Thursday 1 August 2019

Twist and Shout !

Two months ago Addicks everywhere were celebrating a famous win at Wembley. There were nearly forty thousand of us wildly celebrating not just that victory but all that had been achieved over the season.

Bowyer and his team defied the odds to secure promotion. That they achieved that is remarkable in itself, the manner in which it was won even more so.

The style of play and the never say die attitude all arose from the manager's vision and passion. It was as the great man himself would say, a wonderful journey!

Promotion to the Championship not only meant we were back playing at the very least level we can expect but could only make the club more attractive to any suitors. Rumours of the owner's increasing desire to sell the club were rife.

Indeed increasingly we were told, mostly by Duchatelet's lakey, Jim Whte, that a deal was just around the corner. Roland had had enough and was desperate to sell.

Fast forward to today and we couldn't be any further away from ridding oursleves of the worst owner in the club's history. A sad scenario in itself. Sadly we have the added frustation of the Belgian's continued refusal to properly invest in the team.

All of that is to overlook the total farce of renewing the contracts of the management and coaching staff most notably Bowyer's of course.

We are two days away from season's start and are a long way from having anything like the team and squad we need to have even a snowball's chance in hell of surviving.

Twist and shout became the victory anthem with Dillon leading the way. Now it represents something very different. Lee Bowyer is Twist, as in Oliver and the shout, is his pleading to be able to be remotely competitive in recruiting players.

All of the above is reflected in us being everyone's favourites for relegation. Thankfully we have in Lee Bowyer a manager who not only loves our club but someone who will give it his all and demand the same of his players.

Were we devoid of Bowyer, Jackson and Gallen then you'd join the " experts " and write us off before a ball is kicked. Thankfully we still have them and in turn, a chance of survival.

Clearly given the loss of some massive players we are in need of new recruits and doubtless the team has been and are doing everything in their power to get them.

It's unlikely that anyone is coming in or will be ready to play at Blackburn. Next week is make or break and we can only hope that the club is remotely successful in getting the players we need.

It'll be a long, hard season and in Bowyer we trust !

Come On You Reds !