Monday, 18 September 2023

Stevenage 1 Charlton 1

In the end, we have to be happy with a point all things considered.

It was another case of an awful first half and better second. The first 25 minutes or so was some of the worst football (from both sides) that I've ever seen. The ball seemed to be in the air more often than in what appeared to be a prolonged game of head tennis! It was horrible to watch.

Clearly, Stevenage are a physical side which was no surprise and you'd fully expect that from someone as uncultured as their manager. He knows no other way of setting out the style of play. 

We should have got the ball on the floor more and look to pass and move the ball quicker and better. To be fair, we weren't helped by incompetent officials. The ref ought to have dished out a couple of yellows early on to two of the Boro boys.

Between them, the officials missed a flailing arm on, I think, Abankwah. Those are just a few of the things they missed or just decided to take no action on.

I felt before hand that we should have started with two up front. We needed more physical presence there and the ball either never got there or didn't stay long when it did!

Their goal was another mess of our own making. Jones committed the wrong and I have no idea what Isted was doing. He really shouldn't be beaten from there but if all you're going to do is waft a leg at the ball then that's what will happen.

The second half from us was better but how could it not be! The penalty finally arrived in time added on (better late than never). It was the least probable of all the shouts we had in the afternoon. CBT dispatched it in some style.

Of course the National Express employee blamed it on the ref as a poor decision that cost them the game. He also referenced our £10m budget and 30 odd player squad. Ok whatever you say. Carry on with the ale house tactics and do your best. Appropriately, we'll see you in SE7 on 1st April!

The fact that we had one shot on target (the penalty) really ought to be sufficient for the manager to acknowledge that two up top really is the best option even if one of them is May. At least his absence delayed the inevitable suspension for one further week.

It was good to see Chuks back. A welcome surprise and he had long enough to remind us of what we've been missing for so long.

When fit he is a real asset to us and threat to the oppo. When he is fit he will be limited to appearances from the bench but that's ok. Somehow though you doubt he will stay injury free for long. I do so hope that's not the case.

We have another week with no midweek game so there's a full week to prepare for Wycombe. Wanderers are bang in form having taken 13 points from the last 5 league games. Therefore, it will provide a good test and benchmark as to where we are and to discover how much desire there is in this side.


Friday, 15 September 2023

Stevenage Away

Following a week off for our, ahem, “international break” it’s back to league action for the Addicks.

Away to a Stevenage side managed by the odious Evans is a stark reminder of where we find ourselves. That they are top of the league even more galling.

Somehow, Evans seems to have reasonable success that belies his coach driver appearance and obnoxious behaviour.

He was linked with us recently but thankfully he and Johnson didn’t get the gig and I am happier with Appleton. That probably speaks volumes about those three!

Speaking of the new gaffer, All we can do is get behind him. Hostile chants and  calling out and slating him can only have a negative effect on the team. As fans we’ve been pretty good even in the most toxic of circumstances in getting behind the lads whilst not necessarily referring to the manager.

One of the key things tomorrow are for a more assured defensive display. That shouldn’t be difficult and I hope that Jones and Abankwah are paired together. Clearly, I’ve not seen James play but I’m not sure anyone else merits a start tbh.

At the other end of the pitch we need to carry more threat and that means putting one of Leaburn, Kanu or Tedic alongside May. Forget all this number 10 nonsense (we’re not a Prem side for goodness sake!). We’ve done best when May has a proper strike partner.

My expectations for this season are now set at hopefully avoiding relegation and maybe a top ten finish. However, the time for talking is over.

I don’t want to hear any more of the losing stops now or whatever Scott said recently. I don’t want to hear “ the lads have trained well/hard etc.” that should be a given for goodness sake!

Appleton has more resources available than Holden did and one feels for Dean as he didn’t get the opportunity to work with a slightly better squad. I appreciate the issues surrounding tactics but he might have had better luck with the squad as it is now.

As ever we have our long term injuries such as Fraser and Camara. Both seemed to pick up the most innocuous of knocks. it seems to be the way in recent years. No injured player ever appears to return in less than month at least!

The team needs to go out and play like they care and give at least a bit back to the club and its fans. If they can’t be up for playing the top of the league then we might as well give up!!

Let’s hope for a win and it can be dedicated to Chris Thompson (Ketts) as it is the 3rd anniversary of his passing today. He is greatly missed.

Come On You Reds!


Come On You Reds!


Friday, 8 September 2023

The Task In Hand

Whilst we wait with baited breath for a top notch manager to be announced, it’s worth considering the players they’ll have available and the issues that will arise as a result.

Goalkeepers :- It’s a simple choice of either Harry Isted or Ashley Maynard-Brewer. Neither is exactly pulling up any trees at the moment so can’t complain too much if they are not selected.

The only challenge to them at present is the largely unknown and untested Prince Adegoke.

Right Backs :- Nathan Asiimwe and Tennai Watson. Nathan has had a good start to the season but Tennai should be pushing him for a starting place as one of MK’s better players last season.

Centre Backs :- James Abankwah, Deji Elerewe, Lloyd Jones, Lucas Ness, Michael Hector, Terell Thomas.

This is proving to be our biggest problem positionally at the moment. Ness and Hector have been poor and a shadow of themselves compared to last season.

Jones has looked composed and assured and the best of this group. We haven’t seen much of Deji of late and James Abankwah has yet to pull on the red shirt for us. He is rated by many and let’s hope he can live up to the hype.

Terell Thomas is another who hasn’t impressed at centre half this season and he looked better at full back last season.

Left Backs :- Tayo Edun and Richard Chin. Edun has looked good for the most part but has been prone to the odd error. He is probably still coming up to speed. I didn’t see much on Tuesday to suggest that Chin ought to be in ahead of him or indeed starting at all.

Central Midfielders :- Karoy Anderson, Panutche Camara, George Dobson, Scott Fraser, Conor McGrandles, Terry Taylor and Louie Watson.

One player stands head and shoulders over the rest here and that’s Dobbo of course. After our 3 or 4th consecutive loss he should have been presented with the player of the year trophy. It’s that clear cut and only May will give him any real competition.

Anderson has shown real skill, determination and ability this season. Clearly, he is still a bit raw but he gives 100%.

Camara is a quality player but is injury prone but we know that when we signed him. If we can get him fit then he will be a tremendous player and real asset to the team. His decision making and passing ability is a cut above the rest and if would be superb if his finishing could match it!

Similar things ought to be said about Scott Fraser. However, he is too inconsistent when fit and we don’t see enough of the Fraser that almost single-handedly won a game for MK a couple of years.

I’ve not really paid too much attention to Taylor to give a decent assessment of him. He hasn’t caught my eye other than his delivery from set pieces is mostly rubbish. Maybe give him more time and I’m being overly harsh.

