Thursday 31 January 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

After a month of waiting and wondering it appears that not a lot, if anything, is to happen regarding new or even loan players. It is suggested that Green and BWP may be lured by the wonder of roundabouts and magic ones at that, however, at the time of writing that is not certain. One assumes if it is then a striker at least would be heading our way, Schlupp perhaps ?

Since we can't find £100k to £200k to get Wordsworth ( a player we really needed ) then I won't be surprised we get nothing. Today's press conference with Sir Chris was supposed to reveal some startling news, it didn't. All we learnt was that the boss is forced to rummaging around in the bargain basement like me shopping on Christmas Eve.

All this speculation is an unwelcome distraction ahead of Saturday's game. We can but hope that Palarse are tired after their travel and subsequent defeat away to Huddersfield.

One hopes that we can put up more fight and a better show than we did at home. I do think we need to go for it and should we find ourselves in the lead that will not be time to sit back and soak up the pressure. I know 4-5-1 has served us well away this season but I think Fuller is needed and that probably requires Yann alongside him. A fit Haynes would be a good shout too for one of those, his pace could prove useful.

It might not be the game for Wiggins to return and indeed would be a tad harsh on Evina who has done little wrong of late.

It promises to be an awful game for so many reasons but we'll all take a " Dennis in the last minute " fact that's perfect although unlikely !

If you're going ( and plenty are ) I hope you have a great day duly crowned off with a win and rubbing it in the noses those idiots in their ramshackle excuse for a football ground.

On Saturday I shall be trying to busy myself before nervously turning on the telly at @ 4.45pm.

It's no time for shirkers and we owe them one after defeat at home.

Come On You Reds !

Sunday 27 January 2013

Black Wednesday

I had intended to post something on Thursday ahead of yesterday's game, however, I received the very sad news of the untimely death on Wednesday of a very close friend. Yesterday's events did little to brighten my mood.

Can't blame Sir Chris for starting with the same eleven, why not or why would you change it. However, the way things were panning out it was obvious changes were needed. I'd have done so at half time but certainly when we went one up. Llera resembled a cart horse all afternoon and an injection of pace would have put both him and Gardner under more pressure.

Pritchard certainly wasn't having one of his better games and wasn't going to win the physical battle for sure. Jones was more astute in his use of subs something that as we know seems to be an achilles heel of Sir Chris.

Surely we should have expected a physical game but we didn't seem to have catered for it or at least have a plan b to do so. I know some may argue that we were 1-0 up with less then ten to go but lets be honest we never looked comfortable and their goals didn't come as a great shock.

Hey ho ! Onwards and upwards, Sir Chris continues to learn as does the team. A win next week at Palarse and we'll be feeling altogether happier eh ?

Thursday 10 January 2013


ciders. There they are but none of the Dickens variety....

Cup ? What cup ? We will remove all thoughts of last Saturday from our minds and hope that a somewhat stronger eleven can do better this weekend as Blackpool make the long trek south. No nastiness intended but I hope they have as miserable a time as I and many others endured when we made the reverse trip under Pardew's " stewardship " when he urged us all to " make a weekend " of it whilst failing to mention that he intended to make a total pig's ear of it !

My opinion of him wasn't very high then and following that and all the other shenanigans it's now lower than a penguin's chuff ! Enough of that t**t, we can concentrate on another manager who may be moving on but in this case of his own volition.

Yes, it's seems the lure of Blackburn's bright lights are proving greater than Blackpool's and have turned Michael Appleton's head. Not taking training today following the approach from Rovers which the Tangerines board previously knocked back. However, that counts for little these days and it won't be any surprise if Appleton departs amid much acrimony with compensation later agreed.

The Seasiders are now getting through managers like, well er... us following Curbs' departure. Appleton only replaced Holloway back in November after he decided to slum it at Palarse. Appleton joined Blackpool having previously promised to stay with Portsmouth to the end so he's getting something of a reputation for switching as soon as something more promising comes along. Mind you. he may live to regret going to Ewood given the bizarre goings on there under the Venkeys. As I understand it that Bowyer geezer is staying in residence until the end of January come hell or high water......what a mess !

How the players will be affected by all the speculation and skullduggery is anyone's guess, we can only hope it has a negative impact on them.

Blackpool should pose a threat up front as they include Tom Ince and the evergreen Kevin Phillips in their ranks. In addition, one Nathan Eccleston is also among their number. I always liked him and felt he didn't get enough opportunity with us.

Nathan was on loan at Tranmere earlier in the season until an injury saw him return to Bloomfield Road. I note that he was fit enough to find a place on the bench last Saturday at the Cottage and came on in the 90th minute. I wouldn't mind seeing him again.

The festive period wasn't great for Blackpool. They drew away to Huddersfield on Boxing Day, lost 4-2 away again, to Boro and drew 0-0 at home to Hull on new year's day. Last Saturday saw a draw with Fulham in the cup.

As ever and particularly with all the injuries we have, it's anyone's guess as to what team Sir Chris will select. For what it's worth, here's mine :- Hamer, Solly, Morrison, Taylor, Evina, Jackson, Pritchard, Wilson, Stephens, Fuller and Yann.

BWP should have been pushing for a place following his performance against Derby but last weekend may have put paid to that.

We are long overdue a win at home on a Saturday, as I'm sure we all know only too well the last one was against Hartlepool back in May ! Hopefully the lads can recapture some of the spirit that led to a wonderful win against the Tom Daley XI. That was of course achieved without any loan players and unless something happens in the meantime, it'll have to be that way again.

Prior to the game we observe a remembrance of those Addicks who've passed away in the last 12 months. I'm sure I'm not alone on these occasions in also reflecting on the lives of those we've lost in other years too especially those close to us. May they all rest in peace.

Come On You Reds !  

Friday 4 January 2013

Ssshhhh !

My ongoing absence of internet access from home has forced me to blog from Milton Keynes library. Tuesday's game at Watford has prepared me well and there could be a smnay as 100 Watford in would I know ?

No pics of course just plain old text ( and you thought my blog couldn't get any less interesting !! ).

Sadly I'm not at the Valley tomorrow. Actually I'll be St Mary's watching the Saints take on Chelsea. I'm taking my partner's son who happens to be a Chelsea fan. It's my Christmas present for him. It'll be nice to watch a game without any concern over who wins.

My mind will of course be on events at the Valley. I'd have gone under other circumstances not least because of seeing a few of the non-regulars. I hope we can win at the first attempt and then draw a big club at home in the 4th round..........Everton would be my club of choice........I like them.

My 30 mins free access is coming to an end and so I need to finish here ( don't worry it didn't take me 30 mins to write this !!! I did do some other stuff ).

Good luck and best wishes to everyone going tomorrow. I hope you witness a good game although I doubt it'll match the excitement of new year's day !

Come On You Reds !