Sunday, 6 December 2009

Pancake Day

We hoped for a Southend battering but this was what we got !

Not a great day yesterday with the game, atmosphere etc being as flat as the proverbial pancake. Not that there was any sign of a pancake and I'm guessing that's due to the risible rotund ref having scoffed the lot....a chunky chappie wasn't he ?

In addition, at the end of the 90 minutes a well spoken fan voiced her view that the game was " crepe " least that's what I think she said.

Never mind all that though eh, the 3 points are gratefully trousered and they are much needed with Norwich maintaining their excellent run.

I thought Burton was excellent whilst Elliot kept us in the game with one outstanding save, good to have him back. As others have observed, Semedo was a big miss in midfield. Bailey was trying too hard it seemed although understandable given the stick he was getting from the away fans.

Given the anniversary I was disappointed that more was not made of it. There won't be too many Saturdays when we're at home on 5th December. There was little in the programme and I was expecting more at half time which was when Colin Walsh should have been on the pitch.

I was lucky enough to be there 17 years ago. What a day and I don't mind admitting that a tear or two was shed by myself, not just for our return but other reasons too that the event helped to bring to the fore. I still have my ticket and programme from the day.

I also made it onto the ITN news with a shot of me entering the ground, obviously they needed someone photogenic..................and in their absence they chose me !

At least we did see some video of the day. Let no one forget where we were and how far we've come since then. Our centenary dvd should be compulsive viewing for all generations of Addicks.

Next up is Stockport and another should win game. First though we have to hope that the pitch is fit to play on. The Hatters are due to play Torquay on Tuesday and again we must hope that goes ahead to help our cause. With rugby also played on Edgeley Park one thing's for sure the playing surface won't be as flat as ..... !

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