Monday 30 November 2009

A Flock Of Seagulls

                                                     Rod Stewart and The Faeces ?

Apparently we're playing these boys tomorrow. Looks as though a birdie has pooped on his head and shoulder and it was not top quality droppings, sham-pooh one might say ! Ironically Mike Score, for it is he, is a former hairdresser. Well you can't cut your own hair can you although it's looks like he had a bloody good go. If there's any justice he's fat, middle aged and bald as a coot !

If you're seeking connections with Brighton and Hove look no further than a player called McLeod. Yes, Kevin McLeod and for Brighton fans he's held in the same esteem as our very own Izale. How about that, two McLeods and both............well I dare not say other than refer you to Rod's support group.

Gus Poyet flew in recently and things started well with a win over Pardew's Saints. However, it's not been good since then with drubbings from the Whites and Canaries. Saturday saw them squeeze past non-league oppo in the form of R&D ( not another musical reference surely ? ) which is better than some. However, part of Parky's cunning plan is to concentrate on the league so our boys had a weekend off and are nicely rested.

This is another game we really should win but of course we never take anything for granted as this is Charlton after all. I assume that Elliot will return tomorrow ( guessing we'd have got an emergency loan keeper else ) and may be Richardson to be restored too. Youga sounds doubtful. The club, as has been the case this season, has kept pretty schtum about players's availability. Good stuff say I, keep 'em guessing.

Let's hope we can grab the 3 points and look forward to entertaining Good Old Essex By The Sea ( doesn't quite sound the same does it ? ) on Saturday.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Hope to see you there Phil. COYA.

  2. Speaking as someone who now washes his face right round to the back of his neck, I can't really get involved in mocking haircuts.
    However, in this instance

    I enjoyed their music but I will always remember FoS making an appearance on Top of the Pops to perform "wishing......" leading to mass convulsions in our living room.
    Possibly a seagull but certainly a tit.