Friday 18 December 2009

Grant Fosters Fond Memories

Kim in his Charlton Days

Kim Demonstrates Another Use For One Of His Snow Shoes

Kim Grant gained cult status in December 1995 when he scored the both goals against the Spanners at the Den. That he chose the 5th December to do it did him no harm at all. These days of course Kim runs his highly successful tennis academy. Fair enough, the word prolific cannot really be applied to Kim and a career in tennis coaching is fine by me. Those two goals were scored in snow with Curbs worried that the game might be called off after we went 2 - 0. Good omens for tomorrow perhaps should the game go ahead.    

The Charlton connections with white powder didn't end there as one or two of the players at that time were known to have a fondness for the devil's dandruff.

I'm not really looking forward to this game for numerous reasons. This is one we must pressure boys but we don't want to lose to this lot. Hopefully the lads will all be up for it. We need to keep our fine recent run going.

Having got tickets for Brentford and Walsall away I'm looking forward to a fun-filled festive football fortnight !

Come On You Reds !



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