Tuesday 31 July 2018

A State of Inertia

If ever a picture didn't need a caption.

To date in this summer we've enjoyed one of the best world cup finals for many a year and likewise in terms of our summer. As Addicks of course our football club is there to restore the status quo and to bring us back down to earth.

The euphoria that arose at the end of last season following Robinson's departure and Bowyer's appointment allied to the team's displays has dissapated with each passing day since its denouement.

Respected journalists and the well informed have been made to look those latterday chancellors of the exchequer with their promise of jam tomorrow as there have been so many false dawns in respect of a takeover.

It seems that we as far away as ever with the Australians seemingly unable to get the deal over the line. This should have left the way clear for the second interested party but in reality I don't any of us ever believed one existed.

Sans a CEO and finance officer and any kind of guiding hand it's a wonder that the club continues to function at all.

Last season amid the prospect of a takeover I renewed my season ticket and guess what ? Yes, I did it again at the end of last season amid the almost certain takeover happening as it seemed at the time. Didn't someone once say something about a fool and his money ?

Despite the owner apparently on a mission to destroy our club the EFL standby doing nothing whilst having the only hope we have, the Aussies, jump through hoops etc before sanctioning any kind of a deal it seems.

Our squad is at present looking like the weakest and thinnest we've possibly ever had added to which it contains some of the most injury prone players in football. Bearing in mind our squads of late that's quite some statement.

I do hope you didn't drop by here seeking to reading something in any way uplifting !

Incredibly against this backdrop the team has produced a couple of good pre-season results and Bowyer has somehow maintained an apparent good team spirit. Another couple of high profile departures and if not suitably replaced could severly test that of course.

In more stable times and with a half decent squad I'd say playing a newly relegate club like Sunderland early doors would be good. It may still be the case. If we can avoid defeat it'd be a result.

If we see a repeat of that famous encounter from May 1998 then those who are making the early morning departure are in for a treat. 

Yours truly will be away will little prospect of finding a bar showing the game. I will try though. You will have make do without my post match ramblings.....what a shame eh ?

Good luck to those make the Herculean effort to support the lads.

Come On You Reds !