Wednesday 8 February 2012

How ?

Fred Dinenage - how do you end up being associated with Harry Redknapp ?

A real throw back to my youth today as good old Fred got mentioned in dispatches following 'Arry's aquittal today. No case to answer then for the Spurs manager nor Monster club chairman Mandaric.

A good job that as West Ham manager Harry didn't complete the transfer of Richard Rufus and open an offshore account in our former player's name eh. Still the idea of opening an account with a canine name is proposterous, I don't know why I even gave it any thought.

Enough of other club's manager and chairman. Saturday's postponement whilst an unwelcome disruption to my weekend's plans did at least give our boys a break. We might just have needed that although the resultant 5 games in 15 days isn't exactly what the doctor ordered.

We haven't being played that great of late albeit well enough to beat the Sheffields, Exeter and gain a point from the Shakers. The early season fizz and panache has somewhat disapated and needs to be rediscovered. Hopefully the enforced hiatus will have given our boys the chance the re-charge their batteries.

In addition, I didn't fancy us playing Rochdale at the moment and when the re-arranged game comes around the traditional honeymoon period for new manager John Coleman may have passed.

Let's hope that we are raring to go and that Saturday's game doesn't also fall foul to the weather.

Come On You Reds !


  1. I agree Re. your point about how well we have/haven't been playing recently.
    But expressing such an opinion on some blogs is considered total heresy !!! As i found out.

  2. Daggs, I don't think anyone could argue that we've not been at our best of late. We've dug in and defended for our lives on occasion and that's been the foundation of recent success. We're creating chances but not as many as before. As I said we need to get back to the previously free-flowing football that saw us bag lots of goals.

  3. I had a dog called Rufus. I could have been so much better off than I am now.