Sunday 13 December 2009

Who Ate All The Pies ?

Yes, we managed to finish off not just the pies but also the burgers by the time I visited the food hut at half time at Edgeley Park yesterday. I had to console myself with a bovril, very much in keeping with a typical northern football town.

I travelled by train safe in the knowledge that the game was, at last, going ahead. The pitch didn't look too bad but was clearly quite boggy in places. It may well have been the reason that Scott blazed over in the second half when it looked harder to miss.

The rain thankfully held off for the whole game. As others have observed we didn't play well spurning several golden opportunites with Mooney being the main culprit. We were lucky to go in ahead at half time.

Truth be told we weren't very good, how much that is down to the pitch is unknown but it was the same for both teams and we really sholud have put them away comfortably. Thankfully the planes flying past on a regular basis provided a welcome distraction.

Taking other results into account it was a good weekend and as long as we win we can't complain too much as much as we'd like to see it done in style. Certainly we'll take a win next Saturday in whatever fashion it comes !

We really need to win against the Spanners for all manner of reasons and if we play as we know we can then we should do so. 

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