Sunday 15 May 2011

The Midas Touch

Gold, Makesnosense and Her
Soon to be appearing at the Olympic Stadium......" Faster, Higher, Stronger " ooooh matron !
All together now.... " we're forever blowing leads.........."
Karren Brady seen here with a pair of tits ( what's keeping them up ? Nothing now ! ) !

Suprisingly the above photo wasn't taken in soft focus as you might reasonably expect given our friends business backgrounds. Thank goodness they didn't take us over..........God knows where we'd be eh !

Karren Brady is often seen on telly giving astute and erudite advice to those Apprentice so ? Is it good business practice to sack someone without telling them, announce the new guy seemingly without his knowledge, have the incumbent make a great play of leaving, saying farewell to the fans only to do a complete 180 later on in the day ? It's a funny old game !

Even funnier is Hammers fans moaning about who should be manager now. Well most of us recall they didn't want Curbs because the footie wasn't attractive enough. Of course, overlook the fact that he did the almost impossible and kept them up a few years back. You'd rather be playing in the Championship than stay up and get some stability and build on it.

Pardon the pun but there's much irony surrounding West Ham. They play football the cultured way, always attractive they say. Of course, that's why the likes of Billy Bonds, Julian Dicks have cult status.

Misconception is there too...........we all know Defoe came out of their famous academy don't we children !

Relegation at the time of moving to a new stadium presents added headaches............I do so hope they'll be alright. Oh well, at least they're likely to retain Carlton Cole eh !

The past has finally caught up with them and they are now going down as they should have done following the Tevez saga. They got away with it but still messed up. Good to see their fans accept the drop with good grace though.......... " some advertising hoardings are on the pitch, they think it's all is now ! "

Meanwhile in the metropolis Darren Bent continued to show what a quality player he is. We'll never quite understand how he didn't make it to the last two world cups although clearly you need to be a complete knob to hold down an England place. Perhaps the overpaid, clueless Italian might sit up and take notice. Then again he might not and will continue to select players in his own likeness.....i.e. overpaid and clueless....
none of them able to speak a word of the Queen's either !