Sunday 20 April 2014

Pilsbury D'oh Boy

Brendan Malone's Alter Ego

Another frustrating afternoon on Friday that really wasn't the good one it was supposed to be.

For the umpteenth time this season we were let down by a combination of the referee and east stand lino. Neither of them wanting to give the blatant penalty. Had he done so, referee Malone would have had to send off the keeper but ironically he didn't have the stomach for it.

We are all well aware of our team's shortcomings this season but we really haven't been helped officials who seem almost intent on favouring the away side. I can't recall one game where we've had the rub of the green or I've come away thinking the ref did us a favour there.

Last week wasn't a good one. The defeat to Barnsley was totally avoidable and Bolton seemed to mentally be on their holidays. A win in either one of those games and we'd all be breathing a little easier.

Whilst other results over Friday / Saturday largely went our way I'm not confident of that continuing. We need to win at least one more game whilst also picking up a couple of draws at least. I can't see us getting that win. However, the laws of probability suggest that the others will gain a win or two. 

I think Yeovil have gone but can see Barnsley getting a win or two somewhere to put us under pressure. As bad a Blackpool may be it does increasingly seem as if our last game will see us needing to get something from it. Despite their increasing problems and we do seem slightly better away it's not a scenario any of us wants to see.

We have to hope that by the time we play Blackburn and Watford they are out of the play-off picture. Hopefully they'll give their all not make it and will mentally switch off when they play us although as we've seen from the Bolton game that doesn't mean we will take full advantage.

Tomorrow's game at Hillsborough in the normal runs of things would be a game that would see the opposition with that frame of mind given that they've nothing to play for. Sadly I fear them wanting revenge following the cup defeat. 

A repeat of that cup victory whilst surprising would of course be even more welcome. 

Come On You Reds !

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