Monday 5 November 2012

Keeping The Faith

My favourite Chris Powell photo

After a 12 hour working day this is a mercifully short post you'll be pleased to learn.

A prior commitment means that I'm unable to be there tomorrow immediately giving rise to the prospect of a win !

As we know Cardiff are flying high and we, er aren't !  Injuries have damaged us this season and it seems it's payback time for the relatively injury-free season we enjoyed last term.

I know we should all be wanting a win and I'm no different but I do feel that a draw would go some way to restoring fragile confidence following Saturday and we could look ahead to the upcoming games with a tad more enthusiasm.

Now is not the time to lose faith in Sir Chris. He has shown that his is developing as a manager and he will continue to improve. That doesn't mean he is beyond criticism and regular readers will know I've been quick to highlight what I think have been some odd decisions and basic errors this term. 

However, there's an eerie silence from above and I'm not sure that SCP has a close working relationship, if any at all, with the owners. He needs us to show we're right behind him and the team. So make sure you give him and them an extra cheer tomorrow. 

Whatever the result, stay fully supportive of Sir Chris as he's the man for the job. If he's given the two or three players we clearly need then he'll steer us into calmer waters I'm sure.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. I thoroughly agree - unfortunately sitting in the East stand there is a definite lack of passion with a lot of the fans and I think this goes some way to explain why we do better away at the moment. It's a shame when 'You only sing when you're winning' applies to Charlton fans at home! I did not enjoy Saturday's match and when you try and urge the 'boys' on and get told to sit down and shut up by the impassive so called fans around you it may be time to make my 17th season my last.