Thursday 3 December 2009

Peer To Peer Connection

Lord Brighton

Lord Southend

The fixture list is throwing up some odd connections eh ? I wonder if Stockport has a pier ? To be honest I haven't had a chance to have a look !

Parky was able to puff on a cigar after we dispensed with B&H on Tuesday. Not a great game or plain sailing by all accounts but without the aid of binoculars it seems it's hard to tell. Who cares ? The 3 points are what matters most. I understand the ref's ineptitude shown through the gloom !

I had to content myself with Radio London's t'internet coverage. Very nerve-wracking. To take my mind off it slightly I chose to get on with domestic chores so whilst Brighton were pressing in the second half so was I.........all ironing now done !

Sadly Semedo is suspended following Tuesday's battling performance and he epitomised it the most from what I can gather. No matter, Sarfend have a midfield suspension of their own, Jean Francois Christophe. JFC ( the dyslexic's take away of choice ) has commited one fowl too many it seems !

Good to see the return of Elliot who helped steer us to our first clean sheet since Oldham on October 10th. Sadly we're not likely to see Richardson or Youga on Saturday. I've not been sure what to make of Omozusi to be honest but he seems to have done well on Tuesday and visibly improved during the Rovers game. Looks like Basey will keep the left back spot.

Wagstaff also looks set to keep his place so I guess that Spring will come in to add some steel to the midfield in Jose's absence although I wouldn't object to seeing Racon there.

This is another game we really ought to win but as always we know better than to make assumptions don't we ! Can't really afford to drop any points with Norwich hot on our heels.

Can I hope for another 6 goal thriller or is that being really shellfish ?

Come On You Reds !

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