Wednesday 22 December 2021


Following Jackson finally being made permanent he was rewarded with Covid infections depriving him of three players, two of whom are central to the team. Clearly it disrupted the set up and plans.

Sadly, a reasonable opening half hour or so aside it was a rather lacklustre performance with one or two failing to take their opportunity. That’s not what we expect under Jacko and he will have been disappointed.

We didn’t deserve to be behind at the break but did little in the second half to deserve anything from the game. One has to feel for those fans who made the long journey down to Devon. 

The match served to highlight how outside a small core group of players the back up is a little weak. Clearly, there’s work to be done in the January transfer window.

It would be good to be able to move one or two players on but I’m not sure how easy that will be in this window. We need to recruit another striker and that has to be a proven goalscorer. That won’t be easy.

If we have better luck with injuries we shouldn’t require another centre half but a repeat could continue to leave a little exposed there at times.

Great uncertainty remains in the meantime over the actual playing of games. A decision needs to be made regarding that as Covid is making the outcomes of games something of a lottery. This isn’t the same as getting run of the mill injuries.

No one wants to see games cancelled or played behind closed doors but a small break might be needed to stem the rise in infections and to also prevent a distortion to the league with games coming down to the luck of the draw in respect of infections.

I hope you all have a peaceful and restful Christmas with your families.

Friday 17 December 2021


Uncertainty to the left of me, uncertainty to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with Yule!

The latest Covid variant has left us wondering t what extent the festive football programme and indeed beyond will be affected. No clear message is coming from the Government and it’s left in the air to a degree.

There’s being vague and there’s being vague but suggesting that we prioritise things that are important to us really doesn’t help. One man’s meat is another man’s poison eh?

Additionally for us Addicks, we have the ongoing issue of when and now whether, Jackson and Euell will be made permanent. That it wouldn’t happen seemed inconceivable a couple of weeks ago. However, as it has unnecessarily dragged on that is a possibility.

It was always my view that Jackson should have got the job when Adkins was appointed. Given his immediate and terrific impact when he got the caretaker role it certainly ought to have happened in a matters of days.

I really feel that Roddy has had a hand in both matters. As the Director of Football or whatever his role is ( does anyone actually know?) surely he ought to be saying something?

We’re left clinging to the hope that this will end with the outcome we all so desperately want.

If the Plymouth game does go ahead let’s hope that we can continue our fine run which has seen us record 3 back to back wins if one includes the Cup game.

The scenario is very different to the one that saw us hosting the Pilgrims just a few weeks ago. At that time they were on a fine run and in good form. Since then of course things have taken a bit of a down turn with  poor results and their manager moving on.

However, similarly to us they appointed their assistant manager although they have dillydallied and he was made permanent immediately. Steven Schumacher seems highly thought of and is expected to do a good job. As ever, I don’t expect any complacency on the part of Jacko and the team.

Covid aside, I’m not aware of any new injury worries or issues. We ought to travel full of confidence and expectation. The simple fact is that we must keep winning if we are to put pressure on those above and to retain any realistic chance of attaining a play-off spot.

Best wishes and safe travelling to all those who are going. May you be rewarded with a win and good display!

Come On You Reds!

Monday 13 December 2021

Onwards and Upwards!

The Addicks secured another win on Saturday against another team who were bang in form.

Cambridge arrived in S.E.7 having bagged 5 goals in midweek. However, a combination of resolute defending, great goalkeeping and poor finishing saw them depart with a nil to their name.

Compared to Tuesday’s win over Ipswich, this was a more workmanlike display from our boys. However, it’s the type of games you need to win and in this manner if you’re to climb the table.

The win put us back in the top half of the table. Clearly, we are making progress but this run needs to be maintained.

To get into the play-offs alone is asking a lot. We’re not trying to close the gap on just 3 or 4 teams. There are about 7 or 8 that we need to chase down and that, of course, makes the task that much harder.

There were a few tired legs on the pitch which is only to be expected given how we are now playing. Jacko demands a pressing game.

Tired limbs weren’t confined to the players as the referee’s arm must have been aching given the number of cards he bandied about. I counted 8 in the first half alone.

What a contrast to the excellent refereeing from Tuesday’s game. The game was more niggly than dirty. The excessive card flourishing saw a few players walking a tightrope.

