Wednesday 8 February 2012


Fabio, who kept Ultravox off the No.1 spot many years ago, has joined leading bankers by waiving any potential bonus. 

Hello, I'ma Fabio, I gottta something speciala for you, Ready, uno, duo, tres, Suzie

When I was a boy just abouta fiftha grade, Mama used to say don'ta stay out alate

With the badda boys ( JT and Ashley ), always shoota pool, Fabio goin-ta looka fool

Boy it make-a me sick, everyting I gotta do

I can'ta getta no kicks, always gotta follow F.A. rules

Boy it make-a me sick, just to make-a lousy bucks

Gotta a feela like a fool

Itsa not so bad, Itsa nice-a place, Ahh shaddupa you F.A.

That's it then, Fabio has resigned and in so doing hasn't done any harm to England's chances of success in Euro 2012..........they remain as remote as they ever did. The great disciplinarian needed the FA to make the decision he clearly couldn't or wouldn't having nailed his colours to the mast of S.S. Terry and ironically, in the year of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titantic, he has abandoned ship.

Capello was, like McClaren before him, a ludicrous appointment from start to finish. For me he's always had a rather hapless appearance and a somewhat comic persona which I'm sure is unintentional but only serves to make it funnier. We were led to believe that he was tough on discipline. He later went on to restore the skipper's armband to Terry having removed it some time earlier. At a stroke he undermined himself.

The team is no better than when he arrived and the England side has suffered its usual share of embarrassing results set against a background of ridiculously high expectations. The whole exercise has been a huge waste of money as he was allowed to bring in his own largely annonymous backroom staff who were also on ludicrously high wages. God knows how much it's all cost but please don't transfer it into his country's old probably runs into billions of Lira !

Capello also managed to repeat the mistake that Sven made in not taking Darren Bent to the world cup or even giving him much of a chance despite him regularly scoring 20 goals a season in some of the most average Premier league sides.

The FA never learns and were quite happy to again send a manager off to a major competition knowing that even if he won it the next day he wasn't going to be in the job. That resulted in the bizarre selection of Theo Walcott in 2006 by Sven. The Swede didn't care by then and that was one of the by-products.

All the above is to say nothing of his unwillingness to learn the language although his command of the Queen's is probably still better than most of his charges !

The only good thing to emerge from his tenure is the exposure and experience that Stuart Pearce has gained. I hope that whoever gets the job next is merely keeping the seat warm for Psycho. I'm greatly impressed whenever he speaks and he won't put up with the behaviour and attitude of some of the lowlifes that have donned the white shirt in recent times.

Redknapp seems to be the favourite for the job although how his achievements merit that I don't know. Apart from being a cheeky wideboy who the media appear to adore it's hard to see what he'll bring to the party. Famously praised as being a great man manager he publicly slated and humiliated Bent with his infamous " Sandra " suprise when Dazza left in acrimonious circumstances soon after.

His moves from Portsmouth to Southampton and back were very strange indeed.

Whoever gets the England job will need to be able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. However, I don't care too much to be honest given my feelings towards the majority of players that currently represent the national side. Until Pearce gets the job I'll not be taking a great deal of interest. 


  1. Do you not think that Psycho's role should be guiding the new man in, in an advisory job rather like our own Mr. Peacock? I'd have thought that the role of manager at a club and at level England is very different one. Psycho could perhaps remain at the FA to bridge that for as long as possible.

  2. I reckon Harry's better off staying at Spurs. He may be the media favourite, but is really the best man for the job? Who the hell would want it anyway. Has any former England Manager gone on to greater things................Er No!

    1. the last man wanted for the england job is a cockney wide boy -- wheeling and dealing seems to be his forte -- the job might be a poisoned challis but someone with international experience is required

  3. Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis9 February 2012 at 13:14

    Can't agree with you. South Africa was a farce it's true, that apart Capello's record is second to none, especially in competitive fixtures. We're told his persona is a problem - wtf? Sir Alf Ramsey wasn't widely liked - until after the 66 final of course. The whole John Terry captaincy thing is such a non-issue! Terry wouldn't get in the team at the moment anyway let alone as captain. So Capello wouldn't have stripped the captaincy from him - so flamin what?? Capello and the dullards at the FA disagree on something! Huh?!? The FA have shot themselves in the foot yet again and in the process completely norsed up England's euro finals campaign. We're gonna need a new coach and apparently he's gotta be English. Firstly who's available? Ermmm
    2ndly who'd want to work for those clowns?
    Harry?? decent coach no doubt but shady as shady can be - far too scary for the FA - IF he wants the job how much will Spurs demand for his release? More than the FA are prepared for you can bet.
    Who else? Allardyce? god save us. Hodgson? the papers will love him (not) - even duller than Taylor. Who else? Curbishley? he's out of work, he's English - the FA have mucked him about before.
    Sure Capello and the FA needed to sort out some sort of story to deflect the sensationalist loonies of the press but dumping the coach this close to a tournament MORONS!!

  4. Anon1 - I think Psycho should be allowed to carry on as he is now in order to continue his development. Pearce seems to me to be the type that is better at national team level than club level.

    Anon2 - Agree re Redknapp. Regarding your last point I might suggest that McClaren enjoyed some relative success after leaving England with the emphasis on the relative !

    Anon3 - I think the new man needs to have experience of " big name " players.

    SCN - I think there's a world of difference between Sir Alf and Capello. One he was English, not a pre-requisite but he could speak the language. Sir Alf wouldn't have them rolling in the aisles but he had ability and mainly respect something Fabio lost when he reinstated Terry and then retained him as captain following the recent allegations. Sir Alf was also somewhat lucky, e.g. Jimmy Greaves....Fabio's out of that ! The FA have a poor track record but on this occasion they're right I feel. I can't see that losing Capello now is a bad thing. It would only be that if you honestly felt that England were going to progress to the semi's, the final or even win it under Capello.......I really couldn't envisage scenario.