Wednesday 27 July 2016

Lanzarote To Bury !

Hola !

I´m taking time out from the pina coladas and sangrias as I interupt my holiday. I´ve also put down the biographies I was reading. Just finished Young Winstone ( Ray´s early life funnily enough and as he might say it´s a blinding read ) and now started on Danny Baker´s second volume.

I appreciate I´m a bit late on both but I´ve not had an opportunity to read them until now.

The weather here in Lanzarote is great and I´m getting nicely tanned much like our boys in many games last season !

There was an unwelcome guest in the bathroom last night, a massive cockroach. My attempts to get him merely resulted in him going into hiding in the shower....oh dear. Couldn´t find him however, I´m pleased to say that " Roland " ( well what else was he to be called ! ) was later found in a drawer. He was quickly captured and unceremoniously evicted with a glass and a bit of card..........if only it were that easy in S.E. 7 eh !

I note that were still severly lacking in numbers and in a bid to help Mr Slade I´m conducting a search for new squad members on the beach later. I´m calling it " Search for a Palaya " ! Geddit ! Oh well please yourselves !

Should anyone look like they remotely know what they´re doing I´ll get them off the airport a bit lively and on their way to Floyd Road !

I´ve not brought my mobile with me so when I get home I know they´ll be loads of goal alerts from the latest friendlies !

It’s certainly been a dramatic couple of months since I last posted anything with the political scene in the UK undergoing quite a seismic change. Things have not changed that much in S.E. 7 and whilst there has been moves towards a better direction they have been undone by others. A classic example of two steps forward and one step back !

I fear that this will continue to be the case not necessarily just whilst Roland is owner but all the time Katrien remains in situ. She really has made a mess of just about everything that she is responsible for and seemingly never learns from any mistake.

Her propensity for mistakes and comments that alienate the fans doesn’t seem to be diminishing. She remains for me wholly unqualified to do the job and any real chance of unity and stability seems unlikely whilst she remains.

Anyway I need to be positive as my hirsute friend, Noel, recently told me that negative thoughts aren’t good for me !

With that in mind how I’m looking forward to Bury away. The famous four ( well me and 3 others ) have managed to secure train travel from Milton Keynes to Manchester for £8 each way as part of the Virgin summer sale… good is that !

In addition, with the tickets costing £18 a go that reflects the level we’re now at makes it  relatively cheap day out. The chances are that time for a beer or two may ultimately form part of the itinerary and the odds are that it will be cheaper than prices in the Metropolis so it’s a win all round !

The only thing that could possibly spoil the day is that the Addicks put on a poor display and lose. Of course being a Charlton supporter for over 50 years I know this isn’t even a remote possibility !

The end of the school year has kept me pretty busy and with so much going on in S.E. 7 it’s almost impossible to keep up ! Due to my upcoming holiday that sees me return to Blighty in the early hours the day before the game I need to publish something now.

Come the day of the Bury game and no doubt many players will have come and gone. Heck ! We may even have a goalkeeper over the age of 17 and who has some league experience and dare I say it….a centre half !

I know little of Bury other than they are sponsored by Pickfords. Apparently the sponsor’s pre-season party was one not to be missed……all the movers and shakers were there !

We need to get off to a good start but despite  new medical team we still seem to be beset by numerous injuries ( and I note we´ve got Thrush too now ). Not a good sign !

I think Mr Slade will do a good job as he knows the league well and is more than capable at this level. He also talks a lot of sense. His chances of getting us back up would be greatly helped by an owner with a better business plan……preferably one that involves a competent CEO !

Therefore, he may do well just to have us in the top ten come May 2017. It my take a couple of seasons to challenge for a proper stab at promotion.

Must go as the ice in my cocktail may begin to melt.

Come On You Reds !