Monday 28 April 2014

Time For One More Night Of Tuesday Glory

An unusual midweek end to the home season tomorrow and it couldn't carry more importance. I'm sure even the masochists amongst us want to see this season put to bed tomorrow night with one last win.

Recent Tuesday nights have been good to us. All we are asking for is one more Tuesday victory do that we can all relax and those travelling to the seaside at weekend can really enjoy the experience.

The emergence of late of Sordell means that he is now our biggest hope of scoring the goals for potential salvation. He is a player transformed as he has finally shown us what he is capable of. I'd partner him with Obika tomorrow for the physical presence that I believe we lacked on Saturday.

Hopefully Solly is fit enough and I'd like to see Wilson come into right midfield. Skip won't want to miss out may go left side midfield although I'd start with Harriott's pace as we need to be on the front foot. However, I don't expect much of what I'd like to be realised.

Watford find themselves out of play-off contention having sadly missed out in last season's final against Palarse. One would hope that they won't be too up for it. Being a pessimistic ba**ard I'm thinking they'll be relaxed and play with freedom.

They have a few injuries and one defender suspended from the weekend but I fear it won't make any difference. I hope I''m wrong.

We all need to be positive tomorrow. Getting on the players backs only adds to tension and nervousness. Total support throughout the 90 minutes is vital not least because if we don't get a result we need these players to go and do the business on Saturday.

Come On You Reds !

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