Sunday 4 November 2012

Curiouser & Curiouser

Not Banksy's finest hour !

With injury to Evina Sir Chris was forced to make at least one change to the starting eleven of the previous two games. In addition, he decided to revert to 4-4-2 and brought back BWP to start alongside Hulse.

All went reasonably well in the first half. There was a near miss with a header inside the first two minutes from the diminutive Pritchard that went just over. 

BWP was finding it hard to stay on his feet and made himself look a bit daft after tumbling with no one around him and claiming a foul. I'm not sure if the invisible man was cautioned for that or not.

Things were pretty even and then we took the lead following a superb through ball from Pritchard and sublime finish from Hulse.

The ref awarded Boro a freekick shortly after when I felt we should have given it to us. Sadly, Woodgate was given the freedom of the Valley to head home.

Things remained pretty even with Cort somehow failing to head in at the far post and Jackson trying a shot from range that was, well er, not very good !

At the break the Addicks could be reasonably satisfied with their work. 

Wilson picked up an injury just before the break and it was pretty clear that he wasn't going to return after. The fans pondered over who would replace him as we sipped our half-time Bovrils.  Green would be the obvious choice although Haynes or Cook could equally be given consideration. It was to some astonishment then that Stephens came out to replace Lawrie and that, for me our man of the match so far, Pritchard was moved out right midfield.

Perhaps I missed something. Wasn't Bradley P snapping at their heels, winning tackles and playing some good passes such as the one that set up Hulse for the goal ? Further, didn't I see Pritchard play wide right recently and he didn't look very effective there ?

Stephens sprayed the ball left and right and failed to find any penetrating passes during the second period ( how much did Villa offer ? ). A very rare mistake from Morrison gifted Boro the second and a bizarre goal-kick from Steele somehow eluded most players to secure their third and the three points.

BWP and Cort were withdrawn to be replaced by Haynes and Cook. Try as they might they couldn't get The Addicks back in it.

The substitutions and formation changes were again odd. Cort and Morrison have been a solid partnership for some months and now it was being split up with Dervite going into a back three. Huh ?

Our formation seemingly changed about 3 times in ten minutes as we increasingly looked all at sea. No wonder, as few seemed to know their role. A fourth followed and it could have been worse. 

I'm afraid I'd struggle to tell what Jackson did yesterday yet he got the full ninety. You've got to ask should he be in the side ? He's a top bloke who did well for us last year but he's not doing it now. I wish I could tell you that as skipper he geed up those around him but sadly not. I'd pass it back to Morrison if I were Sir Chris.

The ref wasn't the worst we've seen but he was far removed from the best. His booking of Pritchard was bizarre coming as it did when he awarded us a throw-in. Bradley wasn't booked for answering back so it very odd indeed.

The upcoming visit of Cardiff couldn't really come at a worse time. We really need to up our game for that. Clearly we need to get a midfielder in as Razak would have been great yesterday, he was really missed. Haynes should probably be given an opportunity if we're playing two up front. 

The sooner Fuller returns the better, we very much need the guy. 

The pressure is mounting on Sir Chris. I've no wish to see him go and want us to keep him no matter what. However, given the recent departures he is an increasingly isolated figure who needs all the support he can get.

As I've said before I'm not sure what advice SCP is getting from his management team that are alongside him. He might benefit from getting Paul Hart on the bench and receiving some words of wisdom from him. 

Things don't look great at the moment but we have a decent squad that given a little strengthening and the right set up can secure wins in this division as has been proven. More importantly Sir Chris continues to learn, we need to keep on believing in him and hope that seeks wise counsel ( although not of the Dennis variety ).  


  1. A pretty good summary. We created chances but at no time did we play good football. We don't move as a unit, we don't break quickly, we aren't on our toes, running into space and, at times, didn't know who was doing what. The side is unsettled. We lack a decent mid-field and strikers who can score. Sadly you're right about the captain too.

  2. I thought the booking was correct as, before the ball eventually went out for the throw in, Bradley had challenged and tried to foul one of their guys about 3 times. However, the Boro player managed to keep going and the ref played advantage. The throw in was the first stoppage in play following. I thought it was good refereeing.

    As the three wise men on MoTD said, "The time to worry is when you are NOT creating chances"