Friday 2 November 2012

Boro At Home

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The Addicks now face two tough home games in the space of 4 days. Probably the two toughest consecutive home fixtures in fact. Can we rise to the challenge ? On the evidence of the last two away matches, then the answer has to be, yes.

Boro are on a very good run as one would expect with a club that has suffered only one defeat and one draw in the last 9 games. However, we should not be totally pessimistic despite our poor home form. Boro are not prolific scorers having garnered 21 goals from 13 matches. In addition, the are more susceptible on the road with 3 defeats against 3 wins away. They have in fact conceded more goals than us too.

Whilst we haven't been knocking them in from all over the park our defence has been sound. Looking at our form over the last 7 league games and we've won 2, drawn 3 and lost 2. All this would seem to suggest that tomorrow's encounter will be a close one decided by no more than one or two goals.

Our failure to secure wins at home to the likes of Watford, Barnsley and Blackburn ( in my view they were there for the taking that day ) means that one of the upcoming two matches is a must win.

My belief is that at home we should be positive and play with 2 up front. That is with the majority of teams, however, I feel that Boro and Cardiff will look to attack more than most. Therefore, I believe that we should stick with the team and formation that has served us so well away recently.

Fortunately, we may be spared Ishmael Miller tomorrow, he could really hurt us. However, another who could also do so, Lukas Jutkiewicz may well return from injury. The other goalscoring threat comes in the shape of Scott MacDonald, a player who plundered quite a few goals when plying his trade in Scotland.

Tony Mowbray may appear something of a dour and uninspiring manager but he's obviously doing something right and has a decent track record. Being an ex-Boro player also helps as we know in our case with Sir Chris.

Nicky Bailey will, of course, be back at the Valley. I'm sure we all remember when last here he put a few million pounds over the bar.........sadly not in the way we'd have liked ! I've no qualms with him, he always gave it everything for us and I don't share the view that he was greedy when he left. He was at an important stage of his career and was clearly capable of playing at this level. 

I recall the Southend fans at the Valley giving him grief accusing him of leaving them only for the dosh and I felt it was very small minded of them. In any case as is usually the case it only served to make him try harder !

Nicky is likely to start on the bench tomorrow but will once again tread the Valley turf at some stage I'm sure. I hope that he gets a good reception.

Our team is unlikely to be changed with the usual suspects on the bench. We are missing Fuller although I know Hulse has given it his all of late. He is a good player getting up to match speed and good for him. I hope he can get a goal soon.

Another player who needs a goal is BWP. A cameo from him capped with a goal would help him enormously.

We will miss Razak and are now in need of another midfielder as we look thin on the ground in that area. I hope we can secure someone suitable soon.

It's the 20th anniversary of Red, White and Black tomorrow with some associated dignitaries making an appearance. Given the goings on elsewhere recently it'll be good give a cheer to our own campaign and one that unlike some of the Prem clubs, we do more than pay lip-service too. It's another one of the many reasons why you're proud to be a Charlton fan.

Away from the Valley, I saw sad too see that Danny Baker has been sacked by Radio London. Total nonsense and done in a classless way by the BBC at a time when their stock is at its lowest. I do hope that Radio 5 don't follow suit even if Danny decides to stay. 

Millwall fan he may be but he is a wonderful gift to radio and I shouldn't be too wound up by the occasional digs at ourselves. After all, we too have a go at them and I feel his genuine dislike, rather like us, is more reserved for the Nigels.

Here's to a good game tomorrow and three home points at last !

Come On You Reds !


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