Monday 29 October 2012

Home Sweet Home

I've not posted for over a week, something that I realise has left a huge void in your lives. I'm sorry......

Truth is that it was rather busy in the last week of the first autumn half term. That included two cup matches in two days for the school's A & B teams ( and Sir Chris probably thinks he's busy with two in a week ! ). BTW the A team won after extra time and the B team narrowly lost 3-2. 

In the meantime Sir Chris and the lads have collected a creditable 2 points on the road that I didn't think we'd get at all. That it could and perhaps should have been more is testament to how well they played and how resilient the team was in both especially after going behind in both.

I commented before that Sir Chris is too intelligent not to learn from mistakes and he is now starting to demonstrate more flexibility and increased ruthlessness. I thought it was a tad harsh to drop Green but in replacing him with Wilson has proved to be a correct move.

The numerous changes for the Leeds game were as successful as they were surprising. Clearly BWP was never going to play in the lone striker role but the side wasn't one that many, if any of us would have suggested prior to kick off.

The poor starts of late are a worry but the fight and spirit shown by the lads is very encouraging. Those who have been given their chance have taken by and large taken them. With the prospect of other players returning from injury the competition for places will hot up.

Not having been at Leeds or Wolves I can't really comment on how well players have performed but I'm of the understanding that Evina and Wilson have acquitted themselves well. Wilson it seems is combining well with Solly who has thankfully been reinstated in the right back berth that is very much his own.

Pleasing to see Evina in the side and hopefully he'll stay there for some time and increasingly gain confidence from a run in the side.

Whilst it's clear that we're playing better away we do now need to examine our approach at home. The next two games pose a few questions in that regard. Normally I'd advocate being more positive and go away from the formation of the last two games and go 4-4-2 or similar. However, usually the oppo will come to the Valley with the attitude of keeping it tight and looking to score on the break. 

I can't see that being the case with Boro and Cardiff. Given their respective positions I imagine that they will be positive and go for it from the start. Therefore, I think that for these two games there's no harm in maintaining the same personnel and system as that of Leeds and Wolves.

More food for thought for Sir Chris ! Whatever he decides let's hope he is as successful as he's been in the last two matches and makes the correct calls.   

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