Saturday 11 February 2012

Frozen North

The scene that will probably greet the referee for today's ptich inspection

The pitch may be frzoen but sadly for you my computer isn't thus allowing me to subject you dear reader to the usual drivel.

That the game isn't likely to be played has left me, like many other bloggers I suspect, somewhat unenthused ( does such a word exist ? ) and inspired to write, well, almost anything. Of course I had prepared an interesting, in depth and indeed hilarious preview of today's game but that will now have to wait for another day.....probably in fact when hell itself freezes over eh ?

Junior ANEM reporter Mikes is due to take a break from his normal daily routine of swotting in the university library in Buxton and hop on a bus to the centre of Chesterfield. The duration is due to be one of an entirely appropriate 90 minutes. Given the bad weather one suspects there may be time added on.

However, of course it is highly unlikely that he may need to embark on this expedition as I'm fairly certain the game will be off.

In local news, the MK Dons, who couldn't get a game on against Hartlepool the other week when temperatures dropped below 10 degrees centigrade, inevitably called off their game off yesterday. Their opponents were due to be Bury. The Dons of course await on Tuesday, again weather permitting.

I shall retire now to follow news of the on / off game via the medium of twitter which served me so well last week.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Has the pitch been inspected yet do you know?

  2. Radio Kent says it's off.