Sunday 9 December 2012


Due to technical difficulties we are unable to bring you a photo of Archbishop Tutu instead here is our substitute Archbishop service.

A draw was probably about the right result in the end yesterday but with a bit more luck that eluding us at home this season it could have been better.

I know that many will point to Brighton's missed opportunities but if we took ours all the time we'd be top of the leaque. In any case, no team does that, do they ?

The pre-match build-up focused on our return to the Valley of some 20 years ago and a variety of folk from past and present were on the pitch. A bit of airbrushing of history meant that not all those that should have been there were there but we all know those who were missing. I thought of one or twoof them yesterday at the time.

The clapping at 3.07pm was signalled on the big screen but clearly not all knew about it and it was a bit low key in the end I felt. an announcement prior to kick off would have helped as several folk around me clearly didn't know what was occuring.

I thought that Sir Chris got the tactics spot on yesterday, if not the personnel. The plan with one up front with Pritchard or Haynes just in behind worked well and the team was well drilled. Clearly a lot of work during the week focused on allowing the Seagulls to play it around at the back whilst closing down opportunties to play it forward with ease. A very disciplined approach made that very effective and on many occasions Brighton were forced to play the ball back usually reulting in a desperate and wayward kick from Kuszczak.

There were a number of errors made by their defence but sadly we didn't capitalise on a couple more. Our mistakes cost us big time and they were basic ones which makes it all the more galling. Morrison knows he should have done better with the header and someone in the wall junped up resulting in the deflection. Not clear thinking there because I felt the free kick being so close meant that they weren't going to score by getting the ball up and over the wall. This all leaves aside the fact that it wasn't a free kick in the first place of course.

Hulse was very good in led the line with great intellegence and maturity as befits his experience and ability. Haynes was not so effective but then wasn't playing in his preferred role.

I'm sure that Kerkar would have done better that Skip on the left. As I said in my previous blog if Sir Chris doesn't fancy Green and Wilson's not free to play there then there's no reason why BWP can't play on the right. He did it quite successfully on the left for Southampton.

Wilson had a storming game and is proving to be a great acquisition. I like how he's developing. He took his goal well and it ironically came from a short corner given that there's a well known trademark Brighton one.

it was equally pleasing to see the hardworking Pritchard get on the scoresheet too.

The boss could have been more positive by making his subs earlier but I've now come to expect that won't happen often !

Referee Sheldrake was awful, seemingly missing or chosing to ignore the many niggly little fouls and blatant pushes from Brighton's players. Hopefully, he'll reflect on that and how poor he was whilst he tunes paianos next week.

Equally the East Stand lino was inept. Why does it always seem it's the one there ? Maybe because that's where I'm sat. He didn't appear capable of raising his flag at any point.

Our unbeaten run continues and at nearly the halfway point of the season were are in the position I hoped we'd be. Don't get me wrong a play-off place or better would be good but I clearly don't want us flirting with relegation and don't believe we're ready to go up although the money would be nice.

The team and Sir Chris continue to develop and learn. Despite a couple of early hiccups we've adjusted well to this tough league and a look at table shows bigger and more faniced side below us.



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  1. I think the reason the clapping was low key was that people were waiting for the big screen to show 7 minutes into the game rather than 3.07pm assuming that the kick off was on time.

    One moment 4 minutes had ticked by, and the next thing there was some subdued clapping.
    By the time I looked at the screen and realised it was 3.07pm it was almost too late to join in.