In an ideal world McGrandles would have been out the door in the summer but it seems that no one wanted him. I can’t believe we wanted to keep him. He’s done nothing in his time at the club.

Finally, we have new recruit Louie Watson. I can’t comment on him as he’s only played in Tuesday’s debacle. Let’s hope he is good. He should be one of the better ones.

Wingers/ attacking midfielders :- CBT, Chem Campbell, Tyreece Campbell, and Charlie Kirk.

CBT has been our main attacking threat and to a point where we’re over reliant on him. There’s no doubting his ability to beat his man. However, the end result is so often frustrating. His decision making isn’t always the best and I feel he needs to either shoot or cross the ball earlier. He tends to delay too long. That said, he really needs to start every game.

Chem Campbell has looked good in his appearances so far. He looks assured and can pick a pass as we saw last Saturday.

Tyreece is another who has impressed this season. He is also a little raw but will give it everything and keep running, even in a lost cause.

Kirk has sadly continued to be, well….Kirk. For some reason he struggles in a red shirt and I’ve no idea why. He seems to do well elsewhere and we all know he’s a good player, we just don’t see it. It’s hard to see him getting more than a few minutes off the bench every now and again.

Strikers:- Chuks Aneke, Daniel Kanu, Miles Leaburn, Alfie May and Slobodan Tedic.

Unfortunately, there’s little point in discussing Chuks. I doubt we’ll ever see him in a Charlton shirt again. At some point someone is going to have to make a decision regarding his career. It’s a real shame because when fit he is a quality player and capable of playing at a level higher than the third tier.

 Alfie is a stand out player and it has been no surprise to see him do so well. He would have done even better if he’d had someone alongside for more games but we’ve been reluctant to do that. I’ve no idea why but it’s aprt of the reason why we haven’t converted more of our chances or created as much.

Alfie’s achilles heel has been the yellow cards. All 4 of them have been rather silly. Last season he probably wouldn’t have been booked for any of them. However, he knows the rules have changed and should be more careful.

Kanu must have walked under a ladder, run over a cat or something. He’s not really put a foot wrong whilst impressing to date. Yet after that and scoring a lovely header recently he’s been dropped out of the starting eleven. Hopefully, he will be getting more opportunities soon.

Leeeeeeeeeeaburn! Sadly, as we know, Miles has been out injured until last week. It looked like he’d never been away. He will get better as his full fitness returns. He needs to form a good partnership with May and coming soon one of the other two strikers given that a suspension is coming for Alfie.

Another new recruit, Slobodan, has only had a few minutes and so we can’t comment on him. He’s another one who we hope can come good and be contending with the 3 players above for a start.

That’s about 26/27 players that the new manager has to keep motivated and happy. In reality it’s a lot less than that because as identified above there are a few who simply don’t warrant inclusion. They are a waste and a drain on resources.

The new gaffer simply has to shore up the defence, cut out the silly errors, establish a system of play and start winning more games most likely by converting more of the chances on offer. Sounds simple but that it’s in a nutshell.

Do that and no matter what your name or where you’ve come from you’ll win over the fans and may even buy yourself some time to build a team.

Of those people that can realistically expect to take the job then outside of those who’ve already declined then I’d like to see Bowyer or Jon Brady ( although he may have already turned us down!).

Wednesday, 6 September 2023

A Wasted Opportunity!

The winning streak of one win from one game came to an abrupt end last night.

Like most, I view the EFL trophy as a pointless tournament. Nonetheless, we have to participate and we might as well use it to our best advantage. Without a game this Saturday, I'd have thought it was a good opportunity to get all the new players some game time as well as trying to sort our defensive woes.

Overall it was a poor display and the defeat does nothing to help with confidence or our general play. What we saw was another different set of players across the pitch.

Quite why Kanu didn't start I've no idea. What has he done to be left out of 2 successive starting elevens? Since coming into the side he's done well but has been left out of the last couple.

I felt we should have gone with two up front. It gave us our chance and also, May will be suspended soon so why not look at how we will adjust to that when needed?

We were devoid of our most potent attacking threat as May ( I agreed with this ) left out. Thus, we didn't have the benefit of his long throw tactic that has served us so well!

I really can't see Kirk starting a league game anytime soon and his inclusion, other than to give him a run out, is mystifying. As it was he had a poor game where his delivery and decision making against a weakened mid-table League 2 team simply wasn't good enough.

You can't say we're not consistent whatever team we put out. The set pieces were truly dreadful! Corners float across with too much or simply lacking in direction.

I really don't get what happens at goal kicks and this has been a trend in recent games. A defender passes the ball to keeper who launches it downfield. Why? It's harder to kick a moving ball but this is what is rehearsed and executed! It's utter madness!

All of the 4 goals that Crawley scored were poor. We sat back or failed to pick up players or both. That's when were weren't giving them the ball of course!

No team should be scoring three goals, take the lead twice and go on to lose. Especially against lower league opposition.

You'd struggle to take any positive from last night's game and the only I can find is that several players proved they just aren't good enough and/or don't care if that's the effort they're going to put in.

I was pretty optimistic prior to kick off and still so even after seeing the starting eleven. You have to feel for all those fans who made the trip probably with the same hope and expectation that I had. 

Good luck to the new manager, whoever they may be. There's so much work to do and if they watched it last night the magnitude of what's needed will be even more clear!


Monday, 4 September 2023

A Win At Last

Finally, we managed to bag the 3 points although the 12 minutes added on made it nerve wracking as usual! However, this time we managed not to implode.

The first half was awful and we witnessed such a disjointed performance. We could easily have fallen 2 or 3 behind. Stockley nearly put Fleetwood one up from a free kick which struck the underside of the bar but fortunately didn't go in.

It was only a matter of time before he scored and headed home a lovely cross. He was entitled to celebrate wildly but chose not to do so. 

Given that we haven't come to win from back from going behind since early 2022 a win seemed even more unlikely than usual.

Thankfully, we produced a rare moment of magic on 43 minutes as May latched and clinically finished Chem's lovely pass. This was the critical moment of the game.

The second half proved to be a different story and we were at it from the word go. There's was much more intent and effort. The penalty was much deserved and May scored his second for us. He may need to think about where he puts the next one as well as not getting involved in the verbals.

May now finds himself on 4 yellows already this season and the manner in which they're being dished out by refs this season, the 5th one leading to suspension will no doubt be arriving soon.

As a team we managed to collect another 4 yellows as well as one for Pearce. His and the one for CBT are extremely harsh. CBT was a case of mistaken identity and Pearce was only pointing out the error. However, the one for Pearce will not make much difference. 

Overall, the ref had a poor game much like most I've seen this season. He was very inconsistent and made a number of bad decisions. The standard in the third tier has never been that great but this season it seems to be worse. It's unfortunate given the clamp down on disputing decisions and the need to respect the officials. They're not making it easy!

