Friday 5 May 2023

The End Is Nigh!

It’s been a while since I wrote something. A combination of being busy, taking a holiday and apathy are the main reasons.

Allied to that there’s not been much to comment on certianly on the pitch. Off the pitch then okay, there has been the ongoing will they / won’t they in respect of a takeover. However, for all the speculation we’re no further forward or any clearer on what’s happening. The only things that differ are the dates and the names of the various characters involved!

We now have the ludicrous scenario of a consortium that threatened Sandgaard with legal action (though that seems to have been empty threats) now back seeking to buy!

It’s all largely immaterial of course so long as Duchatalet retains ownership of The Valley and the training ground. Until we rid ourselves of that odious character the club cannot truly move forward.

Tomorrow the curtain comes down on this most wretched of seasons. It’s a season that most of us would happily have had end months ago. For some while now there’s been nothing to play nor get excited about.

There’s no cause for optimism and the season ticket prices remain ridiculously high. The price difference in some of the stands for sitting about 8 feet apart is total nonsense. There’s no proper commercial strategy.

I won’t be buying a season ticket again. I simply refuse to pay that price nor give Sandgaard any more money. If you want to send a message to Sandgaard in the hope of getting him out then everyone should do the same.

We all support the club and not buying a season ticket isn’t being any less loyal than any other fan. I still intend to buy a ticket as and when.

I wouldn’t be fussed about retaining a particular seat. It’ll still be there and unless something amazing happens you’ll still be able to sit where you like anyway.

Peter Storrie tried to reassure us all yesterday by saying that a transfer budget has been agreed by all parties. Who are these parties? Sandgaard still owns the club so who is it that is promising this spend and how can he speak on behalf of others?

More nonsense than ever. Season by season our club falls further into decline and we appear further away than ever from a return to the Championship.

We are left praying that we retain our better players, few though they are whilst keeping hold of the promising youngsters. Steve Gallen will be expected to pull another JRS out the bag if we are to have any hope of even retaining our current status.

We have to hope that we get a new owner with suitable funds and the right intentions for our club. It’s something of a pipe dream but it’s all we have to cling on to.

Thankfully, tomorrow sees the last in a recent line of meaningless games. Once done we can have a break from the misery of supporting our club.

Call me doom and gloom and Mr Pessimistic if you like but this is the reality of where we are. I truly hope that come the beginning of August we have a half decent squad and a modicum of hope.

 Dean Holden deserves a break or two and he’s largely been the best thing to emerge in recent times. We simply must keep hold of a man who gets our club and has the desire to move it forward in the right way.

Have a good summer folks!