Wednesday 9 April 2014

Dull Evening In S.E.7

Diego Poyet - apparently his dad used to play football too !

One man stood almost alone last night in a largely error strewn but exciting game. Mere mortals were making mistakes to varying degrees save for one Diego Poyet. That is, as Tom Jones would say, not unusual ! I think he misplaced a pass against Bournemouth a couple of Tuesdays ago but other than that I can't recall him putting a foot wrong this season.

I'm not sure if any player has ever won our player of the year having only played for half a season but if anyone can then it's Diego. Unsurprisingly in the most awful of seasons there are few candidates anyway. Don't be shocked if he ends up with the trophy in his hands come the evening of the player of the year event..........May the fourth be with you indeed !

Another Tuesday night win then for the Addicks but packed full of incident as the scoreline of 3-2 will tell you. Not for us the normal 1-0 " goodnight Charlie " win ! Yeovil played their part in an exciting game even if it was so mostly for the wrong reasons.

It seems that no one told Jose that the last time Morrison played at right back it ended in a rare defeat away to Stevenage during our march to the League One title. Certainly Morrison seemed to have forgotten about it as to all and sundry, it appeared he never played there before. 

The Glovers were a little naive in that respect and the irate Gary Johnson should take a look at himself there. In the second half rather than attack down the left flank they seemed keen to play into Michael's hands by banging long balls towards him for him to head away time and again. Not very bright that ! 

A wonderful goal superbly created and finished by Astrit opening the scoring but I was concerned that we'd taken the lead too early and so it proved. As mentioned earlier playing Morrison at right back wasn't a good idea because he he simply can't. However, the error is compounded by the fact that it broke up the highly successful partnership that he and Dervite have forged of late. As others have bad must Nego be ? Either that or he's pi**ed on Jose's cornflakes at some stage.

Dervite was another to have a fine game and it was wonderful to see him get another goal, hammered home off his head in similar fashion to the one he got against Bournemouth I think ?

In amongst all the praise deservedly heaped upon Poyet it is important not to overlook the continuing excellent performances of Cousins. Young Jordan gets moved about all over the place yet he willingly takes on whatever role he is asked to perform and does so with some aplomb. Well done.

There are many factors that have resulted in this season being pretty pony, one of them is them is the endless stream of awful referees that we get. Typically they are partnered by an equally inept linesman who by tradition it seems is obliged to perform in front of the east stand. 

Last night's should have shown several yellows for persistent fouling. If he'd flashed a couple early doors then it would have sorted things. Aside form that he missed handballs and the most blatant of pushes and fouls. The time he added on was ridiculous and even that got extended disproportionately even allowing over keen stewards.

Despite Yeovil getting the lion's share of decisions and more than the rub of the green from the referee Gary Johnson felt moved to act like a spoilt child at then end in berating the ref for some after the final whistle. Rather sad and pathetic I thought.

Rather better performances from our forwards than of late notably Reza and Sordell. Sadly Obika hasn't reached the heights of last season yet but then again he took a while to settle on last season. Hopefully he will come again. I'd be tempted to start with him on Saturday as he may well feel he has a point to prove against his old loan club.

Last night's 3 points have dragged Birmingham, Blackpool and Doncaster into the relegation scrap. Millwall picked up an away win against a weakened Wigan side. Someone should look into that as it's bang out of order. The answer to this and many of football's other ills is to deduct points. A deduction sufficient to take out of the play-offs would soon bring them to order. Fines mean nothing as was most notably demonstrated when West Ham were fined instead of relegated all those years ago.

What that means is that it could as I thought I heard the Yeovil fans' sing last night........." you're staying up with the Millwall ! "............I'm sure that was what they sang.

Onto Saturday and again anything from that game would be great as we've another big Tuesday night game ahead of us and opportunity for more man love towards Diego !!


  1. If my memory serves me right, I think Andy Petterson won the POTY after only playing for half a season Phil.

  2. Ah ! There you go then, thanks for confirming Ketts. Next question............has anyone ever won young player and player of the year in the same year ?