I felt that we needed to start with Kanu and was surprised that we didn't set up with a striker alongside May especially with Leaburn on the bench. The improvement when Kanu has partnered our No.9 has been clear for all to see.

The transfer window has seen us recruit players for the positions that needed filling. Whether the new recruits are of sufficient quality only time will. Tennai Watson I understand is a decent wing-back so I look forward to seeing him play.

Similarly, a few folk are assuring us that in James Abankwah we have a good player. Let's hope so because the centre half position is giving the most cause for concern at the moment.

Ness and Hector are looking far from the players that finished last season. Hector is the greater worry. He looks of the pace and a tad complacent. He really needs to up his game.

That most pointless of competitions, the EFL trophy, at least gives us a chance to give a run out to a few players. Even more valuable given that we don't have game next Saturday. Hard to believe that we have 3 players on international duty but strangely, we do!

That gives the owners (more like Andy Scott) more time to finalise Holden's replacement. The approach to that has seemed very amateurish. The number and quality of manager that have allegedly turned us down is quite telling. Sir Chris being one of those and that he did so tells us that in his view at least little has changed since he left.

Not everyone's cup of tea but I'd have Bowyer back in a heartbeat. Failing that, there are several decent managers out there but realistically most won't want to come.

Of the outsiders or less fancied, then Jon Brady would be worth some consideration and not least because Australian mangers (well one anyway) are doing well!

Hopefully, by the end of this week we will have someone in place. Let's hope they are someone we can really get behind and are afforded the time and resources to do the job. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2023

The Revolving Door!

Dean Holden paid the ultimate price for Saturday’s performance and loss away to Oxford on Saturday.

Yes, it wasn’t good, yes, he got several things wrong and yes. The game, like many others of late, wasn’t well managed.

It has been a dreadful start to the season with constant chopping and changing of formations and starting elevens. However, Holden probably deserved a bit more slack given the lack of support in respect of transfers. In addition, whatever bad luck and decisions in games and injuries have all conspired against him.

It is still something of a surprise that Holden has gone especially as this ownership group brought him to the club. Unlike, some of our previous managers his departure is a real shame. Clearly, Dean is a decent bloke and had the best of intentions. He deserved better support and I’d like to have seen how he’d have fared with a better squad.

Saturday’s first half was probably the worst of the season to date. The U’s goal followed a routine from a free kick that I assume was designed to outwit them. All it did was see the ball hoofed long downfield where May was expected to outjump and out muscle the defence.

The result was that it came back with interest and our boys decided to back off allowing Goodrham to advance and pick his spot.

It was a similar disaster for their second where we overcommitted and their quick break saw us outnumbered and all over the place.

Now the management team has gone, the revolving door turns once more and we’re scrapping around looking for a new manager, about 6 new players whilst needing to offload at least 3 and maybe more players that simply aren’t up to the task.

The managerial shortlists I’ve seen make depressing reading bar one or two passable possibilities. God help us all if we up end up with Johnson or Evans!

Come midnight on Thursday and we’ll know how the last couple of days of this transfer window has panned out. I think we’d have been struggling to recruit players before the weekend’s events but with no manager and an uncertain future all round it looks like a Herculian task!

All we can hope for is a half decent manager and a handful of reasonable players who will no doubt be predominantly loans.

What an utter mess! 

Dean Holden paid the ultimate price for Saturday’s performance and loss away to Oxford on Saturday.


Yes, it wasn’t good, yes, he got several things wrong and yes. The game, like many others of late, wasn’t well managed.


It has been a dreadful start to the season with constant chopping and changing of formations and starting elevens. However, Holden probably deserved a bit more slack given the lack of support in respect of transfers. In addition, whatever bad luck and decisions in games and injuries have all conspired against him.


It is still something of a surprise that Holden has gone especially as this ownership group brought him to the club. Unlike, some of our previous managers his departure is a real shame. Clearly, Dean is a decent bloke and had the best of intentions. He deserved better support and I’d like to have seen how he’d have fared with a better squad.


Saturday’s first half was probably the worst of the season to date. The U’s goal followed a routine from a free kick that I assume was designed to outwit them. All it did was see the ball hoofed long downfield where May was expected to outjump and out muscle the defence.


The result was that it came back with interest and our boys decided to back off allowing Goodrham to advance and pick his spot.


It was a similar disaster for their second where we overcommitted and their quick break saw us outnumbered and all over the place.


Now the management team has gone and we’re scrapping around looking for a new manager, about 6 new players whilst needing to offload at least 3 and maybe more players that simply aren’t up to the task.


The managerial shortlists I’ve seen make depressing reading bar one or two passable possibilities. God help us all if we up end up with Johnson or Evans!


Come midnight on Thursday and we’ll know how the last couple of days of this transfer window has panned out. I think we’d have been struggling to recruit players before the weekend’s events but with no manager and an uncertain future all round it looks like a Herculian task!


All we can hope for is a half decent manager and a handful of reasonable players who will no doubt be predominantly loans.


What an utter mess!

Friday, 25 August 2023

Oxford Away

When you’ve just lost 3 league games on the spin what better than to travel away to a team that’s just won 3 in a row!

Following an opening day defeat to rivals Cambridge, the U’s have recorded 1-0, 1-2 and 1-3 wins. The away wins at Derby and Barnsley are particularly impressive.

Manager Liam Manning replaced Karl Robinson back in February after a poor set of results and performances. In truth, Robinson ought to have gone well before then (sound familiar?). Manning appears to be doing things right and he has made his mark on the team.

Oxford have several promising young players that are in good form at the moment. Notably, they include goalkeeper James Beadle who left Charlton for Brighton a couple of years ago. Another mess courtesy of the previous regime.

James is on loan from Brighton. Beadle has great promise and even at the tender age of 19 has been impressive this season.

Another 19 year old with Charlton connections and performing well is Stan Mills (son of Danny) who is on loan from Everton.

Slightly older at 21 is Stephan Negru. He has only played a handful of league games but has also shone to date.

A more senior player at the “old age of 27” is Cameron Brannagan who has played over 200 games for United. He is a quality player who is usually good for 10 to 15 goals a season. 

Oxford, like us this season, are a young side and it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their good start throughout a long season.

Anything other than a defeat tomorrow can be viewed as an improvement. For that to happen we need to cut out the silly defensive mistakes that have blighted our last few games.

Going forward, we are creating chances although that’s only good if you take them of course!

Having Kanu up front last Saturday greatly increased our goal scoring threat. Playing May on his own up front is daft and Kanu needs to stay there.

There is some thought that new signing, Chem Campbell, may start in a front three of CBT, May and himself. Not a good idea for me. Aside from May needing a proper striker alongside him, we need a physical presence and outlet. The ball has more chance of sticking up front with him in the side.

