Thursday 18 October 2012


" Eeh it's right Parky ! " Well no, he's on the far left actually and seen here without his free Parker pen. If you look carefully you can see Kenny Lynch. Indeed kids, Kenny who ? All these years later and apart from being a mate of Jimmy Tarbuck and playing golf, no really knows what he did !

Saturday sees us play Barnsley or The Tykes as they're also known. I wonder if Sir Michael will make the trip over to the Valley ? With tickets at £5 a throw I'd have thought that enough to tempt Sir Michael Parsimonious.

Mike will not have too far to come if he does decide to venture across as, like all proud Yorkshiremen, he lives in Bray in Berkshire !

Most famous as a presenter of Film '85, SMP ( I'm milking it now ) is a Barnsley fan in case you were wondering what I'm waffling on about. I recall him saying some years ago that Charlton didn't deserve to be in the Premier league. Erm, I think we did. I'm not sure if he said the same thing when T'Barnsley got there...........may be not but hey, perhaps Barnsley have a better pedigree than us.

The current Barnsley side is presently managed by ex-Rochdale boss Keith Hill. The emphasis is on the presently as The Tykes have been through quite a few managers over the years including the one who sold Neil Redfearn to us. Most of us will recall that he cost us £1 million, ( quite a sum back in the day ) scored 3 times and proved to be something of a matter who he played for.

Present Barnsley players include Marlon Harewood, yes, he really is still around. He always flattered to deceive. In addition, after Al-Fayed, there's the only other Egyptian involved in football........Mido.  Yes, he really is still around. I wonder if he's any calmer these days ?

This is something of a reunion for our own Paul Hart who can claim to be one of the many former managers.

What of the Addicks ? I know some will feel I'm something of a Captain Mainwaring in not wanting Wilson to play but I do feel players should play where they play best and as I've said before that means Solly at right back. Evina should start and especially at home. The central pair pick themselves if fit. Midfield is Razak, Green, Stephens, Kerkar. Up front BWP and Ricardo. That just leaves Hamer in goal of course. Job done.

I doubt that is what we'll see but for what it's worth it's the line up I'd play although thankfully I'm not the boss of course. I may disagree with Sir Chris on line ups and the timings of his substitutions but I remain as much in love with the guy as the next man. Whatever the future holds it can only be good if he's at the managerial helm and it looks like we're sailing through troubled waters.

Whatever the ins and outs of Rick Everitt's dismissal ( and I'm sure we'll come to learn more in the fullness of time ) no one can ever take away his place in Charlton history. Most of us would be proud to have achieved one iota of what he has for CAFC and its supporters. Cheers Rick and best wishes for the future !

Perhaps the silver lining out of the whole episode is the potential return of Voice of the Valley. You can have all the blogs and twitter accounts you like but you can't beat a good fanzine, especially one as iconic as VOTV. What a vehicle it was for uniting fans and keeping us all informed of what was happening in those dark days of the eighties when one didn't know who was in charge, where the money was going to come or whether we'd still have a club to support. Thankfully we live in different times of course............!!!

Returning to matters on the pitch and let's hope that we can make Yorkshire puddings of the Tykes before we tackle another team from that county in the shape of Leeds. A win and a draw in the next two games would be a very tasty gravy indeed !

Come On You Reds !

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