Tuesday 22 December 2009

Deon Merrily On High

In Praise Of Deon

Deon merrily on high,
In SE7 the fans are singing,
Deon’s regularly on Sky,
The oppo’s keeper’s hands he’s stinging.

Hernia, playing on regardless !

Sometimes partnering Akpo,
Games are often won’en,
And up the league we go,
As his name is often sung’en.

Hernia, playing on regardless !

He wears number 10 not 9,
That’s one less on your fingers,
May he wonderfully time,
His runs to score from wingers.

Hernia, playing on regardless !

Sorry folks ! No so much the Bard as should be barred from attempting poetry !

Here's hoping for 3 points on Boxing Day, again we'll need to get them as Norwich remain hot on our heels. It won't be easy against Swindon who are a side in form. Hopefully the lads, like Santa, will deliver !

Merry Christmas everyone !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Ouch Phil!

    cheers and have a good one

    Pembury Addick