Thursday 10 December 2009

Slumbog Milliner

Edegely Park 3pm Today ( or possibly any day come to that ).

No need to worry about the raining stopping Saturday's game, no indeed, more likely it's the freezing weather that'll result in it being off ! The on / off nature of this fixture has seen lower ticket sales ( no pun intended ) than I expected. Hopefully if prospects improve we'll get a few more along.

If this game does get played, I bloody well trust we'll win ! What a waste of time otherwise. Sale RUFC and Stockport County F C between them can't work out that you might need to cover a ptich or that decent drainage might help. I know there's been an unusual amount of rain but Stockport's not exactly on the Equator is it ! Like the lovely lady above, I've had it upto here with this pitch nonsense.

As it stands they'll play us at EP on Saturday and then away at Macclesfield for the cup on Tuesday. Imagine having to play home games on someone else's ground eh !

The game could resemble the one at Chelski a few years ago not with the same result I hope. After playing two seaside teams in the previous games it appears this one has brought the beach to us ! Best forget about playing football, start with Akpo and just bang the ball upto him.

Hopefully we'll get the 3 points and return home to think about the lovely Spanners the week after.

Come On You Reds !

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