AMB ought to be replaced by Isted and if fit. Camara should come straight back into the team.

Holden has had a full week to work with the team to address the issues at both ends of the pitch and hopefully, we see an improvement at both ends of the pitch.

Our league record at the Kassam is woeful and I was lucky enough to be there for the cup game that we won a few years ago. Let’s pray that we can record a rare league victory much against the odds.

It’s often when we play the better teams that we do well, tomorrow would be a good day to win! I might just have a punt on that….geddit!

Come On You Reds!

Monday, 21 August 2023

Another Defeat

The pattern for this season (and many others!) continues and we should be used to it by now. We dominate for large periods, create lots of opportunities but fail to take them before finally gifting goals to the oppo.

It was blindingly obvious that if we didn’t turn that first half dominance into goals were going to be at risk of at least not winning. I’m as pessimistic as the best of them but at half-time even I didn’t think we could conspire to lose this!

Like Barnsley we’ve played Vale at home, like Barnsley we play in red and white but there ends the similarities. The Tykes had 8 shots on target, we had 7. They scored 7, we scored 2. Barnsley also didn’t gift goals in order to keep a clean sheet!

How can you explain a young lad and a very experienced player both making mistakes that lead directly to goals. To be fair to Asiimwe he is young and inexperienced and that aside, he looked knackered. Hector really ought to know and do better.

We constantly change the defence but no one is really staking a claim for a right to start. That, allied to changing systems is a recipe for disaster and so it proves.

Finally playing two up front made us more potent and it should have happened before. However, we still need to make more of our chances. CBT gets in to some positions but again his slowness to either shoot or cross early enough costs us.

In the first half he kept cutting inside but worked his across the goal trying to create a shooting chance. At one stage I thought he’d end up in the car park before doing either!

The ref was awful and yes, it should have been a red card but that doesn’t excuse the loss. Again we’ve collected more yellow cards. You might argue that one or two were unjustified but the players ought to know that time wasting and arguing will almost certainly lead to a card.

AMB and Alfie have now, I think, both collected 3 yellows. Both Saturday’s booking were avoidable. They know how it works this season. Ultimately, our thin squad will be tested again as the inevitable suspensions kick in.

The bench was awful on Saturday and most of those players really need to go. I counted 4 that I’d happily say goodbye to. How can we have any success if that’s all we’ve got?

Holden’s post match comments almost seem to distance himself from the recruitment process saying Scott and his team would have it in hand. I hope that Dean isn’t removed from any transfer dealings.

Our new owners and in particular, frontman Charlie boy have been very quiet. We need more than being photographed outside the pub. The season’s start has been a disaster and we need to be told what they intend to do to address it.

I fear we won't hear anything or get any insight.

Prior to 1st September. By then something will either have been or we’ll have had another lacklustre summer transfer window being told that we couldn’t quite get deals over line, were just beaten to one or two signings etc.etc.

I’m really struggling to see how we can expect to get anything from Saturday’s visit to Oxford. Liam Manning’s boys are in good form but in any case, I think we’d struggle to beat any team in the league at the moment. That’s how bad it is!

Friday, 18 August 2023

Vale At The Valley

Tuesday night's late defeat to Bristol Rovers perfectly encapsulated the eternal lifecycle of a Charlton fan. A bit of promise, a set back, hope and finally, defeat and despair! Repeat ad infinitum!

Much like Saturday's loss away to Posh we probably didn't deserve to lose but again, we did. And again defensive lapses and a failure to take more than one chance cost us dear.

Leaving Alfie May to battle away without proper support is costing us dear. The difference when Kanu came on was clear and obvious. He simply must start tomorrow.

May was unfortunate not to score but it was good to see him have a couple of opportunities against a high line defence. With one of them it's inexplicable how the defender didn't see red. 

Further bucking the trend of matches to dates was that only 3 yellow cards were issued to players and that a relatively small amount of time was added on in each half. 

The goals we've conceded to date have all been self-inflicted. Payne gave away a needless free kick and the defence pretty much switched off for the second. I'm off the opinion that sadly, AMB was at fault for both.

Whilst he was credit for a decent save from the free kick I felt he ought to have put it out for a corner. There was always the danger of a rebound and a second bite otherwise. Like the second, I appreciate that he wasn't helped by a soporific defence!

We were presented with a decent start to this season and winning only one of our opening 3 games is a missed opportunity. Losing 2 of them is even worse. We have already lost ground and will have to do so much better if we are to achieve even a play-off spot.

Dean Holden faces some more selection headaches. He would be helped by some much needed additions. I trust that work is going on behind the scenes and that he has been given some reassurance in that regard. 

We've just under 2 weeks to finalise the squad and get it to a position to make a decent fist of challenging at the top of the league.

I assume that we are somewhat hampered by the need to rid ourselves of some of the squad. Some of the poor recruitment decisions made under the previous regime hang over us like a dark cloud.

After conceding 7 goals on the opening day Vale haven't let in another goal in the following 2 league games. Clearly they've sharpened up the defence and so we will need to take any chance we get if we are to get anything from the game.

Equally, whilst Vale haven't been prolific scorers if we have more defensive lapses then we'll come away with nothing.

We have a tricky looking trip to Oxford on the following Saturday before we're back at home against Fleetwood with a finalised squad by which time we'll be clearer on how this season is going to shape up.

Come On You Reds!

Tuesday, 15 August 2023

Time To Steady The Ship

 " What's a pirate's favourite letter? "

" R ! "

" No, a pirate's first love is the C ! "

That remains one of my favourite jokes. We need a bit of humour (when don't we as Charlton fans) as the early excitement has evaporated following two successive defeats.

Tonight we face The Pirates and we need a performance and more importantly result to calm things down.

There's an increasing sense of both frustration and disappointment especially as we were told targets were identified. The need for a striker has been obvious for some time. We've been incredibly patient with the new owners but on this they've maintained a radio silence.

It's annoying as our early fixtures have offered a chance to put down a marker. We can dismiss the cup game, I'm not overly fussed about going out of that. However, had we acquired a half decent striker to support May then we probably would have come away with at least a point on Saturday.

The Posh really didn't impress me much but the one goal they got always looked like being enough given our lightweight attack.

We are so reliant on CBT instigating nearly every offensive action and it's so predictable and easy to nullify. Any aerial cross is usually cut out given our diminutive strike force.

I was disappointed with our approach against Orient given that they played such a high line defensively but I can't recall us playing May in behind them. It seemed the obvious thing to do.

Charlie needs to come out and reassure us that there is a plan of action other than wait for a few more days and we end up shopping at again!

Of course, it's more than just a striker we need. That has also been quite evident for some time. The new rules mean that we will see many more player suspensions given that yellow cards are being handed out like confetti. 

I'm sure the intentions are good but it's gone too far. Players and indeed managers are getting carded for the most trivial things. That allied to our fondness for long term injuries doesn't bode well for our weak and thin squad.