Stockley not the least of these as got fired up just before half time. The break arrived at the right time for him.

Jayden will be a target and one can understand his frustration as he was on receiving end of many niggly fouls and shirt pulls. To be fair he pretty much laughed off the majority of them.

The trio of on field officials had a poor day. How both ref and AC stand lino missed the shirt pull Stockley got in the second half is a total mystery.

Match winning displays from Washington who added the goals that his performances have merited, MacGillivray with at least two goal denying saves and Pearce who was just wonderful throughout.

It makes so much difference when the team is given 100% and the way we play entertains and add in a win and all is good with the world and our Saturdays are complete!

The busy Christmas schedule lies in wait and this week is the last time the players will have any real opportunity to train fully and for a recovery of sorts.

One hopes that we will add at least one striker to our ranks in the next transfer window. We could do worse than see if we can lure Chuks back on loan.

He’s not featured too much for Birmingham and he would do well if he was prepared to come and Bowyer is happy to loan him out.

That’s one for the future and in the meantime we continue to hope that permanent contracts for Jacko and Euell will finally be sorted this week.

Friday 10 December 2021

More Of The Same Please!

The Addicks are back home again on Saturday and with the addition of another bumper crowd it promises to be another entraining afternoon 

On the pitch we find ourselves in a good place. Everyone is 100% behind our management team. Everyone it seems apart from Sandgaard and perhaps, whoever is advising him that those permanent contracts need to wait.

This has long gone beyond a joke now and Thomas is doing his credibility no good whatsoever with each passing day. He was slow to dismiss and even slower to appoint.

In both cases the need to act has been blindly obvious and it calls into question his ability to make the big decisions. Ironically, had he sought to appoint someone from outside the club, there would have been no trial period. No contract less than two years.

If he offers anything less than 2 year contracts then his judgement seriously is flawed.

With this and a couple of other issues, I’m losing a little faith and it’s taking the gloss of what has otherwise been a honeymoon period for the new owner.

In respect of the match itself, Cambridge will offer another tough test as pretty much every game is in this league.

The U’s put 5 past Cheltenham on Tuesday night and so will arrive in S.E.7 full of confidence. However, so did Plymouth a couple of weeks and we know what happened then!

The team produced probably their best performance of the season on Tuesday and will be equally confident. Unless there are any injury concerns one assume pretty much the same starting eleven.

One possible alteration might be Leko coming in for DJ but other than that everyone deserves to keep their place.

Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have a better journey down than last time but the same result and performance and I really won’t give a damn!

Come On You Reds!


Wednesday 8 December 2021

Luvvly Jubbly!

Back to winning ways in the league and in some style. If we’d been a bit more clinical we’d have scored at least 6 goals. Hey, this is Charlton though and thus, the second and deciding goal, didn’t come until late into the game.

Worth the wait though wasn’t it? A lovely solo run and finish from Gilbey. Having failed to score from the vast array of chances set up following short, sharp passes and good movement, it needed to be executed in that fashion.

Whilst accepting that Ipswich were poor, it was probably our finest performance of the season even if Adkins might argue that we had a good 20 minute spell in a game back in September!

Despite only leading by the single Stockley goal for so long it was one of those rare occasions when you felt reasonably assured of an Addicks victory.

The transformation from the dross we witnessed under Adkins to last night’s display was chalk and cheese. Watching Ipswich, it was not difficult to imagine that our Nige had taken over at Portman Road as they looked lost and devoid of any game plan or shape.  

A lot of their players are capable of so much better. Not least amongst those is Fraser who ran the show when we played MK last season. He was probably glad to be subbed.

Whoever does take on the manager’s role has a hell of a lot to do to sort matters on the pitch and repair them off it as the fans are clearly turning on the players. Good luck to them, not every club has a legend like Jacko to do so!

Man of the match was a tough choice as not only did no one have a bad game, each player did so well.

The Stockley – Washington partnership was a joy to behold with Washington’s finishing to the only Achilles heel. I guess if his scoring ability matched his all round movement and running he’d not be with us.

We could have had about 8 names on the scoresheet last night such was the dominance and willingness of the lads to get in and around the box. A bit more composure, clinical striking and picking the right option  would help but it seems a bit churlish to be so picky after that.

I understand that Jacko is likely to be announced as permanent manager on Saturday. Not before time but it is pretty insulting that he hasn’t got it before now.

