preferably Peter Varney.

That would go a long way to righting the mistakes that have been. Thomas can be forgiven that given how new he is to football club ownership.

The key thing about making mistakes is to learn from them. Let’s hope Thomas is about to do just that.

Friday 15 October 2021

Crunch Time!

Saturday sees The Addicks attempt to secure back to back league wins for the first time this season.

Nigel tells us that all is now good fitness wise with the players. In addition, he’s had another decent period of time to work with the majority of the squad. If we don’t see a reasonably competent performance from the team tomorrow then it will be very worrying.

As it stands the club faces an uphill battle to get anywhere near the play-offs and it’s somewhat depressing to think that the season is largely over. We’re left with at a minimum avoiding a relegation battle and at best finishing as high as we can in the league.

I know clubs like Oxford reached the play offs last season with a similar, if indeed, maybe worse start than us. However, the league is stronger now and teams such as Ipswich are, one expected, finding their feet to make it even harder!

Sadly, this week Ronnie Schwartz and the club parted company it what would appear to the best resolution to his situation. He would undoubtedly been a decent performer at this level but circumstance have conspired against him and the team.

I don’t profess to know the ins and outs of Ronnie’s situation but clearly something wasn’t right. Whether that was down to a lack of due diligence on anyone’s part isn’t clear but seems likely.

Anyway, I wish him and his family all the best for the future.

Back to our upcoming games and the team faces a tough week. After Lincoln we face Accrington at home and Sunderland away.

That some fans feel they’d be pleased with a return of 4 points from these 3 games speaks volumes about our current situation.

Lincoln’s recent home form hasn’t been good and we ought to feel confident about getting 3 points.

The club is managed by Michael Appleton. You may remember him from such clubs as WBA, Portsmouth, Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Oxford Utd and Leicester City.

Appleton is often humorously linked with any managerial vacancy and looking at the list and his managerial history it’s not hard to see why!

Now is crunch time for Adkins. He must deliver decent performances and evidence that the team is behind him. In addition, he needs to drop the silly number of changes we’ve seen of late and give us the settled side he allegedly is seeking.

I feel there is no hiding place now. The manager has a decent squad that is fit and presumably well drilled. It’s now or never and if it turns out to be never then Nigel simply has to go.

Good luck to everyone travelling up to Lincoln. I hope your loyalty is rewarded with a decent win!

Come On You Reds!

Friday 8 October 2021

DJ in PJ

A much changed (what’s new!) Charlton side ran out 4-1 winners over the Saints U21s on Tuesday evening. Even DJ made an appearance!

It says something about the depth of our squad now that we have been able (and indeed willing) to put out relatively strong sides in a competition that is largely regarded as an inconvenience. At the very least it enables players to get in “some fitness” and we know Nigel likes that!

It was refreshing to see Johnnie Jackson emerge from the shadows. I found his post-match comments a most refreshing change from the fitness references and how well it’s all been going in training blah! blah! blah!

He was straight and to the point. I have wondered for a few weeks why Adkins apparently hadn’t allowed Jacko to speak to the media. I, for one, can relate to him much more easily and readily.

The assistant manager spoke of the hurt he’d experienced from the poor start to the season. As ever he was both eloquent and passionate. He fills you with pride and confidence.

Some fans still have reservations about him becoming our manager. I’ve no idea why. The man is so ready and capable. I really hope that he doesn’t end up being an opportunity missed. That would be criminal!

As for the game itself, it would appear to be a comfortable win and goals for Stockley and a number of good performances albeit against an U21 side that don’t appear to be all that can only help can only help.

Adkins has an international break now only missing one realistic first team player as far as I can see. On that basis he has no excuse if he can’t get across his message as to how he wants the team to play.

Upon return to league action we should witness better football and the settled side that Nigel is apparently so keen on as there are no excuses. If not, then the game really is up and he must go.

Monday 4 October 2021

A Win At Last!

 A win at last and an away one too! In addition, it would appear to be a decent performance.

Great reward for those hardy souls who made the considerable effort to travel to support the team.

The response from the players the players following the Fleetwood equaliser would seem to suggest that the players haven’t given up on Adkins just yet even if the majority of us have!

The win relieves some of the pressure on both players and manager alike.

Again post-match comments from Adkins remain somewhat odd. He continues to reference players fitness and the need for a settled. This after he made another 5 changes to the starting eleven.

Pre-match saw Steve Brown and Curbs infer they didn’t consider it was the way forward and clearly not something they would endorse.

However, the changes on this occasion worked albeit against a lowly and weakened Fleetwood side.

The international break hasn’t come at a great time (when does it ever!) but allows time to recharge bodies and perhaps work on fitness if this really is an issue.

Adkins has no excuse if, following this hiatus, he can’t get across his plans and tactics to this squad of not untalented players.

Let’s hope we can push on from here. The play-offs really look out of sight but one can at least hope that results and almost as importantly, performances can improve.

Friday 1 October 2021

No Reason To Be A Doubting Thomas

Well, Nigel is still here much to most people’s surprise. Boris has removed cabinet ministers quicker than this!

It’s such a horrible scenario at the moment and one that does no one any favours.

The strength of feeling one gets from forums, social media, Charlton Live etc. is that the overwhelming majority of fans think the manager should go.

This is now transferring to criticism of a number of players and to a degree towards the owner himself. That is a terrible shame.

There’s no reason for him to be a “ doubting Thomas “ as our numerous poor performances and league position attest.

Thomas has done so much in seeking to rectify the wrongs of the last few years and has put the foundations in place for a brighter future.

It is simply the short term plan that is failing. One can’t attribute too much blame to him in that respect.

At worst, he’s guilty of a bit of bravado and naivety. He would do well to seek counsel from experienced folk with close ties to the club. Ged Roddy has seemingly not offered anything constructive.

Sandgaard may feel removing Adkins is an admission of failure. It wouldn’t be and he is so much on credit with supporters that we see it for what it is, simply an appointment that hasn’t worked.

He won’t be the first or last owner/chairman to do that.

Thomas can quickly and easily rectify things. Firstly, remove the manager. He tried but it hasn’t worked and one of us can be sure as to exactly why but we could probably cite many reasons.

JJ and Euell can be offered a chance for an interim period. There’s little to be lost there.

Appoint an experienced CEO is a must. The lack of one is one of the reasons for issues on and off the pitch.

Further than that, if it were me I’d remove Roddy and get Curbs in.

Even further than that, I’d give authority regarding transfers and recruitment back to Gallen and whoever is manager. Of course, Thomas himself would retain a right to veto and sanction as one would expect.

I fear that none of these things will happen anytime soon and we will continue on our downward path. That is so damaging and if we’re not careful we may never fully recover from it.

We already have a situation where following Covid (and it’s not done yet of course) some fans have not returned. They may still be fearful or simply found something else to do on a Saturday. What we see on the pitch at present is doing little to lure them back is it?

The owner has big and tough decisions to make. As an experienced and successful businessman you’d expect him to make them.

There will come a time where it’ll be too late. Thomas simply has to act now!

Good luck to everyone travelling to Fleetwood tomorrow. You have my respect and admiration. I sincerely hope that you are rewarded with a win and also a good display. You deserve it.

Come On You Reds!