Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Football on Valentine's Day ? Sorry but love comes first.......

that's why I'll be at The Valley tonight

Thankfully, my partner appreciates where I need to be tonight whilst acknowledging that you don't need a commercially driven day to tell someone you love them and to show them how much you care. No indeed, that can keep to the next day when flowers and dining out will be somewhat cheaper eh.

The MK Dons roll into town tonight. Their manager, Karl Robinson is, at 31, the youngest manager in league football. His sidekick, John Gorman, is at, 62 twice his age. Karl's tender age is frequently exposed by his words and deeds. He has been involved in a few altercations with both referees and opposition players this season mostly resulting in him being sent to the stands.

Young Karl has bigged up his team to the nth degree. I'm all for praise upto a point but I'm sure his players know when it's being over-egged. Robinson recently declared that Dean Lewington is the best left back in the division. Slow and ponderous is how I would describe the only remaining player link to the days of Wimbledon. However, we all need to look out for a display from Dean that will show us how misguided we've all been in thinking that Rhoys isn't too bad in the left back role.

Robinson is getting the plaudits for the Dons success this season. I'm not sure that it is Karl that should be getting the all credit as I'm certain the wily old fox that is Gorman is behind a lot of what they've achieved.

The Dons should prove a tough test and ought to come looking to play football. We will need to be on our mettle. We will also need a plan B and as much as we may not like it that ought to involve a very direct approach a la Wednesday / Stevenage. The Dons, unlike us, don't seem able to cope particularly well when teams bang long balls into the box thus bypassing their midfield. I am only suggesting this as an alernative note, I'd like to think our normal passing game will be enough to secure a result.

In goal, David Martin ( son of Alvin ) is prone to some dodgy moments and may delight us with one of those tonight.

Alan Smith is the latest recruit to arrive at Stadium MK. He is on loan from Newcastle and in a generous gesture far removed from that usually associated with their money grabbing manger, are reportedly paying all but £2.5k of his £60k per week wages ! That he should have chosen to drop to league one is a surprise only surpassed by his choice of the Dons as the club with which to do so. 

James Tavernier is another loanee from Newcastle. The right back's career to date has involved going on loan. Most recently he was at Wednesday prior to joining the Dons. I'm given to believe that he is quite a good player.

 Dean Bowditch who signed last summer from Yeovil is one of the striking options. Familiar to Addicks fans is Charlie MacDonald who signed at the end of the summer transfer window when Sam Baldock left MK to join the Hammers.

What of the Addicks then ? I assume that Sir Chris won't drop Hamer although the barman may be preparing him a drink in the last chance saloon. He ought to do better today as MacDonald won't pose any great aeriel threat. If he's coming to get the ball he needs to do so confidently and decisively. Let's pray he has a fine game.

I think we'll see the same starting eleven as that of the Bury game save for BWP in for Clarke. Please can we see Haynes for at least 20 minutes today ?

The Dons never take many away at the best of times and despite it being half term don't expect a huge gathering in the away end.

I expect a difficult game as I said especially as we haven't played for a while. I'd be happy with a scrappy 1-0 but overall not losing would be the order of the day with all the other top teams playing each other.

Come On You Reds ! 


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