Thursday 22 November 2012

Anything Ted can do.........

I can do better. For the second week running we play against a team which can count an ex-PM as a fan like his old adversary, Ted Heath, who was a Burnley fan apparently. Who can forget those heated exchanges across the dispatch box citing the merits of both the Clarets and the Terriers ? Nah, me neither !

Yes, more well known for his skill as a chat show host ( snigger, snigger ) Harold was indeed a fan of the Town. A tad more plausible than Ted being a Burnley supporter one feels as Harold might have said at the Amex conference !

This Saturday's fixture last season saw us end the " impressive run " Huddersfield had achieved under Lee Clarke. Umpteen games unbeaten..........with plenty of draws. Had there been more wins then they might have secured promotion but that was ultimately achieved under current boss, Simon Grayson.

For the Terriers, Jermaine Beckford may return from injury but James Vaughan is likely to miss out. Obviously it'd be better for us if they both miss. Simon Church got a late tap-in consolation last week against Brighton and one imagines he'll start.

I doubt we'll see Adam Hammill, the winger on-loan midfielder from Wolves, he's just avoided going to jail after being found guilty of assaulting two female paramedics. Apparently he didn't realise they were paramedics as he was paralytic !

What of the Addicks then ? Well Sir Chris has a few selection headaches now and it's a situation that I'm pleased to say won't get any easier as the injured start to make their return. SCP may be aided though to some extent by suspensions as Ketts alluded to the other day. With a few players on 4 yellows already one more will bring about a one match ban thus giving an opportunity to someone else. As we've seen already this season, they are likely to grab it !

Sadly Jonnson didn't enjoy the best of debuts last week which is somewhat understandable as he probably needs to get up to match fitness and speed. One would imagine that the Boss will remain loyal to Jackson and that Stephens will return. Therefore, unless an injury or illness occurs to another player then it's unlikely that Frimpong will make his debut on Saturday although one imagines he'll be on the bench.

Sir Chris has to somehow fit two of Fuller, Hulse and Haynes into what you'd have thought be a two man attack. Not easy. I can't see Haynes being dropped and Hulse has acquitted himself well of late so again it's hard to see past Fuller on the bench as a result.

Elsewhere, i.e. defence will be pretty much as you'd expect.......Solly, Morrison, Cort and Seabourne.

It's lovely that SCP has these " problems " and he'll be earning his corn as he attempts to keep the squad happy as much as one would like to believe that all players might view continued success for the team of more importance than their own wellbeing.

Hopefully, we'll see a good game and it'll be a cracking atmosphere on Saturday. I missed the Cardiff match but it sounded like The Valley atmosphere was returning to how it used be in those early days upon our return to it. At that time one really valued what we might have lost and as we progressed under Curbs there was a special togetherness that has been lost in recent years. Perhaps we really are getting our Charlton back !

Time to start really turning things around home and two home wins in a week would set us up nicely for the trip to our neighbours.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Ted Heath a Bunley supporter? unlikely I think.
    Sailor Ted M.P. for Bexley and lived in Broadstairs, a snooty Southener. But it makes a good story.