Wednesday 2 April 2014

It's Like......

making love to a beautiful woman. Jose Riga seen here with his trademark suit.

Another Tuesday, another 1-0 win ! We'll all be happy if that continues to the end of season. Why, hell, we'll even take the Saturday 3-0 defeats on the chin if so !

As ever I avoided all contact with media until 5 minutes to go when I switched on sky sports. I couldn't believe we were 1-0 up again and into time added on. Then Paul Jewell announces Leeds have a penalty. " Hamer's never saved a penalty for us " I tell my Sunderland mate who was visiting me. McCormack wouldn't not score though would he ?

What can I say ? When Jewell announced the pen had been saved I went mad ! Sky showed the pen straight away.........absolute quality Ben my boy ! Well done !

I'd barely recovered form the shock of Reza scoring and that shock was intensified when I saw what a quality goal it was. Upto now to be fair he'd given no indication that he was capable of doing that. Wow !

I questioned the line up when I saw it but I ought to know better. Jose clearly knew what he was doing.  

What tremendous spirit and fight this team has. The unrelenting slog of two games a week and with the last three away makes the return of 6 points from those games quite remarkable. I will only believe we can survive when the table tells me it's mathematically the case. It would be the most incredible achievement given all that has gone on this season.

Can we do it again on Saturday and / or on the Tuesday ? Who knows ? Let's hope so. The need to beat Yeovil is obvious as that would be massive as would a win over Barnsley. That those two games are on Tuesdays give us all hope.

Come On You Reds !

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