Sunday 27 April 2014

To The Bitter End....

We could do with renaming one of our stands The Bitter End

is where we are seemingly destined to take this season. There are so many possibilities for the remainder of this term not least amongst them one that sees us fail to gain another point but still survive.

Saturday ended as you somehow knew it always would save perhaps for the fact that most results went our way. That win by Blackpool came out of nowhere. Wigan are doing more than most to make this season end as torturous as possible. At least they still need something from their game against Birmingham on Tuesday. One final chance for them to do the decent thing.

I felt we had a good first half on Saturday playing some decent stuff. The penalty miss was pivotal and we made things worse for ourselves by virtually gifting Rovers two of the goals via two very basic errors.

Sordell partly made amends for that poor penalty with a lovely goal created almost out of nothing. Sadly that was about the sum total of our attacking efforts in the second half.

Post match saw a second visit to the excellent Old Loyal Britons in Greenwich. If you like a decent beer then you need to pay it a visit. They always have a decent selection of quality ale.

On we go then to another tense Tuesday. This one is crucial as we really don't want to be going up north needing to get anything on Saturday. At least Watford don't have anything to play for but that doesn't mean it'll be easy of course.

Hopefully we will get it right. To that end I pray that we get a decent referee as I can't recall a decent one this season especially at home.

A point would be good but we really need all 3 to finally end this season of torment. 


  1. Hi Phil. Did you bump into Marco from Charlton Casualty in the OLB as I know he was in there (he sent me a text rubbing it in!!!)?

    I normally drive to the Valley which makes things difficult, but I pop in there occasionally with Marco and Rob (Wrong Side of the Thames), especially before London away games.

    Would be good to say hello one day.

  2. Ted, sadly didn't meet Marco. We'll have to try and meet up next there season. Be good to meet as you say. I'll post a comment on your blog when we're next due to go there. Fingers crossed for Tuesday !