Wednesday 28 July 2010

Westward Ho !

A truly wonderful pint of beer especially when served in North Devon !

A very busy end to the school year meant me posting very little recently ( I can sense the collective sigh of relief ! ) save for a couple re the shambles that is the England football team. I was not greatly surprised as you may know by England's pathetic world cup showing nor at the various rumours following it. What a mess and the great disciplinarian that we are led to believe Capello is has spectactularly failed to address any issues before, during or after. In addition, the news that Paul Scholes was approached to play by a second in command no less just 2 days before the tournament started speaks volumes !

Never mind, time to focus on what really matters, and as you know nothing else does ! I managed to take in the friendly at Bedford the other night. Sadly, I failed to rendevous with Ketts as I got lured to the bar by the offer of a hen of the Speckled and alcoholic variety.

A couple of good and promising performances I thought and others not so. I really hope that Fortune is made an offer......he's more than good enough and is a true Charlton man after all.

Our need for strikers is blindingly obvious and please God don't let it be David Mooney ! I'm not sure who is available and that could be good enough but there must be someone out there. Words cannot express how delighted I was to see the departure of McLeod........what a mistake and a very costly one too !

My cricketing duties usually mean me missing the first couple of games but fortunately I have a free Saturday on 7th August so will be there to witness our start to the 2010-11 season.

Before that though I'm off on Friday for a cricket tour of North Devon. It's a truly wonderful part of the world where the people are so laid back and friendly. Superb scenery and pubs to match, I can't recommend it too highly. As you'd expect beer plays a large part in proceedings especially the aforementioned Doom Bar from nearby Cornwall.

Whilst the lads are toiling away at Vicarage Road on Saturday I'll be doing my best to lay bat on ball before retiring to the wonderful Bell Inn in Chittlehampton for a pint or several of quality ale. A week later and in less serene surroundings and I'll be fretting over another season of The Addicks.

Come On You Reds !