Wednesday 31 October 2012

Oi ! Do Me A Favour !

Last night I sat down to watch the Reading v Arsenal game wishing that Sky had chosen to air Swindon - Villa or Sunderland - Boro games. The latter only to get a heads up on Boro ahead of Saturday I must admit. Over 2 hours later and I was satisfied that Sky had, in fact, made an excellent choice.

Reading went from 4-0 up to 5-4 down to 5-5 and eventually lost 5-7 as I'm sure most of you will know. A great game, very exciting and once Arsenal got their second in normal time the writing was pretty much on the wall as Reading's fragile nature was exposed.

What really added to the excitement was the playing of the music whenever Reading scored. Most bizarrely the tune played was that which is played at darts matches nowadays. It goes without saying that doing that really added to the atmosphere.

Of course it didn't. Playing music when goals are scored started with American sports and should remain there where it seems more appropriate. Sadly it seems to be on the increase and I believe that Norwich, a club I've always thought of as quite sensible, are doing it now. Mind you, I suppose it's better than another sherry fueled outburst from Deliah !

Much to my embarrassment I recall that we did it at one time, something like The Only Way Is Up as I recall. It would blare out at top volume and even woke me up once ! Fortunately, the club listened to the fans and it was very short lived. 

I'm quite happy to jump up and down, punch the air etc when our boys score. That's how it should be and I cringe when I hear the music at other clubs. Why Reading should chose music so closely associated with another game is beyond me. 

Music before, at half time and after the game ( especially if it's ironic ) then that's absolutely fine. Nothing else is needed.

Next week :-  The Mexican Wave and how it has really enhanced my enjoyment of watching sport.


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