Monday 21 April 2014

Wednesday Oblige Again

Spitting feathers........views of Wednesday's fan can be found on

An absolutely wonderful performance from our boys today and a most unexpected result. I don't think anyone saw any of our strikers scoring three goals in the remainder of the season let alone in one game courtesy of a hat-trick.

Certainly the author of the odious piece on owlsonline didn't, his 4-0 home win now looking a little way off. He should have known better after having failed to beat home and away already this season especially when the greater prize as they see it ( playing a local lower league team ) didn't spur them on to victory. Quite what the Owls fans obsession with us is I don't know. 

Michael Vaughan ( he of the banter and author of particularly nasty pieces about his fellow professionals who are suffering depression ) is an example of one so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. 

Well done to Marvin Sordell who finished all three goals with some aplomb. Well done to everyone of course as it was a tremendous effort to come back from 2-0 down inside 10 minutes.

Other results pretty much went our way although we probably need another 3 points to be sure and they need to come before we travel up north again to face one wants that !

Blackburn still harbour small hopes of making a play-off place and so will be up for our game on Saturday. Thankfully Watford are now out of it and one can but hope that they turn up in a disinterested frame of mind on Tuesday week.

We have edged closer to safety and one hopes that we can secure that in the course of the next two home games. That'd leave those going to Blackpool to enjoy a trip to the seaside where the only annoying birds will be wearing kiss-me-quick hats and seagulls.


  1. I took great satisfaction in re-reading the above mentioned 'owlsonline' article after our marvellous and (considering what happened in the first ten minutes) completely unexpected victory! Like you I really can't understand their inexplicable animosity toward us.. what an odd, charmless bunch they are.

    Great victory, however, and nice to see Sordell finally finding his shooting boots. Shame he's been wearing the wrong ones up until now! One more win should do it for us, I just hope we don't have to wait until the final day of the season at Blackpool to get it.

    1. I too re-read the 'owlsonline' article post-match and it was a very pleasurable experience indeed. It is very difficult to understand what was driving the tone of some of the stuff in there. Rabble-rousing banter is one thing but sneering disrespectful spite is quite another matter. Football has always generated fierce rivalries (sometimes for very unfortunate reasons) and perhaps especially so in two-team cities like Sheffield so maybe such vile copy doesn't seem out of order to the author. 'Bye-bye Charlton?'- we'll see.

  2. Anon & Terry, Yep I fail to understand what drives someone to write that bile. At least we can take satisfaction in their agnst.........oh and the three points !