Monday 5 May 2014

A Rather Splendid Evening Part 2

Well done Diego

Last week was probably the best we've enjoyed all season both on and off the pitch. The back to back wins with a total of 6 goals scored and the sponsors and player of the year dinners saw to that. 

Last night I attended the latter event. Getting down early allowed me to visit some old haunts and once again bore the pants off my lad with tales of my youth....he'd heard them all before of course !

We stopped at the Antigallican having parked the car in the Valley car park. Time allowed for a couple of swift ones before making our way back to the ground. 

Once inside we found our table and sadly we weren't to have a player on it. No matter we found ourselves in decent company and it made for an enjoyable evening.

The players and staff were introduced in turn found their tables. It was great to see most buying a drink for everyone on their table. I think Wiggins actually got a second round in !

After dinner the winners were announced. Jordan Cousins was young player of the year. Michael Morrison was the CASDA player of the year. Wilson was player's player. Morrison was 3rd with Wilson 2nd and of course, Diego was the player of the year.

Jose Riga gave an excellent little speech citing specifically the values of our club and how honoured he was to work for Charlton. 

After all that their was time for many photos and how great were the players as always. I found all of them superb. In trying to tell Ben Hamer that I thought he'd had a good season and that we'd had a great end to it, I told him it'd had been a great season. " No it hasn't ! " he correctly observed. How to make a fool of yourself !

I got a photo with Skip and took the opportunity to tell him how impressed I've been with him and how fantastic the effort has been to ensure survival. 

I also managed to have a photo and a few words with Jose to tell him what a remarkable job he's done since he arrived.

Jose was later seen have a lengthy chat with Hamer, hopefully encouraging him to sign up for next season.

We continued drinking until being on the verge of forcibly removed. We made our way back to the Antigallican.

This morning saw us visit The York Cafe for the usual hearty breakfast before making our way home.

We really do have some special players at our club. A great night and one I will cherish for many years to come. 


Saturday 3 May 2014

Back To Back !

Callum treble !

Leaving it late has been the story of the season. Late winners against QPR and Bournemouth and leaving it late to secure safety has been the way of things. Fitting then, in a way that our first back to back wins in the league are achieved on the final day of the season. Not only that another 3 goal haul in the second game running.

One has to be pleased and delighted for young Callum with his first senior hat-trick. What a finish to a season that for the most part wasn't great for him. It is so pleasing as we all know what talent he possesses, it just needs to come to the fore more often.

It was a topsy-turvy afternoon at both ends of the table. Brighton secured the last play-off spot without playing particularly well at Forest. Sadly, Donny were relegated and Birmingham survived by the skin of their teeth. Almost predictably for a Lee Clark team it was a draw that saw them survive on goal difference.

Riga opted to make only one change from the team that ensured survival on Tuesday with Astrit coming in for Solly who was rested. I didn't think he'd rest too many if any at all. I guess the players would have up for playing in a no pressure game after all the hard work.

To win by three clear goals away to a team  that needed to get something from it in a game that meant little to us is further testament to the resolve in this team and indicates how Riga won't allow them to ease up. All good signs.

This has been a wretched season for all manner of reasons but there a few positives. Clearly the biggest of those has been the emergence of our academy players. Since our academy has been lauded for so many years it is about time that we witness so many of them flourishing in a Charlton shirt. All too often that hasn't been the case.

Even young Pope, whose season is far from over, has managed to progress albeit in his case away from the Valley. From that viewpoint alone this season hasn't been a total disaster and is one reason to be positive for the future. 

I really can't recall a season like this. In some respects it makes the 84-85 season seem almost like a bumpy ride in comparison. 

For now we can relax and enjoy our summer and see what the future holds. Much of the gloom and doom foretold by some has failed to come to fruition. My view has always been to wait and see what happens. No point in worrying about what might happen. I also feel that any issues should be addressed via the trust that has something of a mandate to do so. A united front is always the best way.

I got my tickets for the player of the year do last week before safety was assured. It's going to be good I'm sure and I'm really looking forward to that.

I'm there are long celebrations ahead in Blackpool for the remainder of the day and elsewhere too. Enjoy !

We've reached the end of a very long season and in typical Charlton style we've all been put through the wringer ! However, at no stage have I ever been anything less than proud to be an Addick. As Ferguson might well have said......." Charlton, bloody hell ! ".

Come On You Reds !

Thursday 1 May 2014

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside........

especially if you've secured your Championship place.

Tuesday night's excellent performance and win of course means that those travelling up for this one can truly enjoy the trip. I'm sure many will be making a weekend of it. Many will recall Mildew urging us to do the same a few years ago. Many of us did and it wasn't a pleasant experience. This time it will be all the more enjoyable I'm sure.

Of late this fixture looked liked being a winner takes all game. Fortunately, we can breathe easy whilst Doncaster, Birmingham, Millwall and indeed Blackpool themselves all need something to ensure safety. Out of all of those Blackpool look to be in the least danger and not just because they're playing us.

The game presents us with an opportunity to secure back to back wins in the league for the first time this season. 

The 12.15pm kick off is ridiculous with fans as always being the lowest priority when television companies are paying so much money. At least it leaves plenty of time afterwards to sample the delights of the resort.

One could speculate about the make up of the sides but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn ! At least for those travelling there's an opportunity to see Fuller again.

We can all be totally relaxed for once on a Saturday. Life feels a whole lot better with safety now assured. Relegation would have been a massive blow especially as it would have been so unnecessary. 

As for who joins Yeovil and Barnsley then either one of Millwall or Birmingham will do as I've little time for either of them.

If you're going Saturday then have a great time. I'm sure there'll be a few stories come out of the weekend. Have fun one and all !

Come On You Reds !