Wednesday 22 February 2012

Square Pegs In Round Holes

Like a square peg in a round hole,
Like a harp without its strings,
Like a sailor who sails no oceans,
Like a bird that has no wings.

Apologies to Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe.

You may or may not be saddened to know that some technical difficulties prevented me from posting pre-Rochdale. This spared you from many Pancake Day puns such as the atmosphere being flat, us getting battered and / or playing crepe and someone being a useless tosser.

I'm currently using Google Chrome which may or may not have solved my posting issues. I've simply no idea so that gives you an idea of how " techy " I am !

Following Saturday’s game I couldn’t fathom why Green switched to the left. Enforced change I understand but when it’s not necessary and you have options then I’m perplexed.

Déjà vu for Green again last night as he was again played on the left. Pritchard again on the right. I thought BP might do a job there but after the first half it was clear to me that although far from being disgraced, it wasn’t for him. He doesn’t have the pace for it.

Wiggins was switched to the right to accommodate Evina. Eh ? If anything, Evina ( who had a pretty good game for someone who’s not played a competitive games for months ) should have appeared on the left wing. Why you'd move probably your best player out of position is something of a mystery.

The previous occasion when Solly wasn’t in the side Cort appeared in the defensive backline. You’ve got to ask why he didn’t last night until he came on as sub.

Hollands and Stephens both had poor games I felt. Stephens was particularly anonymous save for one shot in the second half. There were long periods where he simply didn’t touch the ball.

Why wasn’t Hughes considered and where is Russell now his suspension is over ?

I was really disappointed as there seems little logic in team selection for last night. The substitutions weren’t great either.

Green had just switched to his natural position when he got subbed. You’d have thought Wagstaff would have been champing at the bit with a point to prove…..sadly not ! Ineffective, falling down and histrionics were the order of the day for Scott.

Clarke failed to show any more promise than in previous outings although I’m able to report that the only player wearing gloves didn’t suffer from frost-bitten fingers !

If we want promotion and to win this league we really need to do better than last night’s display. I’m afraid we’re running out of games we need to “ get up for “ in the sense of playing top 6 sides.

We need to “ get up “ for these somewhat lacklustre games as much as the Sheffields, Huddersfield etc. If we don’t then we’ll kiss goodbye to the title at the very least.

On a more positive note………..Yann Kermogant……..need I say more. This man’s contribution in every game is something to behold. Increasingly one wonders where we’d be without his goals and all round contribution. Bloody good job he’s with us, eh !  Another set piece goal.......thank God for those !

Perhaps we need to pray for a flurry of red cards in the Stevenage game tonight to give us better hope for Saturday.

I know we have a lot to be thankful for this season and I am, however, I don't think it's unreasonable for me to expect that we keep things simple and that includes maintaining the status quo that has served us so well all season.

I'm sure Sir Chris will learn the lesson from last night and come Saturday we'll see a better balanced team with all the pegs in the appropriate holes !


  1. Agree with everything posted here.
    Poor game, poor team selection.
    Andy Hughes should definitely have been at right back - or is he injured too?
    If so, agree that Morrison could've moved over and Cort come in. You don't move your brilliant left back over to the right!
    What was CP thinking of?
    Why not bring on Hayes last night? He would've given us something different linking up with Yann The Man.
    Talking of Yann, you are so right about Mr. Kermorgant!
    His all round ability is quite unbelievable - and what a goal last night!! Is there any end to Yann's talents?
    He is the Eric Cantona of League 1, the most intelligent all round best striker we have had for years.
    Let's hope we don't lose him, even if we are/aren't promoted.

  2. According to Dr Kish - Hughes's boots were at Sparrows Lane and couldn't be brought over in time as Solly was taken ill at the last minute.
    Memo to Mr Hughes - always bring some boots with you júst in case!!