Wednesday 8 June 2022


To no one’s surprise Ben Garner has finally be unveiled as the new manager.

Naturally, we had to wait until the owner was back in the UK until this was confirmed. Clearly, Sandgaard and her indoors were somewhat miffed that the news was released ahead of today’s announcement.

He does need to understand the nature of reporting and that journalists, especially Cawley, are free and to an extent duty bound, to report on their information.

Hopefully, Thomas will learn at least this lesson and maintain a more dignified approach and response next time. Cawley has maintained a dignified silence and remained professional throughout.

None of knows if Garner will be a success. He comes across well and has resisted or is at least sensible enough not to make outlandish statements in terms of claiming what he will achieve.

Garner seems to have a clear idea of how he wants his teams to play. Given that it is based on an attacking philosophy bodes well.

It would make sense and will maintain continuity from Garner’s side if his two assistants come with him.  One assumes that is the plan and is being worked on.

I’d love to know who the other candidates were that Sandgaard interviewed or applied for the job. I can’t believe that Garner was his first choice. Until a couple of weeks he wasn’t even in the frame.

In that respect I’d also be keen to know where he came from. Did he apply off his own bat? That seems unlikely especially if the assistants are part of the deal.

I was interested to hear Garner mention how impressed he was with what Thomas, Martin and Steve knew of him. It tells us that Junior is also involved with the recruitment of managers not just players.

None of the above is intended to rubbish Garner I’m just interested to know how the whole recruitment process was run and by who.

The most important thing to do now is get on with recruiting the players we need to push us up the table. That, plus we all need to get behind Ben Garner and give him every chance to succeed.

Let’s hope for some entertaining football allied to a more successful season than we have for some while now.