Thursday 8 November 2012

Ashton Gate

There it be ! The west country scandal !

I've been to Ashton Gate once, for an FA cup tie in 1994 I believe. As I recall it was 1-1 draw with Mark Robson ? scoring a lateish equaliser after which he got booked for over celebrating with us fans. We then won the midweek replay at home and went onto to play Man Utd away in the quarter-finals I think. Wow ! What a day that was !

My other recollection of that day at the Gate was the extremely unpleasant atmosphere and several coins and other objects being thrown in our direction. I made a sharp exit at the end as I could what was brewing and I think there a spot of bother after.    

I believe we are playing on Sunday due to Rovers being at home. Seems a lot of nonsense to me and how it couldn't have been sorted I don't know. 

A quiet Saturday then and we can relax for a while watching how the rest of the league gets on. 

For the first time in some while and the pressure's more on the home side than ourselves especially following Tuesday's heroics ( I've watched the goals this evening....... 5 times ! I love it ! ).

City have lost their last 6 in a run that has naturally seen them slide down the table. Given our wonderful result against Cardiff we should be anticipating a win and yet............. Come on this is Charlton so we know it won't be that straight forward.

Sam Baldock formerly of the MK Dons is their main man. Hopefully we can keep him quiet.

Who knows what side Sir Chris will put out given the current trend for injuries ! Someone will no doubt burn their nipple on baby milk to rule themselves out of the game.

Whatever the side Sir Chris we trust especially if he can deliver his half-time teamtalk BEFORE the game !

As ever I shall be studiously avoiding all media contact until 5 mins to go when I shall endeavour to discover how we're doing.

Best wishes for a good day out to those that are going and I hope your efforts are duly rewarded with 3 points, a good game and decent weather. 

Come On You Reds !


  1. The game is on Sunday because THE POLICE will not let us play on the same day as Rovers

  2. I was there in 1994, there was more than a 'spot' of bother after the game. Someone had thoughtfully left a skip full of bricks outside the ground which rained down as we left. Probably the nastiest bunch I've come across. Still, the replay was fun...
    Paul Addick (aka Herek Dales)

  3. I was there in 94, I was 16 and with my dad, I remember there being 6000 addicks fans there, and the strangest atmosphere of a game I have ever witnessed, we were playing in white and I can only remember us singing, come on you whites every now and then...
    I think as you said there was a lot of trouble with there fans throwing coins and everyone was nervous and uptight watching the game... we went 1 down to a freekick I think?.
    One incident that stuck in my mind was Scott Minto not throwing the ball back to them after they kicked it out due to someone going down injured. This also sent there fans mad!.
    When Robson scored near the end everyones tensions lifted and we all went mental, it was standing in those days so you just didnt know where you were going to end up!.
    I remember after the game trying to get back to the car as soon as possible as it was all kicking off outside, I even had a police horse nearly sent me flying!.
    Sorry for the long post but just wanted to share that!. Come on you reds!!

  4. Thnaks for confirming the reason Anon. They surely play away when one is home and that is confusing. P.A. a similar thing re bricks occured during the poll tax riots that I happened to in London at the same time as, not nice ! Anon yes I remeber the white kit and the Minto incident now you mention it. I seem to recall a ridiculously large programme too that cost a lot for those days. It was very pleasant but as you say the replay was good fun ! We won that with ease !

  5. I meant it wasn't very pleasant......

  6. That police horse took out my mate, while another friend was shouting "Big Horse!"

  7. Wish I had of been 16 in 1994...
    Paul Addick