In addition, we are now seeing games last longer than ever. I agree with the aim to reduce the time the ball is out of play but the knock on effect of prolonging games is something that needs attention.

On Saturday the second half didn't kick off until 4.10pm and the game finished at 5.05pm. Not so much of an issue with a 3pm kick off but for evening games it will have an impact of fans travel.

For those of us who live a bit further away evening games mean not getting home until at least midnight. The extra time that will now be added on is likely to push that back even further.

Clubs ought to look to bring forward evening kick offs to 7.30pm in order to help alleviate the travel difficulties.

Tonight's opponents have drawn both their opening league games which is pretty decent when one considers they were against Pompey and Barnsley. We are going to have to be on top of our game and probably need a bit of luck if we are to get anything tonight.

We live in hope and this time last season I travelled down to the Valley for the game versus Plymouth not expecting much. We ran out 5-1 winners and a repeat of that would be very welcome (I can but dream!).

Come On You Reds!





Friday, 11 August 2023

Peterborough Away

If a week is a long time in politics it's even longer in football and more specifically S.E.7!

My excitement and anticipation of last week has somewhat evaporated ahead of tomorrow's visit to London Road, It's not purely down to Tuesday's result. The performance and additions to the injury have serves to highlight the overall weakness of our squad.

Our need for a striker has been blatantly obvious for months well before the end of last season even. Despite being told our transfer targets and the associated budget had the agreed there's not been any progress to date. Leaburn's injury was unfortunate but we always needed more cover.

Just as worrying is the lack of movement out of the club. I really think it's to say goodbye to Kirk, DJ and McGrandles. Maybe we're having trouble shifting them.

Of more immediate concern is tomorrow's game of course. Playing last season's Play-Off semi-finalists away won't be easy. Posh went 4-0 up after the first leg only to remarkably lose the 2nd leg at Hillsborough. 

Darren Ferguson returned for the umpteenth time in January. It was an appointment that was largely questioned at the time but it proved the correct one.

We'll do well to keep Jonson Clarke-Harris quiet. He bagged 26 league goals last season on his way to jointly winning the golden boot along with Ipswich's Connor Chaplin.

Looking at ourselves we need to cut out the awful defensive errors and mistakes that accompanied all 3 of Newport's goals on Tuesday! Embarrassing and naive. Those who made the long trip up from London deserved an awful lot better.

Overall, given the paucity of our squad and our propensity to collect injuries we're probably better of out the cup, 

Let's hope we can emerge from tomorrow without further knocks and at present, I'd take a decent away point especially as we have another home game on Tuesday.

Come On You Reds!

Sunday, 6 August 2023

A Decent Start

There was a lot to like yesterday as The Addicks started with a win at a very wet Valley. There was an awful lot of rain but the pitch was still watered prior to kick off!

The opening day is always a good win and although the weather wasn't great it failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the largest home crowd for some time. The fans really got behind the and it made for a good atmosphere.

I guess a technical issue put paid to the playing of Valley Floyd Road but Brian Cole did an admirable job as he stepped into the breach to kick things off.

An effective rather than dazzling performance saw us over the line and get the 3 points. In the end that's what matters most. It was quite entertaining stuff for the most part, full of energy and endeavour.

The debutants more than justified their inclusion and Alfie May's tireless running deserved a goal which he so nearly got but for a quality save and Dobbo nipping in ahead of him!

I'm not a fan of the multi-ball system that the EFL has brought in this season. I think it is open to abuse by clubs should they so wish but at least it keeps the ball in play more which is the aim.

Tiring legs were replaced as the game wore on and it served to improve the team at the time. Camara ought to be playing for the other Championship club in Anglia as he looked mustard. His skill and vision was a cut above and if he can stay fir he will prove a tremendous acquisition. It was a shame he couldn't convert the chance he had late on as that would have capped a nice cameo.

A decent start then with much more still to do. We do really need to get on the front foot and get a striker in asap. I appreciate that some of the recruits (loanees) will be left until late as the Premier clubs sort their needs.

I presume that for Tuesday night's cup game we will rest a few ahead of the trip to Posh on Saturday. As good as the competition was for us last season, I wouldn't be too fussed if we out early doors. We struggle to cope with injuries at the best of times and any more risk than necessary certainly won't help.






Friday, 4 August 2023

Here We Go Again!

The departure of Sandgaard means a fresh start in so many ways and one will try to be optimistic. The great Dane has taken his banjo and accompanying ego arguably leaving the club in no better state than when he left.

The early signs were promising as we initially excused Thomas in indulging himself with the endless self-promotion. Increasingly it became obvious that he was clueless with his reluctance to accept advice from anyone outside of his immediate family.

Thankfully, his departure was accompanied by that of the good doctor and Sandgaard junior although one wonders how we can replace his extensive lower league and recruitment knowledge.

There’s still a lot to learn about the latest new owners but there are promising signs in that we haven’t been overly treated to the unrealistic and empty rhetoric that littered Sandgaard’s tenure.

Charlie clearly will be fronting up for them which is fine by me. I don’t necessarily need to hear direct from the owners. Back in the day you had little idea who owned football clubs and the same for the chairmen too.

All we want is success on the pitch allied to some decent football. Improving on performances won’t be too difficult. Hopefully, us fans can recapture a lot of the enthusiasm and anticipation that has been sadly in recent seasons.

The early transfer business was good most notably with the acquisition of Alfie May. A quality player at this level who is also a local lad. Aside from that, having played for The Deres makes him alright with me!

As much as we can hopefully look forward to some more much needed incoming transfers there is equally work to be done to rid ourselves of a few deadweights. Many of those have plenty of opportunity to prove their worth and have failed to do so.

The stupidity of starting the season whilst the transfer window is still open does no one any favours. We can only properly gauge where we are come the 1st September.

Sadly, we have said goodbye to Steve Gallen. I guess it was inevitable that he was going to leave and in any case, I think QPR had been courting him for some time. It won’t be a surprise if he ends up there.

Gallen pulled many rabbits out of the hat over the years whilst doing a difficult job given the restraints he was working under. As much as anything he was required to play the role of a diplomat and that was something he did with equal aplomb.

We couldn’t have wished for a better opening game than playing Orient. They are a proper football club and I was so pleased to see them get promoted last season. One of my mates is an O and he was chuffed with promotion after the difficult times they’ve been through.

One of my favourite memories is a rare Sunday game against them. I’ve checked and it was Sunday 25th October 1981. It finished in a 1-1 draw. To demonstrate how rare Sunday games were, I seem to recall that we were simply handed a team sheet. I guess they weren’t permitted to sell programmes.

The game featured the legendary Stan Bowles. He brought a touch of class to the game. I remember that he ran out late for the second half as everyone was made to wait for him…….and rightly so!

