Monday, 7 December 2009

Conditions Worsen At Edgeley Park

Been a supporter for 45 and buoy.

Apparently there's a pitch inspection at 11am tomorrow ahead of Stockport's postponed FA Cup game with Torquay. We need it to go ahead to aid Charlton's hopes of a win on Saturday. That's if, of course, even our game gets played.

What of the Edgeley Park pitch then ? Has it been raining lately ? You bet your a**e it's been raining ! Enough to keep Eric Olthwaite more than happy......" it were always raining............'cept on days when it were fine and there weren't many of them, not if you include drizzle as rain ! "

London Wasps wouldn't play on it a couple of weeks ago, the following day, the Torquay game ( this cup one ) then got postponed and last week's league game was similarly called off. Now they're thinking of covering the pitch...............trop tard as Eric's dad might say.

Who or what's to blame for this state of affairs ? I fear it's me. Yes, I've brought it all on myself. For the first time in my life I bought advance train tickets.......what a mistake ! Just buying tickets for the game was a risk in itself but advance train tickets......well I ask you !

Apres moi le deluge !

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