Wednesday 7 November 2012

One Over The Eight

How I feel, between a rock and a hard place !

Not had the call today, it'll probably be tomorrow. Sir Chris will ring and offer me a king's ransom to stay away for the rest of the season !

After Saturday's game I pretty confident few would have forecast last night's shenanigans ! I doubt anyone would even if we'd been on the most amazing home run ever ! A prior commitment prevented me from going and I would have been a bit miffed whoever it was but the league leaders ? At 2-0 behind I didn't feel so bad but then.......!!!

To say I'm a bit gutted to have missed it is an understatement. Usually I don't follow our games at all when I'm not there, I just check on the team before kick off and then check on how things are going about 5 mins before the final whistle.

Yesterday was different ( you can say that again ! ). I was aware that we were two down and at that point decided enough was enough and gave up on it. My thoughts turned to wondering how many we'd lose by and how Sir Chris must have been feeling. 

Things changed at about 9.30pm when I got a text from my elder lad asking if I knew what the score was. Go on I said, surprise me ! Well I sure wasn't expecting 5 -2 ! Still time for us to mess it up ( or words to that effect ! ) I texted back.

Low and behold it became 5-3 and 5-4. Bother ( again, words to that effect ) I thought, we're not going to win this one. How wrong I was ! My disappointment at not being there will stay with me forever as probably will my feelings of delight for Sir Chris and the boys.........mostly for SCP though. I'm so made up for him. 

His half-time talks must be the stuff of legend. Perhaps we can declare war on someone just so that the whole country can benefit from the stirring speeches that he clearly makes. Move over Winston, there's a new kid in town !!

As I say, I feel sick to have missed what was clearly an incredible game but am so, so happy for our Boss. Well done to one and all !

I've read details of what happened and heard accounts but not seen the goals. I'm looking forward to that.

Against the backdrop of a poor home record and an horrific injury list this was a truly wonderful backs to the wall effort.........FANTASTIC !!!

I'm especially pleased to hear of the support for Sir Chris even at two down. He needed that and it nearly brings a tear to the eye just thinking about it. Well done folks !

I'm eagerly anticipating our next home game, unless I get that call from Sir Chris of course !!!

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