Talking of legends tomorrow sees the long-awaited return of Darren Pratley. Darren is a player who was fantastic for us and should never have been let go. His time at Orient has shown how big a mistake that was. He can look forward to a great reception from all round the ground.

Holden continues to impress me and one hope he will get the backing he needs. Last night’s Q&A only served to add to my admiration and respect for him. I really hope he succeeds.

I’ve been sufficiently moved by the pre-season developments to buy a season ticket. Let’s hope my unusual moment of optimism is not misplaced!

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, let’s hope the whole day meets my expectations!

Come on you Reds!

Friday, 5 May 2023

The End Is Nigh!

It’s been a while since I wrote something. A combination of being busy, taking a holiday and apathy are the main reasons.

Allied to that there’s not been much to comment on certianly on the pitch. Off the pitch then okay, there has been the ongoing will they / won’t they in respect of a takeover. However, for all the speculation we’re no further forward or any clearer on what’s happening. The only things that differ are the dates and the names of the various characters involved!

We now have the ludicrous scenario of a consortium that threatened Sandgaard with legal action (though that seems to have been empty threats) now back seeking to buy!

It’s all largely immaterial of course so long as Duchatalet retains ownership of The Valley and the training ground. Until we rid ourselves of that odious character the club cannot truly move forward.

Tomorrow the curtain comes down on this most wretched of seasons. It’s a season that most of us would happily have had end months ago. For some while now there’s been nothing to play nor get excited about.

There’s no cause for optimism and the season ticket prices remain ridiculously high. The price difference in some of the stands for sitting about 8 feet apart is total nonsense. There’s no proper commercial strategy.

I won’t be buying a season ticket again. I simply refuse to pay that price nor give Sandgaard any more money. If you want to send a message to Sandgaard in the hope of getting him out then everyone should do the same.

We all support the club and not buying a season ticket isn’t being any less loyal than any other fan. I still intend to buy a ticket as and when.

I wouldn’t be fussed about retaining a particular seat. It’ll still be there and unless something amazing happens you’ll still be able to sit where you like anyway.

Peter Storrie tried to reassure us all yesterday by saying that a transfer budget has been agreed by all parties. Who are these parties? Sandgaard still owns the club so who is it that is promising this spend and how can he speak on behalf of others?

More nonsense than ever. Season by season our club falls further into decline and we appear further away than ever from a return to the Championship.

We are left praying that we retain our better players, few though they are whilst keeping hold of the promising youngsters. Steve Gallen will be expected to pull another JRS out the bag if we are to have any hope of even retaining our current status.

We have to hope that we get a new owner with suitable funds and the right intentions for our club. It’s something of a pipe dream but it’s all we have to cling on to.

Thankfully, tomorrow sees the last in a recent line of meaningless games. Once done we can have a break from the misery of supporting our club.

Call me doom and gloom and Mr Pessimistic if you like but this is the reality of where we are. I truly hope that come the beginning of August we have a half decent squad and a modicum of hope.

 Dean Holden deserves a break or two and he’s largely been the best thing to emerge in recent times. We simply must keep hold of a man who gets our club and has the desire to move it forward in the right way.

Have a good summer folks!

Friday, 10 March 2023

All We Are Saying.....

is give us a goal! 

Charlton haven’t scored since Tuesday 14th February so a goal or two is long overdue. 

The reasons for this go beyond simply playing some of the division’s better teams in games that have proven to cruelly expose the void between us and them. 

The simple truth is that we have largely been without our best fit striker who’s still in his debut season. We’ve also lost Chuks again although since his appearances are so rare I’m not sure you can include him. Kanu has mostly been overlooked although he reappeared last Saturday. Then you have Bonne……….. 

Do I need to say anything with regard to him? Let’s leave that rhetorical question there then. 

Tomorrow sees us with a good chance of scoring at least against an Accrington team that is hovering one point above the relegation zone. Stanley haven’t scored an away goal since 7th February so this has all the making of a cracking game! 

Accrington played on Tuesday and suffered a 3-0 defeat away to Ipswich that won’t have helped their confidence. In addition, keeper Jensen was sent off at the death and having lost their appeal Stanley will be without him tomorrow. The Reds are expected to recall Savin who’s currently on loan at Stevenage. 

Manager John Coleman also has a few injury problems so this is a good time to play them although we all know that often has little bearing on the type of performance The Addicks deliver! 

In terms of our injury problems then Fraser remains a doubt after missing out last week. Chuks is out for the season I believe and Kane (who he?!!) is also out. 

Penney was ironically (for me anyway) dropped last week and not before time since he’s added diddly squat to the team. Hopefully, he won’t feature tomorrow. 

Leaburn ought to start tomorrow maybe even with Kanu alongside him. Of late, we’ve carried such little attacking threat or intent as we’ve seemed preoccupied with the opposition and how to deal with them. 

The switch to 3 at the back hasn’t helped us either and has only served to add more confusion to our defence. 

Despite all the issues on and off the pitch we really should secure a win tomorrow although I suspect Accrington will be a tough nut to crack. Coleman will probably look to hit on the counter as and when they can. In their position and with their injury and suspension woes it’s unlikely that they’ll be adopting a gung-ho approach. 

I hope that Stanley stay up. They’re a decent club that has made fantastic progress in recent years and their owner, Andy Holt, is a top geezer as we know. 

The rumours that Holden might be going to Oxford have abated (Grant McCann is now heavily linked with that) and indeed the SLP are reporting that Holden has signed a contract extension. If so, that’s good news. 

I appreciate that Holden doesn’t get everything right but then who does? One has to acknowledge the positive impact he’s had and also consider the conditions he finds himself in. 

He is surrounded by uncertainty and working with a squad not of his own creation. As such, he is allowed a large amount of latitude. In fact, I think any manager is until the club gets decent backing and is properly run. 

We need to win tomorrow as the last four results have given cause for concern in respect of potential relegation and we really don’t need to add that to our list of woes! 

Let’s hope the overnight frost goes quickly and that the pitch is playable. It really would be no surprise for the game to be off and we face them later in the season when they’re at full strength and we’re in desperate need of the points! 

Come On You Reds!

Friday, 10 February 2023

Fleetwood At Home

It’s back to The Valley tomorrow as The Addicks face a Fleetwood side buoyed by the acquisition of a couple of new players most notably Jayden Stockley, formerly of this parish.

Fortunes took a dive for Jayden this season with the ever changing manager and perhaps more relevant, his role in the team doing little to help him.

A shame really as he was a committed player and one who is more than capable at this level. I expect him to do well for The Fishermen and his goal on debut will have done his confidence the world of good.

I’m sure most of us have a bet that has him to score at some stage tomorrow!

Adding to the firepower is Jack Marriott who also arrived in the January transfer window. The experienced striker was bought from Peterborough. However, he facing strong competition for a starting place from Omochere who has scored twice in the last two games.


