Wednesday 1 February 2012

" Bury It ! "

.............and indeed he did ! 

First let me say that it was bloody freezing ! That we struggled to score against a poor side boasting the Pilsbury Dough Boy in between the sticks didn't help take my mind off it. In addition, the lack of supporters around me meant there was no protection from the chill wind.

I had an interesting journey down to the Valley. Virgin trains from Central Milton Keynes to Euston, squashed like sardines on the tube to London Bridge and then squeeze onto a train at London Bridge. Thank God it's not like that on a Saturday !

In my late teens and early twenties I did do my share of commuting into the smoke but never again. You can't beat working locally and for many years my trip to work has taken no more than 10 minutes. People were literally squashing themselves onto the tube like students in a mini during rag week. For God's sake there's another tube along in two minutes ! God forbid you should have to wait that long ! What are they rushing home for...........perhaps it's the lure of The One Show ! 

Folk were running up escalators, courtesy went out the window and elbows flew everywhere. Blimey ! If they include crazy commuting in the Olympics then Team GB will romp home with the gold ! I felt worn out just witnessing the frenzy. Suffice to say that I'm not likely to opt for a train journey down to the Valley during rush hour anytime soon. Thankfully the Dons game is during half term and an earlier journey and pre-match beers will be very much in order.

It was apparent after the first 15 to 20 minutes that The Shakers weren't that good although they did fashion a couple of chances. Only a matter of time before we scored I thought. Quite why BWP was rested to the extent that he was not even on the bench is unclear and unless he was injured it was a shocking decision. I'm sure he'd have loved to be in the box on a couple of occasions and despite his recent goal drought who'd have not seen him scoring ?

Strangely Clarke was Sir Chris's choice to replace Bradley. As Blackheath Addicted says in his review, he's too similar to Yann and the obvious replacement was Haynes. It became even more obvious when Danny H did get on and immediately lifted the Valley and chances came our way.

The Gaffer made a mistake but compounded it in my view by not getting Haynes on at half time at least if not earlier than that, it was that obvious that Clarke wasn't going to do it. Chris really does need to use his subs better..........and earlier ! 

Hamer was clearly at fault for the goal and again was flapping horribly at various stages. I'm very concerned. Time to give Sullivan a chance...perhaps we can " rest " Ben. As I've said before I think he will be fine but needs working on and dropping him won't hurt.

Our defence was good as ever and the usual polished performances of Solly and Wiggins were a joy to behold. The midfield, Stephens aside, was very much below par.

I thought we might score earlier when we won a free kick just outside the area. I know that Yann scored from an identical position against Yeovil but surely it was time for another Jackson special ?

I'm disappointed we didn't win as we face a resurgent Rochdale on Saturday that will pose many more problems than Bury. However, we've done the business when it really matters against the sides up the top and if you're going to drop points then better against the likes of Bury, Stevenage and Orient eh. A 12 point gap at the top would have been lovely but I'm probably being too greedy !

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  1. i wouldnt worry to much lord mayors show n all ... weve done the hard part now feet back on the floor and 3 points against rochdale.... 10 wins out of 18 games and were up... as for travelling in the smoke hey ho i do it everyday .... up the addicks ....