Monday 31 March 2014

Charlton v McCormack

Ross - the main threat tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night sees the Addicks play another one of the clubs managed by Brian Clough albeit very briefly. If we can come out of these 3 away games with at least 4 points then that'd be great.

Aside from the result Saturday was enjoyable day. Several pints of decent ale before and after the game at the Brunswick went down very well. The service and atmosphere were just as good making it a very pleasant experience.

I was impressed with Pride Park too and the opportunity to get outside into the open air at half time was very welcome too.

As well as Derby played we somewhat shot ourselves in the foot with poor defending especially for the second. That second goal was the killer for us. I felt that we would do well to go in only one down at half time and that would give us some hope for the second half.

It was a spirited and determined effort in the second period and with a bit of luck we could have got a foothold in the game. I felt we had two good shouts for a penalty. One with what looked like a blatant handball and one when Smith was bundled to the floor. Little chance of getting either sadly as the referee seemed determined to give us bu**er all.

We fared little better with one of linos too as a ball that clearly went out of play from a Derby player was totally ignored by him.

Onto tomorrow night then and another tough away game whatever problems Leeds may be experiencing at the moment. Half the battle will stopping McCormack scoring, if we can do that then we give ourselves a chance of getting something. 

Petrucci showed enough on Saturday to suggest that he's worth a start. If Astrit is fit then he equally ought to be on from the beginning. Maybe a 4-2-3-1 formation would be worth a go. If Dervite is fit then perhaps something like this :

                                           Wilson Morrison Dervite Wiggins

                                                        Cousins Jackson

                                                       Petrucci Astrit Harriott


Pigott did enough on Saturday to warrant a place on the bench. I'd still like to see Nego given a go with Wilson in right hand side midfield but that seems unlikely.

Good luck to all those going, I hope your efforts are rewarded with at least a point.

Come On You Reds !

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