Town lost a close game to Burton last weekend but got a good result in midweek as they overcame Wednesday in the cup. They now face a fifth round tie away to Burnley.

Hopefully, that will have taken something out of them and they will have half a mind on that but it’s unlikely.

As for the Addicks, I think that Leaburn needs to be recalled to the starting eleven. Bonne hasn’t looked great for the last two games and Miles makes things happen. We seem to carry a greater threat with him on the pitch.

I’d like to see Campbell start too. Whilst CBT scored a good goal on Saturday he isn’t consistent enough and far too often makes the wrong decision and fails to get his crosses in early.

Our on loan left back has yet to impress to date but Penney, for his faults, faces little competition and will probably hold on to his plaice. ( 2 for the price of 1 there!)

One assumes that Kilkenny will start after his fine debut last week. He is a better bet then Morgan if we’re honest.

The departures of O’Connell and Lavelle means that Inniss is likely to keep his place. He is always a worry as there’s always an error or bad tackle in there somewhere and he plays his games on a knife edge.

Thankfully, Holden has a pragmatic approach in respect of our defenders who are clearly told not to mess about at the back and simply get rid. At times it looks horrible but is way better than the alternative of conceding another soft and embarrassing goal!

Holden has been superb in all aspects of his management. We have a diamond in him. Sadly, whether he goes to Town (quite literally) or not, unless we sort a decent contract for him backed up by sensible plans he’ll not be with us for long!

The silence from Sandgaard and anyone remotely connected with the club’s ownership only prolongs the agony that us fans have suffered for far too long.

If Sandgaard had any real feeling for our club then everything else aside he would have sought out decent owners and made a sensible and decent proposal. Clearly, he hasn’t and worst of all seems desperate to retain some involvement in the club as he attempts, like Liz Truss, to have some relevance…..oh dear!

All we can do is keep supporting the team but only upto a point. When it comes to next season, if things haven’t improved then fans will need to vote with their feet and not buy season tickets as Dave from Drinking During The Game ( ) advises in the latest of his excellent posts.

I didn’t renew this year after nearly 25 years of season tickets. This was as a result of Sandgaard’s ownership, lack of investment and also the ludicrously high price of the ticket itself.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’m looking forward to another good game tomorrow where I expect Stockley to score but us to win!

Come On You Reds!

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Breaking The Club To Break Even

No real surprises in the latest lacklustre transfer window. As far as CAFC is concerned there’s no point in being any more specific in stating January as the summer one is always just as bad.

Even to most cynical amongst us could not have anticipated the extent to which players were to be sold or loaned out.

Several players have been shipped out and two moved on permanently. I suppose one should be pleased that Leaburn, Ness or similar have been retained.

Stockley’s departure was no surprise as opposed to O’Connell’s. Jayden wasn’t really getting a look in and was out of form and no where near the player he was last season.

He really wasn’t helped by the changing managers and subsequently formations. He and will no doubt score against us for a now strengthened Fleetwood side who did some good business.

O’Connell’s move is a real shock as he’s been playing well and is certainly better than Inniss and Lavelle although he too moved on.

Those players we did recruit are all only here until the end of May so there’s nothing to get excited about.

Blatantly there has been no attempt to disguise that fact that this was all about cost cutting. No one is stupid enough to believe there is any plan to build for the future.  

The silence from Sandgaard, the recruitment team or even the tea lady tells you all you need to know. I guess Holden will be required to sugar coat things later today.

We are considerably weaker now than we were in December. The season might as well end now. Hopefully we won’t go down although injuries to our remaining centre halves could cause problems.

Comment from Banjo Man about transfers aside we’ve not heard anything more regarding the potential takeover whether it be 80 or 100%. It really is a farce and unbelievably he seems to be doing more damage than Duchatelet.

As we now know Sandgaard isn’t one to admit his mistakes so we can’t expect him to acknowledge his failings and just go quiet in that good night to paraphrase a more astute Thomas by the name of Dylan.

All the euphoria that surrounded the cup game at Old Trafford has long since evaporated. All the good will that could have engendered gone in a flash!

At season’s end we’ll be left with a collection of players out of contract and/or favour with little to no motivation nor reason to stay in S.E.7.   

Potentially we’ll start the 23/24 season with the club in the state it’s perhaps ever been in. We’ll probably be odds on to go down. That is unless Sandgaard does a U-turn and decides to invest both time and money in the club or we get someone with both money and business sense who is keen to do things properly.

At present both those options seem a million miles away. What can we do about it? The ironic answer is sweet FA!

Protesting seems a pointless exercise. Thomas doesn’t bother to come over anymore and does nothing but pay lip-service when he does and his son is equally uncaring despite being employed by the club.

All in all it’s a very depressing scenario but that’s been the case for years now and we should be used to it. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt of course as clearly is does to anyone who cares about our great club.

All we can do is to cling on in the hope that sunnier days lie ahead however long we have to wait for them!


Monday, 30 January 2023

Charlton 1 Bolton 2

No real shame in defeat on Saturday to a decent Bolton side. However, we seemed a bit below par when compared to recent displays. There didn’t seem the same intensity we had against Barnsley for example.

Bolton are a well drilled and physical side who press well and forced several errors from our players.

The Trotters could easily have been 3 or 4 nil up at half time. Luck and excellent last ditch defending prevented it from being no more than 1-0.

Shoretire was a constant menace with bags of skills. The United loanee was a real handful.

Bolton ought to finish in at least third place. Their only Achilles heel appears to be their keeper. Trafford appears to make some dodgy decisions and his distribution looks a bit suspect.

He nearly messed up when Bonne went for the ball and ultimately got booked I felt it was a bit harsh as clumsy as the tackle was. Trafford invited that and it could have been costly.

We did well to score so soon after the break to get back into the game and one wonders how it might have been had JRS taken that near post chance that followed soon after.

Having worked so hard to stay in the game the Bolton second and ultimately the winner was a really poor goal to concede. It was error strewn and a total lack of communication cost us dear.

Holden has had an excellent start as manager and got most things right. I felt that Campbell and Leaburn were unlucky to be dropped. CBT and Bonne did little to justify their starting berths.

Dean really ought to have made changes before he did too. At least a couple of players didn’t merit staying on at half time.

CBT had a poor game where heavy touches, poor decision making and a failure to cross early enough wasted many attacks. He lacked any cutting edge on Saturday.

Penney had a poor debut and I’ll stop short using the old term used to describe a cheap comic but it did cross my mind when he opted to shoot from 40 yards late on!

I think he can be cut a bit of slack given his late arrival. He’ll have to do a lot better to convince me that he should start over a fully fit Sessingnon.