Had Sandgaard appointed someone from outside the club he wouldn’t have had the luxury of, what has effectively become, an on the job interview.

If Jacko is confirmed, then the proper planning on the transfer window can commence. One can but hope that Roddy is nowhere near it but I fear he’ll have his mucky paws over it.

One thing slightly took the edge off last night’s win and that is the playing of Addicks To Victory immediately after the final whistle. Please God, no! Why trample over years of tradition by playing that?

All we want to hear is the crowd singing and clapping and then play Red, Red, Robin after that. It’s how it’s always been. Please, Thomas, leave your tune for another time!

Monday 6 December 2021

The Addicks overcame a decent Gateshead side on Friday evening to make into the 3rd round of the cup. 

Fans are dreaming of a decent draw that would see us pitted against a top Prem side. Some would like an away tie. Personally, I would like to get a home tie against one of the top teams. I’d include Everton in that as they’re a team I really like due in part to the values that the club has.

Jacko promised to take the cup seriously and he was good to his word in fielding a strong team. It was just as well as Gateshead provided a decent test and really ought to have at least two goals.

That they didn’t was down to poor finishing and a couple of great saves from Henderson as worryingly, the back, looked a bit static.

Those that travelled up to the game deserve huge praise and will have made some sacrifices to do so no doubt. It’s a long way to go at the best of times but a tough journey on a Friday.

They were at least rewarded for their efforts with a win. They further benefitted from avoiding the ITV commentary team that was a source of some irritation!

The ignorance and baloney that came from one or two of them was incredible. Please do the barest minimum of homework to avoid some of the tripe that was broadcast.

Jermain Beckford got a bit carried away but had the decency to apologise the next day having reviewed some of his comments.

I remain at a loss to know what more Jackson has to do to get the manager’s job on a full time basis. What he has achieved has already passed the wildest expectations.

One looks at Ipswich where Cook has just been sacked for a seemingly poor start. It’s true that he got really good backing but his performance was hardly on a scale with Adkins and he really ought to be given more time.

Hopefully, there will be some internal issues that we might benefit from on Tuesday night.

One would expect to see a slightly bigger midweek attendance courtesy of the free ticket offer. In addition, we can hope that The Addicks return to winning ways in the league.

A return for Jason Pearce would be a much needed boost for our back line.

Wins against Ipswich and Cambridge would be a real shot in the arm for our drive up the table. If we can get ourselves into a good position by the end of the year. That would leave us to take hopefully make good use of the January transfer window.

Announcing Jacko would be a real shot in the arm too. How much longer must we wait?

Come On You Reds!    

Friday 3 December 2021

Up For The Cup!

It’s nearly 2 weeks since I lasted posted on this blog. At that time Jackson’s appointment as permanent manger was long overdue. Fast forward to now and it still hasn’t happened of course.

The delay really doesn’t help and when the team loses as it inevitably would it looks increasingly silly. 

There’s no doubt that Jacko remains the out and out best choice but if we lost tonight in the FA Cup then appointing him on the back of two defeats looks rather silly.

Sandgaard is not helping the situation at all and it put a spoke in the wheel in terms of planning both short and long term. 

The January transfer window is only a few days away with negotiations tough enough without the uncertainty looming large.

Thomas really has to  resolve this asap. I’m sure he was left in no doubt from all and sundry at the Alan Curbishley dinner as to what they feel especially after a couple of beers.

Onto tonight and we have the double whammy of a televised game and it being in the FA Cup. Traditionally we don’t do well in either respect!

However, if anyone can turn it around, it’s our “caretaker manager”.

One suspects that Jackson will field a competitive side yet hold back those are at risk of suspension or are returning from injury.

You would expect Stockley to play some part. Clearly he’s been a big miss in the last 3 league games and his presence goal-scoring ability is much needed in the upcoming games.

Starved as we have been of any big games in recent years ( save for the play-off final of course ) we will all be praying for a victory and decent draw in the third round.

It’d be great to get one of the top Prem teams at home of course although history suggests we’d get one of the few remaining non-league sides away!

Firstly, thought we need to overcome tonight’s opponents who won’t be a pushover I’m sure. Not fussed how we get there as long as do and then we can dream about what awaits in Round 3.

Come On You Reds!