Thursday 2 February 2012

Miss Rochdale ?

It certainly is !

Somehow I can't see the lovely lass above making the long trip to the Valley on Saturday especially given the expected freezing weather. However, I do hope more Addicks fans are inspired to make the effort than those on Tuesday night. It was a poor turn out and as ever I'm not believing the announced attendance that I understand covers tickets sold rather than those actually there.

Of course the weather may put paid to the game but if not, then surely more folk will be there to cheer the lads on.

I was quite wary of this fixture before we struggled against Bury. With a new manager the Dale saw a much improved display as they brushed the Shakers aside in a manner that we too should have done. I'll not go as far as new manager Coleman who felt it was like watching Real Madrid and Brazil ! Like the Blades fans before him he felt that beating Bury 3-0 was cause to go somewhat overboard in praise of his team.

The new manager effect will no doubt have some impact and of course Rochdale didn't play in midweek. Rochdale have several loan signings and God knows we're all aware that it isn't a recipe for success ! Quite the opposite eh ! However, I see this as a difficult game for us.

Sir Chris and the players may be saying all the right things about getting up for the lesser games but events on the pitch are proving otherwise. We really do need a convincing performance. The midfield, Stephens aside, really need to up their game from the midweek performance. It's rare that 3 out of the 4 have had below par games this season.

Powell has shown a ruthless streak in dropping players this season and he may feel he needs to do so with Hamer. He is becoming a bit of a liability despite the excellent defence in front of him. Whether there's an element of complacency of late or ont I'm not sure but I don't think a game or two on the bench would do him any harm.

BWP or Haynes needs to start on Saturday. I think Powell missed a trick by not playing Bradley against Bury and further in not starting with Haynes. It's still a mystery why BWP wasn't even on the bench. I can see the logic in resting players but that's usually done when said player is in a rich vein of form. Not something you'd expect when your star striker desperately needs a goal and the oppo turn up with a keeper who'd not look out of place in your average pub team.

I'm hoping the weather doesn't mean the game's off, that we win, we play with style, BWP scores, Haynes gets 20 minutes or more, none of the other top 6 wins..............oh and a lottery win too would be nice !

Come On You Reds !


  1. sciurus carolinensis nemesis3 February 2012 at 11:34

    I thought Stephens was part of the problem, most things he did were good (one exception I'll come to later) but they were all too slow, allowing Bury time to marshall their banks of defenders. Green was worse and is due to be replaced by Haynes. Stephens was blowing hard from as early as 20 minutes and simply didn't have the wheels to move into the space left in front of him by Bury's retreating midfield - he's not a tackler either which gives Hollands too much to do. What SCP won't be able to reconcile is Stephen's negative impact with the quality of his 3 strikes late on - the last of which salvaged the deserved point. Leon Clark didn't look fit or very capable Paul Hayes on a bad day is a much better bet.
    Having said all that with BWP restored to the starting lineup and Danny Haynes on the right wing Rochdale will be surgically despatched on a chilly Saturday afternoon.

  2. SCN, I thought Stephens passing was incisive and believe he'll only get fitter and have a greater impact. Green was poor I agree and Haynes may not be a bad shout on the right or indeed Pritchard. I do like Green and he's probably the best crosser we've got but he's not had a significant influence in the last few games.BWP will hopefully return in goalscoring form.