Morgan took his chance well but still fails to convince overall. In addition, I don’t get why he get to take free kicks especially when Fraser is on the pitch. We all want him to do well but the lack of consistency lets him down.

We’re into the final 2 days January and like most days concerning our club, they will be interesting.

We may see something happen with the ownership but that’s anyone’s guess. We’ve seen more nonsense trotted out in the last 48 hours.

It would seem that whatever happens in respect of those linked to date we’re in a lose-lose situation.

Sandgaard is a busted flush and the rumoured takeover mob don’t seem any better.

In respect of transfers I’m not convinced anyone will come in. If they do it’ll be a loanee or short term contract.

Kirk maybe on the way out along with Stockley. One has to feel for Kirk as things really have conspired against him. Perhaps a move would be best for him in the long run.

The same could now be said of Stockley. He has really gone down hill this season. He should never have been made captain. No striker should in my opinion but I saw little in terms of leadership from Jayden.

I think we would do well to move DJ on. I can’t recall him ever having a good game and despite all the hype around his transfer he really hasn’t cut the mustard.

Lots of water to pass under the bridge before we kick off again next Saturday. As always, we are mere bystanders and watch matters unfold from a afar.







Friday, 13 January 2023

Back To The Nitty Gritty

Back to earth with a bump on Saturday as we go from the glamour of Old Trafford to Barnsley at home.

Like ourselves, Barnsley once graced the Premier League albeit that they only lasted one season. Very much in similar vein though they went down with Neil “relegation” Redfern in their ranks.

One of our most expensive signings, Redfern was about as effective as Jimmy Floyd H. The less said about the pair of them the better.

This is very much a bread and butter game. The Tykes occupy a play off spot and this would have been a tough game at any time. Having just gone toe to toe with United in midweek makes it a whole lot tougher as it must have taken something out of them. Hopefully they’ve recovered well.

Never mind, seeing the lads and the great support at Old Trafford was worth it. It really served to highlight the great potential of our club. My God we’ve over achieved in the last few years when you consider the mess the club is off the pitch.

The damage done by so many useless and odious owners is incalculable. What we could have accomplished with decent investment and proper organisation we can only dream about.

Tuesday was a real shot in the arm and throw back to the glory days of the Prem or even before when gave United a bit of a scare for a while in the FA Cup.

The lads were fantastic and it was a shame we didn’t score. I’d have loved Miles to have followed in his dad’s footsteps and bagged a goal. However, one feels that it won’t be long before he does score there even thought it may not be for the Addicks!

I had to watch from afar with Stewart “research” Robson telling us that Curbs was sacked and then replaced by Pardew! Arghh!!

The more I see and hear from Holden the more impressed I am. We’ve found our selves a goodun. I think we could do really well with him but as ever he needs proper funding and support. As always you suspect that he won’t get it. We’ll see although yesterday’s signings are a small step up from the previous January windows and the last summer one where we failed to recruit a striker.

Like the potential new owners, time will tell as to whether Bonne will prove to be a good signing. At least he has a point to prove and needs to work hard to win over a number of sceptical fans.

Todd Kane was also recruited yesterday and it will be interesting to see if either or both start tomorrow. Unless there’s a need to rest any player following Tuesday or anyone due to injury it seems a bit harsh to leave anyone out.

This will be a tough game but given our recent form and newly found impetus and improved organisation under Holden I expect us to get something from the game.

For the first time in a while I’m really looking forward to a home league game.

Come On You Reds!

Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Happy new Year?

Happy New Year!

January is a time for fresh starts and resolutions etc. I never bother with resolutions for many reasons not least because I rarely stick to them and why wait until January to start them?

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing immediately eh! In addition, unless you are fully committed to them then you’re wasting your time.

If only our esteemed owner, Deluded Thomas as the bible would surely dub him, had the same thoughts. Vacuous promises repeatedly made during his tenure come and go without fulfilment day after day, month after month and year after year.

I think if we gave Sandgaard another 100 years he’d not get us to the Championship let alone the Prem!

It seems incredible that over the space of some 2 years he has managed to make Roland appear not all that bad! Say what you like about Roly but even he isn’t as stupid as the banjo man! He knew he was messing with our club and made no bones about it.

Some were quicker than others to identify the flaws in our attention seeking, narcissistic owner.

As we enter this new year he is desperately trying to organise a take over and one that seemingly sees him retain 20% of the club. God help us! 0% is too much!

The not so daft Duchatalet holds all the cards in reality and is still holding out for an inflated price for the freehold of the club.

In the meantime, Sandgaard seeks investment from anyone who has a few thousands dollars and fancies a punt on a League One club that is a shadow of its former self.

As ever, us fans just have to sit back and watch events unfold and hope that one day we may get the owner or owners we deserve.

On the pitch a fine performance against Pompey saw secure our usual Fratton Park victory.

One can’t deny that Pompey weren’t very good and it proved the final straw for their owner who sacked the Cowleys yesterday. I wonder just how many managers have lost their jobs following defeat to Charlton!

However, we played well enough and more than deserved the win.

I caught some of the Radio Solent commentary at the point where Guy Whittingham announced that “ Charlton were there for the taking! “. A couple of minutes later and we took the lead.

I can’t see Guy getting any punditry work outside of Portsmouth with observations like that! Up to that point Pompey had shown nothing at all and conversely were just waiting to be picked off!

I like what I’ve seen and heard from Holden so far. He could do well but as ever any success he achieves can only be done by proper backing. Whether he gets that of course, is anyone’s guess!

Sadly, Chuks sustained another injury and this latest set back occurred during the warm up that is supposed to assist against it.

We didn’t need the benefit of hindsight to know how silly that 3 and a half deal we gave was. You have to feel for him. When fit and on his day Chuk is a quality player and one easily capable of playing well in the Championship at least.

This feels like last chance saloon for him and something needs to be done to get to the root of his problems. If not. Then he may have to call time on his career and that would be a real shame.

You may recall that Sadngaard made noises about sorting all our injury problems via the one thing he allegedly knows about. Like everything that arises form his “Midas touch” it’s turned to s**t!

Our injuries have got worse if anything with our keeper sustaining a broken finger and even that isn’t healing properly!

The ongoing uncertainty over the ownership couldn’t be happening at a worse time and Gods only knows if we’ll get any decent business done in the transfer window.

It’s hard to look past some of our better players going out the door. With each passing game Miles Leaburn will become a target for many clubs. He looks a far better bet than Mason Burstow who went for £2 million last season. A club out there will no doubt be thinking about making a move for him.

No doubt Mr Breakeven already has desires to sell!

All we have is hope and that’s all we can do as we watch whatever unfolds over the next few weeks and months. The main thing to hope for is that we at least manage to stay in League One. Relegation might well see us finished, it’s as bad as that.

I wish anyone reading this a successful New Year and let’s hope that this time next year I can be writing something more positive about our wonderful club!