Monday 26 November 2012

Tubby Tomlin

One to look out for - Lee Tomlin, the Peterborough " wide " man has an appetite for goals, oh and pies apparently !

Lardy Lee came to my attention during the recent televised Posh v Blackburn game. Surprisingly he lasted the full ninety and even managed to score a goal late on. Mind you he lasted the distance mainly because he didn't exactly run himself into the ground.

I'm aware that telly can make you look larger than you really are ( Colin Baker is a slip of a thing really ! ) but it will be interesting to see if our full-blown friend is as large as he appeared. Overweight or not he scored again on Saturday and appears to on something of a hot streak. Perhaps we can wave bag of sweets in his direction to distract him.

I just looked up the word digress in the dictionary........Stewart Francis was very good last night in case you were wondering. The third time I've seen him now and his one-liners are as good as ever. This latest tour is nearly over but buy the dvd if you can.

Where was I ? Tomorrow night then and the Posh are on a poor run and of course there's no chance of us helping to bring that to an end is there ? No siree, we've no history in that respect have we and after all we're sweeping all before us at home !

Darren is under pressure and Posh chairman Darragh must be given Fergie's position some thought again having sacked him once before of course.

What of our boys then ? Please God Sir Chris will put players in their best positions. Kerkar should have played wide left on Saturday and there was no reason that I can see why Skip couldn't have played left back. Anyhow, hopefully Seabourne will be fit. If so, then I suspect that the immovable object that is Johnnie will be left midfield if the boss opts to play Stephens and Manny in central midfield. That would be unfair on Kerkar in my view but Sir Chris doesn't like to leave Skip out does he ?

Stephens still doesn't do it for me and I'd happily see Pritchard in the middle with Manny in the same way I'd rather see Green on the right than Bradley P.

Whoever is fit or otherwise I'd definitely go for Yann to start up front tomorrow. His cameo on Saturday reminded us of what we've been missing and he looked like a man on a mission, the mission being to make up for lost time. I also think Yann is the man for The Toolbox, he'll relish playing there !

We really can't afford not to win this one. Not least ahead of Saturday's game looming large on the horizon. We want to go into that full of confidence to give ourselves the best chance of beating them.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. darragh said the worst decision he ever made was sacking fergie